Rheem Classic Series RA13 Review (Deep Analysis With Comparison Tables)

Rheem is one of the OG in the HVAC market. They have been producing quality products for years. Now talking about the Classic RA13, it is one of the most inexpensive models in the whole Rheem series.

RA13 has a really good set of specifications despite being a low-tier system. Any homeowner who’s on a tight budget must consider this model. Surprisingly this model is energy star certified with a SEER rating of up to 15.5. 

On average the Rheem Classic RA13 series can cost between $3,500 to $5,000 depending upon the capacity and installation charges. 

Rheem Classic RA13 Review In-Depth Analysis     


Rheem offers a great capacity range in the classic RA13. The capacity ranges from 18,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU. This range is enough to cool a good amount of area without taking any stress.

If you want to know the correct BTU size for your house then you must consult a licensed professional. Because BTU number depends upon different factors like home insulation, the region you live in, house members, etc. You can try to get an approx number from google but most of the time that number will vary.

SEER Rating and Energy Efficiency:

Rheem Classic RA13 has a very good energy efficiency of up to 15.5(SEER). This is an impressive energy efficiency rating considering most of the competition doesn’t offer this kind of SEER ratings. You can expect to save on the overall energy bills. Also, this series is certified by energy star.

Noise Level:  

The noise level of this classic RA13 model is quite average. The noise reading is around 73-79 dB. Although this noise level will not bother you that much but for me, it’s quite high. If I was buying this ac system then I must do some soundproofing to my home to make it quieter.


The classic RA13 has a scroll single-stage compressor which is quite efficient. The overall performance of this compressor is quite good.

This compressor weighs less and also costs less which makes it a value for money. If we talk about the competition then most of the companies offer a single-stage compressor in their basic series.

Durability and Finish

Overall the durability of this ac system is quite good. This ac system is designed to dampen the sound and cut corrosion. You can expect this ac system to run for the long term. The finish of this ac system is pretty impressive and visually appealing. 1

Other features:  

  • Rheem RA13 has a plusone technology like expanded valve space and triple service access which makes maintenance and servicing much easier.
  • The classic RA13 has an optimized fan orifice which enhances the airflow and reduces sound production.
  • The classic RA13 cabinet features 35% fewer fasteners which allow hassle-free panel removal.

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Warranty Cover On The Classic RA13:

Since this is a base model of the Rheem air conditioners. So considering that it has a basic warranty. You get a 10-year limited parts protection warranty.

Pros And Cons Of RA13

  • The pricing of this ac model is quite affordable which makes it a good choice for budget buyers.
  • The energy efficiency of this model is quite impressive (SEER rating up to 15.5). You can expect to save on energy bills.
  • The overall built quality and sturdiness of this ac system are quite good.
  • The overall part price of this ac system is quite low and easily available.
  • The scroll compressor is efficient and quiet and performs very well.
  • The first thing I didn’t like about this system is its noise level. The overall noise level is a bit high. Although you can avoid it by soundproofing the house.
  • The second thing that bothers me is its warranty cover. The RA13 competition is offering a much better warranty. From my point of view, they must consider upgrading the warranty cover and I don’t mind paying a bit extra for it.
  • Another big problem with Rheem is its installation. Anyone can install it which makes it more vulnerable to failures and errors. If you’re planning on buying this system or any other system then you must go for a licensed professional for installation.

Comparison Table Of Rheem RA13

RA13 VS RA 14

15.5 SEER16 SEER
Single-Stage CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star Certified Energy Star Certified
Limited 10-year Part Protection Warranty Limited 10-year Part Protection Warranty
73-79 dB Sound 73-77 dB Sound

RA13 VS RA16

15.5 SEER16 SEER
Single-Stage CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star Certified Energy Star Certified
Limited 10-year Part Protection Warranty Limited 10-year Part Protection Warranty
73-79 dB Sound 71-76 dB Sound

RA13 VS RA20   

15.5 SEER20.5 SEER
Single-Stage CompressorVariable Speed Compressor
Energy Star CertifiedEnergy Star Certified
Limited 10-year Part Protection WarrantyLimited 10-year Part Protection Warranty,
10-year unit replacement warranty
73-79 dB Sound54-76 dB Sound
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