Best Gas Furnaces Reviews And Price Analysis (With Complete Buying Guide)

Keeping your house warm can give maximum comfort to you and your family, especially in the coldest season. There are multiple heating and cooling equipment available today that keep the customers’ satisfaction as the top priority.

However, with access to such a large pool of options, you might get confused about which product would be the best fit for your home. For choosing the right product; you need to learn about specifications, price, and other factors of the products. 

Hence, we bring you together with all the needed factors that a buyer must know before purchasing a Gas Furnaces unit for their home. In addition to this, we are also going to explore available furnace price ranges from leading brands.

How To Evaluate The Best Furnaces For Your Place?

Here are some of the vital factors that you must consider if you’re planning on buying a furnace for your home: 

  • Look for a furnace that has a 95- 99 % AFUE rating. It is a mark of the efficiency of the product.
  • Choose a variable speed modulating or high-performance two-stage furnace. These models are energy savers and operate without making any noise, maintaining a consistent temperature. 
  • Warranty coverage is another factor that can save you a lot of money that otherwise you would spend on repairing and replacements. Your furnace model should at least come with a ten-year warranty on heat exchangers, parts, and replacement units. 
  • Look for the features, including advanced technologies such as remote access through Wi-Fi, smart thermostat communication, noise-reducing technology, and more. 
  • Getting the right-sized heating system is essential for your house to meet your heating requirements.
  • Buy a furnace that a certified HVAC technician installs with a regular maintenance guarantee.
  • Always pay attention to the quality of construction and materials used. 
  • Stay in contact with a trustworthy HVAC dealer whom you can rely on while purchasing your furnace, its installation, and maintenance.  

How To Choose The Best Gas Furnace In Terms Of Features?

Here is a brief description of the best features and specifications that you should look at a furnace model:

  • The model should be compatible with a smart thermostat that allows you to automate your heating units as per your requirements throughout the day and control the system using remote Wi-Fi access. 
  • Products should come with technologies that can reduce operational noise and offer you noise-free solutions. 
  • Look for self-diagnostic systems that can diagnose the performance of your heating unit and notify you if there is any requirement of maintenance or potential issue. Additional and unique features focus on enhancing the system’s performance and providing maximum comfort levels.
  • The product must come with a built-in humidity control system and air purification.
  • Furthermore, the addition of Zone control capabilities will allow you to adjust diverse temperature levels in different rooms in the house.

Factors That Affect Gas Furnace Cost 

Various factors affect the final cost of a gas furnace; However, here we will discuss the top four factors that influence gas furnace price the most:

  • Furnace quality
  • Furnace efficiency 
  • Furnace performance 
  • Furnace size

Let us look into all these factors in detail:

Furnace Quality

The furnace quality is divided into three categories in terms of brands:

Budget-friendly brands: These brands offer furnace models with a durability of 12 to 15 years. The products are comparatively cheaper. Some of the popular brands that sell budget-friendly furnaces are Goodman, Payne, Aire-Flo, etc. 

Standard brands: The models in this category come with the durability of 15 to 20 years, usually, the price range for such models is moderate, not too high, not too low. Some of the popular brands that sell standard quality models are Rheem, Armstrong, Acroaire, etc.

Premium quality brand: You get the durable models for 20 to 25 years; however, the cost of this category is higher than the rest; popular brands selling premium quality models are Lennox, Carrier, American Standard, and Trane. 

Furnace Efficiency

Furnace efficiency refers to measuring the amount of heat that a gas furnace produces and pushing it into the ductwork instead of letting it mix with vented computation gases. AFUE ratings define it.

Here is the classification based on efficiency ratings:

  • AFUE ratings with 80% furnace models are available in basic and better-performing categories. They usually contain a single heat exchanger.
  • Basic and better performing categories provide AFUE ratings in a range of 90 to 96% furnaces. The majority of models have secondary heat exchangers and capture heat produced from the exhaust gases effectively.
  • Models with a rating between 96.5 to 98.7 percent deliver high-quality performance and come with secondary heat exchangers. 

Furnace Performance

Furnace performance is divided into three subcategories: 

Basic-level performance: You can find basic-level of performance on models manufactured by every Gas furnace brand. The models come with single-speed blowers and single-stage gas valves. It offers perfect heating but causes fluctuations in temperature. 

Better-level performance:  Products come with multi-speed and variable speed blowers containing two-stage gas valves that provide you with noise-free operation. Usually, the product operates at low capacity and offers a good balance in temperature; these models are built by premium and standard brands only. 

Best-level performance:  These are the quietest furnaces you can have; they come with variable capacity gas valves and a variable-speed blower. These models keep raising and lowering the heat production in tiny increments. Hence they help in keeping the temperature of your home consistent. Premium and standard companies make such models. 

Furnace Size

Each model of gas furnace comes with diversified sizes to serve the suitable space and offer adequate heat. You will find that most furnace models are available in a size range between 40000 BTU to 120,000 BTU. In case of increments, they are available in the range between 10000 BTU to 20000 BTU.

How to choose the right size furnace for your place? 

Apart from paying attention to the specifications of furnaces that can fulfill your needs, it would help if you also got the right-sized furnace. A furnace that is too large or too small will not provide you with desirable comfort, especially at the time of cold weather. 

To ensure you are getting the correct size of the furnace and installing the system in your house, contact a trustworthy contractor.

The contractor will carefully calculate your heating requirements as per industry standard, for example, the “Manual J HVAC Residential Load Calculation” method by the Air Conditioning Contractors of the USA. 

Such calculation methods consider the design, size, construction of your house, as well as climate of your location. Once the furnace installation process completes, keep up with the maintenance as instructed on the manual of the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Gas Furnace Prices By Leading Brands 

Some companies and brands offer updated features, specifications, and technologies with their furnace models. The leading brands in furnace manufacturing have kept themselves at the forefront of ingenuity, quality, and expertise. The heating and cooling product’s quality level exceeds the expectation of users and the HVAC group of professionals. However, one can only buy the product as per their budget. 

Here is a list of top brands names that sell furnaces with their prices:

1. Amana Corporation

The majority of furnace models can provide up to 97% of efficiency ratings.

Price Range – $1880 – $3900

2. Armstrong Furnace

The model range can offer up to 95% efficiency ratings. 

Price range $2040 – $4,030

3. Carrier Furnace

Models can offer up to 95 to 98 % of an efficiency rating. 

Price Range – $2440- $4570

4. Goodman Furnace

The brand produces products that can provide up to 98% of an efficiency rating.

Price range- $1730 – $3730

5. Lennox Furnace

You get a range of 93 to 97% of efficiency rating by Lennox furnace. 

Price Range – $2470 – $4500

Price List Of All Popular Gas Furnace Brands

Below is the Price list of all the popular furnace brands. If you want to read the complete review of some furnace brands then click on the name.

Furnace BrandsFurnace Unit Price Only
American Standard$2,380


The decision to install a high-quality furnace for your house will accompany careful considerations and analyses. After all, we need to be cautious in what kind of products we are investing in and whether the product is reliable. And, in the case of furnaces, it becomes even more crucial.

Hence, when you decide to buy a furnace model from whichever brand you are considering, make sure you go through all the above points we mentioned. It will help you to make an informed decision and save money by making a beneficial investment in your house heating unit. 

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