Fixing Common Humidifier Problems (All Problem Solved DIY)

Fixing Common Humidifier Problems

Humidifiers are typically known to save us a lot of irritation. By letting soft and gentle vapor dissolve into the air, they make our general atmosphere pleasant and relaxing to be in.

In fact, studies have shown that humidifiers have advantages for our health and well-being, and especially so when it comes to the skin- as they prevent dryness and keep it refreshed and moisturized.

To summarize, humidifiers are simply one of a kind, and if one day I was to come home to my humidifier not working- I would not be pleased.

Like any other equipment ever invented, your humidifier probably won’t run smoothly forever. And if that time has already come, it is up to us to help you analyze the different issues arising in your humidifier, and help you come up with solutions for them. 

Most humidifier problems are quite easy to troubleshoot and can be done by anyone with no experience whatsoever. So you don’t have to panic-call the technician.

Sit back and go through this list of common humidifier problems and their fixes, and we’ll help you get your humidifier back up in working condition in no time.

The Humidifier Is Not Turning On

One of the most common problems with most users is that the humidifier faces a problem during start-up itself. Or, your humidifier may also stop working abruptly.

To resolve this, it is advised that you first check that the power cord is snugly and fittingly connected to the power outlet. If you find that it is, the problem might lie in the faulty working of the power outlet itself. Ensure that the circuit breaker for this power outlet is turned on. 

Additionally, if you’re housing humidifiers like mist humidifiers, you can also check to see whether the water container is placed directly above the base, as the device doesn’t register it if the water container is misplaced even by a few centimeters- and refuses to turn on.

For instance, some humidifiers may even have features like the anti-tip or child lock features that are designed to only turn on the unit when everything is in order.

Leaking Humidifier

The leaking humidifier can be disastrous compared to most other humidifier problems as this gets all over your floor. You can try tackling this issue through different means.

Your humidifier may be leaking right from the tank. This could be because your tank is straight-up cracked or broken. But it is more likely that the tank cap is simply not shut properly and is slowly causing the leak.

Another place to check is the nozzle, which may start leaking if the humidifier is set to a too-high setting. Simply lower the mist level and see if anything changes.

Also ensure that your humidifier is positioned properly and uniformly, as a stinted humidifier is likely to leak easily.

You can also check the base of the device. Leaks in the top are more common and fixable, but a leak from the base is a tad bit more complicated to deal with, so go ahead and hand it over to the professional.

The Humidifier Is Not Producing Mist

Sometimes, it so happens that your humidifier turns on, but it doesn’t produce the mist as it should. For this, two general areas to examine are the water level as well as the positioning of the humidifier. These are instant fixes, as you might simply need to fill up the water tank or set the humidifier right.

Failure to produce mist can also be attributed to clogs in the device. Since a humidifier is mainly operational on water, it is easy for minerals to collect and create blockages in the system, Ensure that you clean the base as well as the tank regularly to prevent this issue.

Additionally, another cause for this problem could be that the set humidity level is too high, i.e, the room isn’t as humid as your input in the device, and so the device is unable to function. For this, a simple solution is to get a hydrometer if you don’t have one already.

If none of these apply to you, you can also take a chance and see if the humidifier is maybe simply taking longer to heat up.

With different types of humidifiers, such as the evaporative cool mist humidifier, consider that the filter might be due for a change if it stops producing mist. Ultrasonic humidifiers may also face this issue commonly because of clogs in the system.

Noisy Humidifier

A humidifier, while great, can be especially annoying if it is noisy. We tend to associate these little devices with comfort and relaxation, so when your humidifier’s noise levels turn up suddenly, you’re not likely to get your beauty sleep.

A humidifier can get noisy especially if there are problems around the fan motor area. For instance, the fan could be clogged up with minerals, or it might be that the fan motor is not running smoothly because it needs to be oiled and lubricated.

Any dust and debris on the filters, as well, can cause the device to hum unpleasantly.

For a clogged-up fan motor or a dusty filter, a simple cleaning session will do the trick. However, if your fan is due for lubrication, you can solve this by pouring the lubricant oil into a hole located on the back of the base.

Once you put in the lubricant, spin the fan blades to ensure that they have been oiled up.

The Humidifier Smells Bad

Okay, there’s one thing more than a noisy humidifier- a smelly one. You didn’t sign up to live with the constant stink of your humidifier, you bought it for the exact opposite!

Usually, one of the most common reasons behind a bad odor emanating from your humidifier is that the filter is clogged up with debris, or mold. This tends to happen due to improper maintenance, especially if you haven’t cleaned or washed the filter in a while.

Take the take to do so, and clean the tank as well to ensure that the water going into your humidifier is not contaminated. Weekly clean-ups can help prevent this problem altogether.

If you have an evaporative mist humidifier, you’ll have to replace the wick filter to ensure the upkeep of your humidifier.

Check that all parts of your humidifier are kept fresh and clean. If a smell persists, it is possible that an internal part of your humidifier may be burning. Contact a technician immediately to seek help in such cases.

The Humidifier Is Releasing White Dust

No user with a humidifier is unfamiliar with the white dust problem. While this issue might seem serious at first because white dust in itself is strange and weird, you don’t have to worry too much.

White dust tends to occur because of minerals that remain once the mist in the air evaporates. It is a common issue if you’re using hard water to fuel your humidifier.

While it is not especially harmful in any way, white dust can cause blockages within your humidifier, or it can collect on different surfaces of your home and can add more hours on cleaning duty for you.

It is recommended that one shift from hard water to distilled or filter water to fix this. You can also use bottled water. When you see white dust forming, we advise that you clean your humidifier instantly using tap water and a small amount of liquid soap. Ensure that the filters and tank are washed thoroughly.

The Humidifier Is Working, But Not Working Well

There might be days where your humidifier works, but not as well as it should. Or maybe this has been the case since you bought the device itself.

One of the main reasons this could be happening is that your humidifier is simply not able to handle the room in which it is placed, i.e, it is too small for the room.

If you’re not sure this is the reason, you can try to improve your humidifiers working by refining their conditions or changing certain aspects of the environment to be more favorable for it.

For instance, you can start by verifying that all doors and windows are closed. Refer also to the user manual to ensure that the humidifier is built to support the dimensions of your room. Also, check whether anything is in the way of your humidifier, and remove any obstacles.

You can also do your weekly humidifier maintenance early, and clean the unit entirely, as well as fill up the tanks with the appropriate amount of water to improve performance.


A humidifier is one of those pieces of machinery that isn’t too hard to work around or work with. You don’t have to take any overly-complicated steps to fix your humidifier. With proper maintenance and upkeep, your humidifier is sure to work smoothly and efficiently and keep your surroundings fresh and relaxed. 

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