Lennox EL296E Furnace Review (Complete Analysis With Comparison Table)

Lennox International is a globally renowned organization for green, innovative ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration solutions. Lennox is a reliable Furnace supplier with over a century-long legacy of quality and several ‘firsts’ in technology.

Lennox offers three broad categories of Furnaces: Basic-Merit Series, Better-Elite Series, and Best-Dave Lennox signature Series. They serve all budgets and requirements with a diverse range of Furnaces.

Today, we are reviewing Lennox-EL296E and we’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of this furnace in detail. So that you can decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Better-Elite Series

Lennox provides Power Saver Technology and higher AFUE for the Elite series of products. CTM technology automates airspeed and provides comfort and a hassle-free furnace experience. This range of Furnaces also minimizes the noise with sound absorbers in its constituents. These middle-tier Furnaces provide value for the money. 

About Lennox-EL296E

Lennox El296E is an energy-efficient, middle-range model that provides comfort and savings. Your monthly utility bills will reduce significantly with these Energy Star certified machines. With our in-depth analysis and comparison, you can arrive at an informed decision about buying the right machine for the household regarding budget, specifications, safety, and strong manufacturing.

Furnace Stats:

  • AFUE: up to 96 percent
  • Energy Star Rated? Yes
  • Burner Type: Dual Stage
  • Blower Type: Constant Torque
  • Price Range: $6,600 to $7,200
  • BTU Output: 43,000 to 127,000

Price Range Of Lennox EL296E

On average, the Lennox EL296E can cost between $6,600 to $7,200 including installation charges.

Multiple reasons led to price range fluctuations differing from State to State and area-wise. The factors affecting prices are offers, rebates from manufacturers, suppliers, and even retailers. Local and Central Government also provides tax holidays that affect prices.

Key Features Of Lennox EL296E

Energy Star Certification

Lennox-EL296E is available with Energy Star certification for high AFUE and energy efficiency. It will save you money on utility bills and greater comfort in your household.

The Energy Star recognition is a symbol of green practices and energy-efficient products, acceptable globally. This model is also eligible for rebates on Energy Star Certification.

Two-Stage Burner

A two-stage burner makes it an energy saver and optimizes temperature fluctuations. Machines adjust as per usage. For example, it will run slower if the Furnace must run for a longer period and vice-versa. 

Constant Torque Motor

CTM (Constant Torque Motor) adjusts the airflow of the Furnace. This technology makes your machine noise-free, manages temperature and moisture, eventually saves energy. Constant Torque Motor is an innovative Power Saver Technology. It automatically manages the airspeed and optimizes the performance.

Easy Maintenance with Interactive LED Display

Interactive LED display is an innovative technology that can significantly impact the long life of the machine. Technicians can view the exact place that needs troubleshooting. They can repair on their first visit; it will save you money and time.

Flexibility and Adjustable Installation

Another often overlooked but vital factor to consider is installation. Lennox-EL296E comes with flue collars, holes, factory-fitted flanges, and other installation-friendly parts and features. The technician can place these machines from multiple angles and space comfortably. It saves labor cost, set-up cost, etc.

iComfort E30 Smart Thermostat

Customers can also enjoy the cutting-edge technology of the iComfort E30 smart thermostat by pairing their EL296E Furnace. The technology allows remote control features. The iComfort E30 feature of the thermostat helps you monitor the HVAC system. You can adjust settings to manage temperature, moisture and troubleshoot maintenance issues.

The exclusive features of the technology: Geofencing for automatically putting Furnace on away mode when you leave home, outdoor air quality supervising, automatic fan adjustments for clean indoor air, remote mode. 

Voice Control Synchronization

You can also explore its voice control feature by synchronizing with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and similar voice-command-based products.

Duralok Plus

The Furnace is manufactured of sound-absorbing elements for noise-free operation. Duralok Plus heat exchanger ensures lasting, efficient, and reliable machine function. Duralok Plus is a heat exchanger built of top-notch quality Armor Tuf steel, providing reliability and efficiency.

In-house Team for Quality Checks

Stringent quality checks by in-house technicians to provide only the optimum performance with each product. You can also pair the Furnace with the PureAir purification system.

SilentComfort and AirFlex Technology

SilentComfort Technology is exclusive noise-reduction technology available with top-tier Lennox Furnaces. Customize blower settings with AirFlex, according to climate, design, and layout of the residence. You can explore to adjust as per your desires.

Warranty On Lennox EL296E

Warranty features of Elite Series are available with the Lennox EL296E model.

  • A five-year limited warranty for covered parts of the machine with a provision to extend up to ten years if the Furnace registered within sixty days of installation
  • A limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger

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Comparison Table Of Lennox EL296E

Lennox EL296E vs Lennox EL 296V

Lennox EL296E Lennox EL 296V
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Constant TorqueBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $6,600 to $7,200Price: $4,835 – $6,170
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on covered components
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts

Lennox EL296E vs Lennox SLP98V

Lennox EL296E Lennox SLP98V
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 98.7%
Blower Type: Constant TorqueBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $6,600 to $7,200Price: $6,170 – $7,500
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on covered components
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts


There is no shortage of Furnace models and companies in the market, and this abundance makes finding the one Furnace as per your expectations more complex. You browse on the web, and dozens of brands and models will pop up on the screen.

We hope our review of EL296E, its features, price range, comparison, etc., will provide you with enough information to arrive at an informed and confident decision. Your Furnace should be energy-efficient, safe, and comprehensively comfortable for you & your family. 

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