Carrier Furnace Review And Price Analysis (With Buying Guide)

Carrier Furnace Review And Price Analysis

Homeowners must consider many important things when they plan to buy a furnace for their homes. Cost, average efficiency, etc., are good points to believe, but reliability should also be a priority feature. The best furnace brand will 100 % satisfy your expectations from its heating unit. 

Talking about the best furnace-making company here, we have the Carrier Furnace brand. The company has been well known for serving its customers’ requirements since its launch. The majority of models this brand sells are ENERGY STAR certified, a standard for most excellent efficiency. 

So let us take a look at a detailed review of the products by Carrier Furnace.

Carrier Furnace Price Range

Carrier Furnace maintains three different tiers of products; here, we will look into the average pricing of each tier:

  • Entry-level models (Basic Tier): $3,500 – $4,835
  • Mid-range models (Better Tier): $4,835 – $6,170
  • Top-tier models (Best Tier): $6,170 – $7,500+
Carrier Furnace ModelsFurnace PriceInstallation Cost
Performance 80$996-$1030$2,382
Performance 90$1,252$2,635
Performance Boost 80$1,389$2,580
Infinity 80$1,498$2,882
Performance Boost 90$1,575$3,289
Performance 96$1,644$3,600
Infinity 96$1,728$4,150
Infinity 98 Green Speed Tech.$2,650$5,589

The overall cost will vary because it gets affected by multiple factors related to the item. Also, if you buy a furnace from your local HVAC distributor, utility company manufacturer, etc., you might get the product at much lower prices. 

Aside from this, the cost will also vary due to the inclusion of installation cost, your house’s location, and your house’s size.

Carrier Furnace Series Explained

Comfort Series- Basic Tier 

This series contains entry-level models of Carrier Furnace. These are the most economical products from the brand. Each model is efficient with an AFUE rating of 92.1 % and promises reliable heating.

Also, you get to control humidity levels without any issue of operational noise. This series of models are ENERGY STAR certified.

Performance Series- Better Tier

This mid-range Carrier Furnace product only has one model for now. It comes with no noise-making variable speed blower motor that efficiently does its work. It is a two-stage furnace.

In terms of design and specifications, this model is quite advanced than the basic models. Also, it has ENERGY STAR certification as well.

Infinity Series- Best Tier

You can deem its efficiency by its excellent AFUE ratings of over 98.5%. With their ENERGY STAR certification, the models prove them to be the best furnaces available in the market.

These are advanced modulating furnaces from the brand. The series contains a two-stage furnace well equipped with multi-speed blower motors. 

Best Models by Carrier Furnace (Quick Review)

Performance Series – 59TP6

It is the only mid-range two-stage furnace that the brand offers. You will experience maximum comfort with less energy and fuel use. The model initially operates on the lowest stage, but if there is a huge temperature drop, it will go up to the 2nd stage. 

It offers the best dehumidification process. When it comes to technology, it uses SmartEvap that enables you to have good control over your home’s humidity levels. 

Specification of the Furnace

  • Tier – Better
  • Furnace type: Two-stage
  • AFUE: 96.5%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $4,835 – $6,170

Infinity®️ Series – 59TN6

The best quality about the 59TN6 model is that it significantly cuts back on energy usage. It is a two-stage and comes with multi-speed blower motors. It has a system that runs self-diagnosis from time to time and helps you troubleshoot the issue if there is any. 

The model can efficiently collaborate with an infinity control system, an intelligent thermostat giving you precise control. You can control the heating level of your home in a much more convenient way with this model. 

Specification of the Furnace

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Two-stage
  • AFUE: 96.7%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $6,170-$7,500

Comfort Series – 59SC5

You get improved air quality at your home with this model from Carrier. It comes with a multi-speed ECM motor that brings out the maximum potential of the product to offer you a high level of comfort. 

With this model, you will also get excellent features like hybrid heat technology, power heat hot surface ignition, compatibility with electric heat pump, and so on. 

Furnace Specification

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-stage
  • AFUE: 96.5%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $3,500 – $4,835

Comfort Series – 59SC2

The insulated cabinet of the 59SC2 model effectively eliminates heat loss and unnecessary noise. It offers you desired home temperature by collaborating with an electric heat pump. The unique quality of this model is it is compatible with a customizable Côr® Wi-Fi thermostat.

Furnace Specification

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-stage
  • AFUE: 92.1%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range: $3,500 – $4,835

Carrier Furnace Energy Consumption Table:

This is one of the premium models of the Carrier Gas furnace (Carrier 59MN7 Infinity® 98 Series). This rating table is just to give you an idea about power consumption.

Model NumberCapacity (MBtu/hr)AFUEAnnual Gas Use (MMBtu)Annual Energy Use (kWh)Annual Cost (National Average)*Lifetime Cost to Operate**% Saving over Standard Furnace

Exclusive Features of Carrier Furnace

  • The ComfortFan technology provides you total control over the speed of the fan with its Constant On mode. It allows you to choose the speed of the air circulation of your house. Using the ComfortFan, you can also adjust the speed for SmartEvap technology. It gives you the power to control the humidity levels of your house. 
  • The feature of infinity system control through the smart thermostat of Carrier Furnace is all you can ask for. This feature provides excellent convenience to users by enabling them to control the entire system with their smartphone from anywhere.  When you are in a hurry, the Infinity system control feature allows you to change humidity settings, temperature levels and manage airflow instantly.
  • Another best feature that the brand offers to customers is dehumidification. It is important to collaborate with your air conditioner and cooling system to remove moisture from the air. The brand makes dehumidification possible by providing you with a SmartEvap and an ideal humidity system. It is not only cost-effective but also prevents the growth of molds in your house. 
  • Carrier Furnace models come with the specialty of hybrid heat. It means that when you attach your Furnace with the heat pump, it can switch between electric heat and gas to offer you the ideal temperature for your house. 
  • Aside from this, the feature helps you cut down the heating bill as it can automatically choose the suitable fuel option to reduce energy use. Plus, you get to minimize your overall electricity and heat bill. 
  • Carrier Furnace’s best-tier range embeds a technology called Greenspeed Intelligence. However, you won’t find this technology in the other two tiers. This top-notch technology enables the Furnace to perform noise-free operations, carry out dehumidification, and maintain energy-efficient performance. 

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Warranty coverage by Carrier Furnace

Carrier Furnace usually offers a uniform variety coverage across every model. It implies that top-tier models will have the same warranty coverage as entry-level models.  It provides a lifetime limited warranty for heat exchangers attached with a ten-year warranty on components. There is one exception for Comfort 92 – 59SC2; it comes with a 20 year less warranty on the heat exchanger.


Hopefully, the specification mentioned earlier will be helpful for you while picking the suitable Furnace for your home. If you invest in any of the models we discussed here, we can guarantee that it will be one of your best decisions. Also, Carrier Furnace’s customer support team always keeps your priorities at the top. If you’re interested in any model please read the complete review of it.

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