York CZH Review And Price (In-Depth Analysis With Comparison Table)

York is one of the most trusted HVAC brands in the market. They have been producing quality products for a very long time. One of their such product is the York CZH air conditioner.

The CZH is york’s premium tier ac system. It has a boatload of features with great build quality and durability. This air conditioner has very impressive energy efficiency. It also has an energy star certification.

This ac system is equipped with a powerful two-stage compressor. Despite being a premium tier air conditioner this ac system has a very reasonable price range.


On average the York CZH series can cost between $3,500-$5,500 depending upon the capacity, efficiency, and installation charges.

Most of the internal factors don’t affect the price of an ac system. But factors like installation charges can affect the overall price of the ac system. If you live in an expensive city then you’ll have a higher installation cost.

To get a good price quote you must contact different companies. You can also try to get price quotes from other inexpensive cities.

But you have to make sure that you’re hiring a licensed professional for installation. Because most of the ac failures happen because of poor installation.

York CZH Air Conditioner Review


The capacity range of York CZH is quite good. The capacity ranges from 24,000 to 60,000 BTUs which is enough for every type of buyer. This range is good enough to cool a good amount of area.

The overall cooling number can be affected by different factors like home insulation, the region you live in, the no. of members, etc. Before buying an ac unit you must consult a professional HVAC technician/company for the cooling capacity number.

Because if you buy an ac unit directly just on online assumptions and speculations then you’re going to end up with an undersized or an oversized unit.

SEER Rating and Energy Efficiency:

This air conditioner has very good energy efficiency. This unit has a SEER rating of up to 18 which is quite impressive. This unit is also certified by energy star which ensures that you’ll save money on energy bills.

One tip, you must have the correct size ac unit for your house so it’ll give you good energy efficiency. If you buy an oversized and undersized unit then you might no get that much energy efficiency.

Noise Level:

The overall noise level of York CZH is quite low. This unit has a noise level as low as 69dB which is quite impressive considering this is not the highest top-of-the-line ac model by york.

If you’re planning on buying this ac unit then you can try to do some DIY soundproofing to your house. Soundproofing will help you in reducing the overall noise.


The York CZH is equipped with a two-stage compressor. This compressor is quite powerful and efficient. The overall noise produced by this compressor is also very low. My favorite thing about this compressor is its maintenance cost. The overall maintenance cost of this compressor is quite low.1 

Other features Of York CZH

  • The York CZH has a refrigerant R-410A that protects the environment with zero ozone depletion.
  • York CZH can be operated remotely through the Touch Screen Communicating Control.
  • York CZH has a metal coil guard that protects tube-in-fin coil which ensures long-term durability by keeping contaminants out.
  • York CZH has a liquid line filter-drier that extracts harmful debris and moisture.
  • York CZH has a Low RPM ECM Fan Motor that reduces the overall airflow noise.

Warranty On York CZH

York CZH has one of the best warranties considering this is a premium segment ac system. The york CZH has a 10-years limited parts warranty and an extended Lifetime compressor warranty. But you have to make sure that you register your unit within 90 days of installation.

PROS And CONS Of York CZH Air Conditioner

  • The capacity offered in this ac system is very impressive and satisfying.
  • This ac system has very good energy efficiency with energy star certification.
  • The warranty offered with York CZH is very impressive and assuring.
  • The build quality and sturdiness of this ac system are quite good which ensures longevity.
  • The noise level of this unit is also very low.
  • The maintenance cost of this ac system is quite low.
  • York CZH has a new refrigerant that is eco-friendly.
  • I think overall this is a quite good unit. You’re getting so many features in this price range. York has durable quality and assuring reliability. So I have nothing to nitpick here.

York CZH Comparison Table

York CZH Vs York CZF

York CZHYork CZF
Two-Stage CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star Certified-YesEnergy Star Certified-Yes
70dB Noise Level69dB Noise Level
10-year parts warranty, lifetime compressor warranty10-year parts warranty, lifetime compressor warranty

York CZH Vs York YCD

York CZHYork YCD
Two-Stage CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star Certified-YesEnergy Star Certified-NO
70dB Noise Level75-77dB Noise Level
10-year parts warranty, lifetime compressor warranty5-year parts warranty, a 10-year compressor warranty,
1-year labor limited warranty

York CZH Vs York YCJF

18 SEER16.5 SEER
Two-Stage CompressorSingle-Stage Compressor
Energy Star Certified-YesEnergy Star Certified-Yes
70dB Noise Level69dB Noise Level
10-year parts warranty, lifetime compressor warranty10-year parts warranty, 10-year compressor warranty
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