Carrier Thermostat Reviews: Price Analysis, Buying Guide & Comparison Table

Carrier Thermostat Reviews

Heating and cooling systems in the modern age have become the pinnacle of indoor comfort in today’s day and age. The temperatures aren’t generous, and it’s only natural that we resort to technology and science to help us combat the summer heat. 

One of the most crucial parts of any heating and cooling system is the thermostat. Without the thermostat, you’d simply be housing a heating or cooling system within your walls with no way of contacting them and making them work. 

A thermostat is wired to control your house’s heating and cooling system, and thus, regulate the temperatures and fans for your utmost comfort.

Luckily, modern-day thermostats are more than just remotes to control heating or cooling systems. 

Today’s thermostats offer a variety of features, designs, and updated technology to increase productivity in performance. Thermostats brands, as you can see, have been making some large leaps, and among these is Carrier.

Carrier thermostats have a special charm integrated into their designs to make them appealing to their consumers. 

That’s what makes them one of the top-selling thermostat brands nationwide. Carrier thermostats are set apart on the basis of WiFi thermostats and non WiFi thermostats. The next section will give you an overall general review of different Carrier Models.

Carrier Thermostat Review

Since the brand divides its thermostats on the basis of WiFi and Non-WiFi models, we are going to do the same. It can be noted that Carrier seems to have more WiFi models in its lineups, which already sets a good standard for the brand in terms of technology.

Non-WiFi Thermostats

Under the Non-WiFi thermostats, you’ll find all the Performance Edge Models that operate strictly as traditional thermostats. 

This selection consists of 6 models. This means that the models are programmable, and so you can schedule them to work according to your preferences throughout the week. 

In terms of display and controls, they have optional touch controls. Touch control refers to Carrier’s specialized feature wherein you can set the device to away mode with the click of a button.

This means that you do not have to spend unnecessary time on your way out tinkering with the settings to let your thermostat know that you are not going to be home. You can simply press a button and step outside without worrying about your thermostats working. 

They lack WiFi connectivity, and they lack communicating technology too. Communicating technology refers to a system that allows your thermostat to completely be a part of your home automation system. The models have 2 heating and 1 cooling stage.

Following the Performance, Edge Selection are the Basic Comfort models, the COR 5C, and the COR 7C line of models, all of whom have an optional WiFI connectivity feature. 

The Comfort models are 6 in total, and they completely lack touch control as opposed to the PERFORMANCE Edge Models. You can manually program them as well. Again, these lack communicating technology operation as well.

The Comfort Models are indeed very basic and are incompatible with accessories like humidifiers as well. They are quite straightforward and simple in their functioning.

If you’re looking for such a no-nonsense thermostat device, perhaps you’ll find something fitting in the COMFORT line. They support 1 heating and 1 cooling stage.

The COR 7C and the COR 5C are almost entirely similar in terms of features. You’ll find 7 models and 5 models under each line correspondingly. 

These, too, have optional WiFi connectivity and lack communicating technology altogether. Models from both lines are programmable, so you can schedule them throughout the week in a way that fits your lifestyle. 

All models in COR 7C can support humidifiers and dehumidifiers, but this feature is missing in the 5C models. In both the COR 7C and the 5C models, you’ll find that they support 2 heating and 2 cooling stages in total.

FEATURESHumidity control|Heat pump compatible|Set a scheduleHumidity control|Heat pump compatible|Set a scheduleHeat pump compatible|Set a schedule
COMFORT MANAGEMENTEnhancedEnhancedStandard
ENERGY-SAVING INTELLIGENCEStandardNot applicableStandard
ZONINGZoning panel compatibleZoning panel compatibleZoning panel compatible

Carrier WiFi Thermostats

Now, we come to the pro-WiFi lines. These selections are likely to be more expensive than their non-WiFi counterparts. However, if you find pleasure in keeping your house up with the latest technology, you should consider these thermostat models: the COR, INFINITY REMOTE ACCESS, and the INFINITY CONTROL SYSTEM.

