AC Repair/Troubleshooting

How To Replace The Furnace Filter (Step By Step Guide)

Where Is My Furnace Filter Located? The filter will be on the return side of your furnace. Your air handler ...
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AC Contactor Troubleshooting Guide Step By Step (Contactor Not Pulling In)

So you think there’s a problem with your AC contactor and you want to troubleshoot it yourself. Because you got ...
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Why Your AC Fan Keeps Running: DIY Step By Step Troubleshooting Guide

So your indoor fan is working non-stop even though you have your AC or your furnace OFF. I know it ...
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How To Replace Your AC Capacitor (DIY Condenser & Blower Motor Capacitor Replacement)

The most common reported problem in an AC repair is a bad capacitor. Since the capacitors are cheap parts they ...
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How To Bypass The Thermostat: Step By Step Guide

The thermostat is an ac component that controls the heating and cooling by opening and closing your AC. If your ...
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