How To Check A Bad Furnace Blower Motor (Step By Step Guide)

Furnace Blower Motor Not Working

Bad Furnace Blower Motor is one of the most reported problems by AC owners. They always complain that their ac unit is running but the blower motor is not turning on.

For most of the ac repair calls I get, this is one of the most common ones. Sometimes your blower motor can be bad but sometimes other furnace assemblies can be causing the blower motor to not work properly.

So In this article, I’ll list all the reasons why your blower motor has gone bad. And their DIY solution so you don’t have to pay for a technician’s visit. 

Inspection No #1: Check Your Blower Motor Capacitor

Every furnace blower motor has a capacitor installed beside it to jump-start the motor. Sometimes that capacitor goes bad and it can cause your blower motor to not work properly.

Remember capacitors are not long-lasting components they do die with time and you need to replace them with new ones. So if your blower motor is not working the first thing to do is check your capacitor.

Your capacitor is typically going to be on the motor housing somewhere. So first you need to disconnect the wires from the capacitor. Then unscrew the strap that’s holding the capacitor and take your capacitor out.

After this, you need to test your capacitor rating on the multimeter. If your capacitor is not showing any reading then it is probably dead and you need to replace it. And that means your blower motor is working absolutely fine.

One thing to remember is that before taking out your capacitor make sure you have turned off the furnace switch (power switch). Because if you operate with a switch on you might end up getting shocked. So beware of that.

Inspection No #2: Check If Your Blower Motor Is Getting Power From Control Board  

So the next thing you want to do is just verify that your blower motor is getting power from the control board. To do that you’ll need to remove the wires from the control board and check the voltage from the socket. 

If you’re checking in the AC season follow these steps:

1. First turn off your furnace power switch. Because you should not operate your furnace while the power is flowing through it. It can be fatal so make sure to take proper precautions.

2. Then pull off your cooling and common wires from the control board.

3. After this you need to put your multimeter leads into the cooling and common socket of the control board. And check if you’re getting the proper voltage (120V). If you’re not getting any voltage then your control board is bad and not your blower motor.

If you want to check for the furnace season then remove the heating and common wire and test them with the above process.

If your control board is not sending power to the blower motor then you need to get it to replace or repair.

How to check your control board if you don’t have a meter?

In my opinion, if you own any electrical unit as big as an AC then you must get some electrical equipment also. But not everybody has a multimeter at their home. So how do you check your control board if you don’t have a multimeter? 

There’s one way you can do it by bypassing the control board (hotwire it). 

So to bypass the control board you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you should turn your furnace power switch off. You don’t want to have any power running through the furnace while you’re operating the control board. 

Step 2: Then what you want to do is find your line terminal from where the power comes into the control board. You want to pull that wire off. It’ll usually be coming from the door switch.

Then if you’re in the furnace season you want to pull off your heat wire. And if you’re in the AC season which we are right now you wanna pull off your cooling wire.

Step 3: Now all you’re going to do is bypass the control board and send power to the blower motor directly. To do that you need to wire nut those two wires that you snip off. 

Step 4: Now if your blower motor starts by bypassing then you know that your control board is bad and you need to get it replaced. If bypassing doesn’t start your motor then your blower motor is bad and you need to get it replaced.

Furnace Blower Motor Replacement Cost 

Furnace Blower Motor can cost between $100 and $1900 depending on the brand and labor charges. 

Blower Motor Cost by brand:

  • Rheem = $250 – $900
  • Carrier = $100 – $1,600
  • Trane = $175 – $1,500
  • Lennox = $150 – $1,500
  • Goodman = $75 – $800
  • York = $150 – $1,800

Blower motor Parts Price List

  • Blower Belt = $5-$100
  • Bearing = $20-$150
  • ECM Repair Kit = $40-$60
  • Shaft = $50-$200
  • Blower Wheel = $50-$275
  • Pulley = $50-$275
  • Housing = $100-$300
  • Capacitor = $50-$250
  • ECM Motor Module = $230-$830

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