Goodman Air Conditioner Review and Prices In-depth Review and Price Breakdown

Goodman Air Conditioner Review and Price

So Goodman’s been around for a little while now just a little quick history on them. Mr. Harold V. Goodman is the guy that actually started the company.

Today this company is actually owned by Daikin which holds the largest manufacturer market share in the United States. Frankly speaking, goodman can be referred to as the Ford of the HVAC industry.

So In this article, I’ll give you the Goodman Air Conditioner Review and Prices breakdown.

Goodman Air Conditioner Price Range By Models

Goodman air conditioner price ranges from $1500 to $7500 depending upon size, area, installation charges, efficiency, etc. Different locations can also impact the overall price of the air conditioner.

Some places have higher installation charges while some have standard charges. Below I have provided the cost of every goodman central ac model. 

Goodman AC ModelsSystem Cost
Goodman GSXC18$2,450 – $4,120
Goodman GSXC16$2,170 – $3,660
Goodman GSX16$1,850 – $2,870
Goodman GSX14$1,730 – $2,670
Goodman GSX13$1,580 – $2,610

Goodman Air Conditioning Price By Size 

AC SizeHome AreaSystem Cost
1.5 ton600 – 1000 sq ft$2,110
2 ton1001 – 1300 sq ft$2,190
2.5 ton1301 – 1600 sq ft$2,270
3 ton1601 – 1900 sq ft$2,390
3.5 ton1901 – 2200 sq ft$2,590
4 ton2201 – 2600 sq ft$2,740
5 ton2601 – 3200 sq ft$3,050

Goodman Air Conditioner Series Details

Basic/Good- Economy Level:

A basic level air conditioner by goodman can be a very good option for those who’re looking for a normal ac. Basic level AC’s are called single staged ac.

The overall price of the basic unit is really low compared to others. Parts price is also normal and easily available that makes maintenance very easy. The basic level air conditioners are not that energy efficient.1

Better- Mid-range    

The better level air conditioner is known as two-staged ac. These types of ac have great SEER ratings and they’re also very efficient.

The overall price of the better level ac is high compared to basic ones. The part price is also on the normal/ little above average side. Since these are energy efficient you can expect to save on energy bills.2

Best- Premium Range

This is the most expensive type of ac unit. These are called variable-capacity air conditioners. These types of air conditioners are very energy efficient.

The parts of these types of ac cost very high which makes maintaining these air conditioners very tough. The cost you save on energy bills will look like a chunk change in front of the cost of maintenance.

Goodman Air conditioner Top Model Comparison:


This is one of the premium variants which is very energy efficient. This is a two-staged ac meaning better level (mid-range). The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is around 18 to 19. This is an energy-star-rated air conditioner with a sound of 71dB. 

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This is also a better level (mid-range) two-stage air conditioner. This ac features Copeland(R) two-stage UltraTech(TM) scroll compressor. This central air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 16 and this is also energy star rated. 


This is a basic-level single-stage air conditioner. This air conditioner is also energy-star rated with a SEER rating of up to 16. 

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This is also a basic-level single-stage air conditioner. The SEER rating of this ac is up to 15 but this is not certified by energy star. This is also an energy-efficient air conditioner with an affordable budget.


This is the most affordable air conditioner in the goodman series. This ac falls into the basic range category with SEER ratings of up to 14. This is also not certified by energy star.

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Warranty Cover Of Goodman   

The premium level models have a lifetime warranty on the compressor while the normal and mid-range models have a 2-year replacement warranty on the compressor. 

Entry and mid-range level goodman air conditioners have 10 years warranty on the parts while premium is covered with an additional 10-year replacement warranty on the parts.  

Although goodman falls into the economy price brand tier. They try to improve their product and support every time. This competitive spirit makes them one of the well-liked brands.

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Pros and Cons Of GOODMAN Air Conditioners:

  • Goodman is a known brand and it is known for its reliability. Goodman doesn’t offer flashy features but what they offer is an overall reliable product that you can trust.
  • Another strong point of goodman is its accessibility. You can buy it from anywhere, if you decide to buy it now online you’ll be able to get it easily. This model of business has also hurt their reputation that I’ll explain in the cons section.
  • Their central ac lineup is backed by the most comprehensive warranties that you’ll ever find.
  • Their central ac lineup is very energy efficient. Even if you go for the lowest level model, you’ll still save some bucks on the energy bills.
  • Now earlier I have mentioned that their accessibility model is hurting their reputation. The problem I want to convey is that any normal/unprofessional guy can install it. They have given liberty for the installation. Any cheap and unprofessional guy from your local market can install it.
  • Installation is one of the major aspects that determine the longevity of the ac. As an HVAC technician, I have installed a few goodman’s and I never heard any complaints from those people. If you go for some cheap non-licensed technician and they end up messing with the installation then you’ll face many problems in long term.

Important Tip: If you’re looking to get a new goodman ac. So you must go for the licensed technician only for the installation. Don’t go for some cheap non-licensed Van guy for installation.

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