Armstrong Furnace Review And Price Analysis (Buying Guide)

Armstrong Furnace Review And Price Analysis

The winter season is all about being comfortable inside the house. A perfect winter day involves sitting in a heated room sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Imagining oneself in such a warm, fuzzy scene feels good, but what if your heater stops working while enjoying that delicious hot chocolate? People who have faced harsh winters know what it is like to have your heating system break down at the worst time. 

With the Armstrong Furnace series, you do not have to worry about such issues. The Armstrong brand is famous for its high-quality reliable heating systems.

So In this article, I’ll do a complete Armstrong Furnace review and price analysis. I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects in detail so that you can decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Armstrong Furnace Prices

Armstrong Furnace ModelsUnit Price OnlyInstalled Cost
Armstrong A97MV$1,700$3,390
Armstrong A962V$1,640$3,190
Armstrong A962E$1,460$2,980
Armstrong A951E$1,420$2,840
Armstrong A951S A951A$1,380$2,880
Armstrong A931A$1,230$2,750
Armstrong A802V$1,210$2,610
Armstrong A801A A801E$900$2,350

Including the installation cost, the average price range of Armstrong furnaces is between $3,000 – $5,500. You will find a high-quality furnace within this price range, but some exquisite products are more expensive than this range. 

The final price of every model depends on several factors. The factors that may increase or decrease the cost are as follows:

  • Your location.
  • Size and output of the furnace.
  • The furnace model.

The price range falls into three tiers for Armstrong Furnace. The low-tier furnace will cost less and vice versa.

  • Entry-level models: $3,000 – $3,665
  • Mid-range models: $3,665 – $4,330
  • Top-tier models: $4,330– $5,500+

Armstrong Furnace Product Series

Armstrong is a subsidiary of the famous Lennox Furnace Company, which has manufactured heating systems for a long time. The birthplace of Armstrong is Columbus, Ohio (1928). The company has provided America with furnaces for more than a century, and it is the best in this business.

Below you will find the detail about the three furnace series by Armstrong. 

Basic – 1E Series

Despite being an entry-level series, it has two high-efficiency single-stage furnaces. The furnaces in this category are affordable and have AFUE ratings as high as 93% and 95%. These furnaces are quiet and add some comfort to your home during winters. Almost all furnaces in this category have a Torque motor, EHX heat exchanger, and Quiet combustion. So, you could buy the cheapest furnace in this category and expect quality performance from it. 

Better – 2E Series

With mid-range furnaces, you will get the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. At present, Armstrong only has one high-efficiency furnace in this category. It has an AFUE rating of 96% and a two-stage gas valve, which guarantees comfort at all times. The mid-tier range has several innovative technologies from Armstrong. 

Best – Pro Series

This category has the most efficient furnaces of all. The pro-series should be your choice if you strive for excellence and want something durable. The products in this category work on either two-stage or modulating furnaces.

The variable-speed blowing motor ensures to deliver comfort, efficiency, and consistency. With an Energy-star certification and Comfort SyncTM system, you can rest assured that these furnaces will keep you comfortable. 

Armstrong Furnace Best Models (Quick Review)

Armstrong Pro Series A97MV

This furnace belongs to the pro series of Armstrong furnaces and has an AFUE rating of 97%. It works on a modulating burner that delivers better comfort than single-stage and two-stage burners.

The EHX and Quiet Combustion technologies enable the furnace to maintain peace while providing the utmost quality performance. Along with the best Armstrong features, this furnace also has an advanced heat exchanger.

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Modulating
  • AFUE: 97%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $4,330– $5,500

Armstrong Pro Series A962V

The two-stage furnace of this machine has some of the best features from Armstrong. It uses the Quiet Combustion technology and is compatible with the Comfort Sync thermostat. The EHX heat exchanger technology ensures that your furnace has high durability.

It also eliminates any hot spots that could damage the machine in the long run. It has slightly lower efficiency than the A97MV model, but it is worth the money. 

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $4,330– $5,500

Armstrong A962E

The A962E is a mid-tier option and it is energy star-certified, meaning it will save you a lot of money. It is more affordable than the high-tier options, and it also has several perks. It works on a two-stage furnace with a constant torque PSC motor.

This PSC motor provides consistent heating while keeping the noise at a minimum. It also promises more efficiency with less cost. Despite belonging to the mid-tier, this furnace has several of Armstrong’s technologies like advanced heat exchanger and Quiet Combustion.

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Better
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $3,665 – $4,330

Armstrong A951E

This furnace belongs to the basic tier, but it is a solid, energy-efficient option. It has features similar to the A962E model, but it is not as advanced as A962E. This product works on a single-stage gas valve, making it inferior to its mid and high-range counterparts. However, the A951E model still delivers consistent warmth in your home.

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 95%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $3,000 – $3,665

Armstrong A931E

This furnace belongs to the basic tier, and it is the most affordable option out there. It has a constant torque PSC motor like its expensive counterparts, but it works on a single-stage furnace. It has an AFUE rating of 93%, which is impressive for its affordable price. Despite being an entry-level furnace, it has dual fuel compatibility, Quiet Combustion technologies, and EHX to reduce the operating cost.

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 93%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range- $3,000 – $3,665

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Armstrong Furnace Power Consumption Table

This table is just to show you the approx power consumption by Armstrong furnace. The model used here is Air A97USMV

Model NumberCapacity (MBtu/hr)AFUEAnnual Gas Use (MMBtu)Annual Energy Use (kWh)Annual Cost (National Average)*Lifetime Cost to Operate**% Saving over Standard Furnace

Exclusive Features by Armstrong Furnace

  • The EHX Technology is available in all furnaces by Armstrong. It makes the product more effective and durable, saving you a lot of money. This innovative technology can improve airflow and ensure even heat distribution.
  • The Quiet Combustion Technology allows the furnaces to use a small BTU input per burner than other brands. It improves heating consistency and makes the device operate quietly. 
  • The Comfort Sync Thermostat is the monitoring unit of the top-tier furnaces. It ensures to keep them working at optimum performance. This technology also ensures that you have control of your device remotely.
  • The Advanced Heat Exchanger employs a crimping technique to minimize the wear and tear of the furnace. The heat exchanger is an investment for the long-term durability of your heating system. 

Warranty offered by Armstrong Furnace

All Armstrong furnaces are subject to the same warranty coverage. Armstrong offers a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger technology and a 10-year one on parts.

Eligibility for these full warranty terms is only possible if you register your furnace within 60 days of installation. You will receive a standard warranty if you do not apply. It includes a five years warranty for parts and 20 years for the heat exchanger.


Armstrong furnaces have a reputation for being affordable and delivering high-quality performance. You will find innovative technologies even in the entry-level models of Armstrong. These furnaces can guarantee the ultimate comfort during cold weather. 

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