BTU To kW Converter For Air Conditoner With Formula And Conversion Table

Most of the country uses kW (kilowatt) to measure the power of an air conditioner. But the US and UK manufactured/produced air conditioners use BTU (British Thermal Unit). So how can you convert the BTU to Kw or Kw to BTU? Below I have explained how you can convert BTU to kW with a calculator.

What Is BTU and kW?

BTU Stands for British Thermal Unit and it is a unit of Heat. So 1 BTU is the amount of energy it takes to heat a single pound of water by one degree. 

Kilowatt is a measure of power whereas kilowatt/hr is a measure of energy.

How to calculate BTU To Kw?

Formula For Converting BTU/hr to kW :

P(kW) = P(BTU/hr) / 3412.142

E.g: Convert 10,000BTU Air conditioner To Kw?

P(kW) = 10,000 BTU/hr / 3412.142

P(kW)  = 2.9307Kw

BTU To kW Converter

BTU/hr To Kilowatts Conversion Table

Power (BTU/hr)Power (kW)
1 BTU/hr0.000293 kW
2 BTU/hr0.000586 kW
3 BTU/hr0.000879 kW
4 BTU/hr0.001172 kW
5 BTU/hr0.001465 kW
6 BTU/hr0.001758 kW
7 BTU/hr0.002051 kW
8 BTU/hr0.002345 kW
9 BTU/hr0.002638 kW
10 BTU/hr0.002931 kW
20 BTU/hr0.005861 kW
30 BTU/hr0.008792 kW
40 BTU/hr0.011723 kW
50 BTU/hr0.014654 kW
60 BTU/hr0.017584 kW
70 BTU/hr0.020515 kW
80 BTU/hr0.023446 kW
90 BTU/hr0.026376 kW
100 BTU/hr0.029307 kW
200 BTU/hr0.058614 kW
300 BTU/hr0.087921 kW
400 BTU/hr0.117228 kW
500 BTU/hr0.146536 kW
600 BTU/hr0.175843 kW
700 BTU/hr0.205150 kW
800 BTU/hr0.234457 kW
900 BTU/hr0.263764 kW
1000 BTU/hr0.293071 kW
10000 BTU/hr2.930710387 kW
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