The COR has practically everything except the ability to support communicating technology- which you might not even consider a necessity. It has Smart Features and WiFi connectivity that allows it to connect and be controlled through your phone. 

You can even use the app to program the thermostat outside of the house. It also has touch controls, if you’re not interested in operating it through your phone. 

The device is compatible with accessories like the humidifier and the fan and uses them to make the weather in your home more favorable. The thermostat can support 2 heating and 2 cooling stages.

The INFINITY Remote Access and the Control system are full-fledged thermostats designed to give you optimal performance. They are WiFi and touch-enabled, programmable, and are even compatible with accessories. 

These are also the only two models that support Communicating technology, which will be explained in detail in the next section. They support multiple heating and cooling stages as well. As you can see, these models are the most capable thermostats offered by Carrier.

INFINITY SYSTEM COMPATIBLECompatibleNot compatible Compatible
FEATURESSmart home compatible|Occupancy sensorSmart home compatible
REMOTE SENSORSCompatible with Infinity zone sensorsCompatible with SmartSensorCompatible with Infinity sensors
SMART HOME COMPATIBLEAmazon AlexaApple HomeKit + more integrationNot Applicable


You might already be aware of general things to consider before purchasing a thermostat. That is why we’ve chosen to pinpoint specific features offered by Carrier in its different thermostats that might help you choose between different models.

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi-enabled control makes up a big part of today’s thermostats. When your thermostat is WiFi-enabled, it can be easily controlled through your phone- and it cannot get more convenient than that.

As you’ve already seen, some Carrier thermostats offer a WiFi function and can be connected to your phone and operated through the Carrier App.

AI Connectivity

Thermostats these days also offer the option of hooking your thermostat up with Alexa or Google Virtual Assistants that you might have in your home. Models from the Carrier Infinity and the COR thermostats are compatible with Amazon Alexa.


You can expect some models from Carrier to also indulge in humidity control. This means that the thermostat will work with the fan or humidifier to ensure that the air inside your home is not damp or clammy.

Weather Forecast

Some Carrier Models even offer Weather Forecasts so that you can easily schedule your thermostat to work accordingly beforehand. The Infinity thermostats have a 5-day weather forecast feature, while the COR and the COR 7c models offer a 4-day weather forecast.

In-built Router

This feature is exclusive only to the Infinity Remote Access thermostat. This is a WiFi-enabled thermostat and the only one with a built-in router.

Communicating Technology

Communicating Technology is used by thermostats to assess the performance of your heating/cooling systems and upgrade it to the best level possible.

However, keep in mind that Communicating Carrier Thermostats will only work with Carrier HVAC systems, and are most certainly not compatible with furnaces or heat pumps from other brands.

CARRIER Thermostat Prices

You can buy Carrier thermostats online, and check out the various prices associated with them. However, you’ll find that Carrier installers are more reliable when it comes to the pricing of their products. 

You can also check out your local installers and sellers to get a statement on Carrier thermostats as well. 

Prices may differ between online stores and installers due to the added installation fee. 

When it comes to the raw prices, Carrier thermostats are quite affordable, the highest cost point being $600 for the infinity Control model. The Non-WiFI thermostat models are priced below $300. 

However, even the WiFi models from the Carrier COMFORT WI-Fi selection to the Carrier COR selection span a wide price range from as low as $130 to $260. The Infinity models are higher, at around $400 to $600.

The most expensive Carrier models are from the Carrier Performance Comfortzone II Zoned System selection, which cost around $1,100-$1,350.

To get the best-quoted price for your Carrier thermostat, it would be helpful to get the help of a licensed contractor.


This Buying guide is aimed at familiarizing new and old customers with the Carrier thermostats, and hopefully, help you see why Carrier is such a big name in the industry. 

Their wide range of features, compatibility, and controls can be difficult to understand when you’re looking at so many models at once, but we tried to review them distinctly in this article. If we’re lucky, you’re already on your way to adding a new Carrier thermostat to your cart. 

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