Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Review (With Comparison Table)

A Furnace is one of those essential items you want during the winter season to get a cozy and comfortable stay. One of the stalwarts of furnace products, Lennox International, founded by David Lennox, gives you the desired comfort with the industry’s best quality and diverse product range.

Lennox has been a leading supplier of leading HVAC products for more than a century. Their flagship Dave Lennox Signature Series is the numero uno inefficiency, and some of their top models can operate at around an AFUE of 99 percent, which is excellent.

In the review of Lennox SLP98V, we will give an updated explanation about Lennox, Products Categories, Price Range, Warranty, Top Models, and the detailed analysis of the model in focus. Read through the review and make an informed decision to make yourself at comfort.

Let’s get ahead with our comprehensive review of SLP98V, beginning with a brief introduction of Dave Lennox Signature Collection-Top-tier.

Best-Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Lennox has produced the industry’s top-performers in Dave Lennox Signature Collection. With a little extra expense, you will get the highest AFUE rating in Canada, assured warranties, advanced features, comfort, and more. These are the best furnaces in the World for your requirements.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V

The Lennox-SLP98V was honored with the most efficient furnace of 2017 by Energy Star Organization. The top model of Lennox is equipped with several ‘firsts’ of the furnace technology. The variable-capacity furnace is the best model available in the market currently.

SLP98V brings efficiency and comfort with patented ArmorTuf Steel, Energy Star Certification, Automated variable-speed motor to adjust temperature and humidity with desired fluctuating output between 35 percent and 100 percent.

There are other unique features such as Dual-fuel capacity, Duralock Plus heat exchanger, SilentComfort, SureLight Control board, iComfort Touch Thermostat, user-friendly temperature control, etc. Some of these features are exclusive to the SLP98V model.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: 98.7 percent
  • Furnace Type: Modulating with AirFlex and SilentComfort Technologies
  • Tier: Best
  • Blower Type: Variable Speed
  • Energy Star Rated? Yes
  • Price Range: $6,170 to $7,500
  • BTU Output: 64,000 to 1,28,000

Price Range of Lennox SLP98V

On average, the Lennox SLP98V can cost between 6,170 to $7,500 including installation charges.

Multiple reasons led to price range fluctuations differing from State to State and area-wise. The factors affecting prices are offers, rebates from manufacturers, suppliers, and even retailers. Local and Central Government also provides tax holidays that affect prices.

Exclusive Features of Lennox Furnaces

Constant Torque Motor

ECM Motors with Precise Comfort technology (Trademark of Lennox) manage airflow with heat enhancement of as low as one percent, making your surroundings cozy and comfortable.

Constant Torque Motor is an efficient Power Saver Technology that reduces your power consumption significantly. It automates the airspeed and optimizes the performance.

SilentComfort Technology

SilentComfort Technology is exclusive noise-reduction technology available with top-tier Lennox Furnaces.

SLP98V provides assured minimum noise with SilentComfort technology absorbs surrounding sound and provides you ten times a quieter furnace experience.

AirFlex Technology

AirFlex helps customize blower settings according to climate, design and layout of the residence, and your preferences. AirFlex technology is perfect for boiler adjustment as per your requirements, climate, etc

iComfort S30

The iComfort S30 feature of the thermostat helps you monitor the HVAC system. You can adjust settings to manage temperature, moisture and troubleshoot maintenance issues. For simple malfunctions, you can repair yourself. For advanced repairs, consult experts at Lennox.

iComfort Ultra Smart Thermostat can adjust gas valve between 35 percent to 100 percent, stay stress-free from worries of over-heating

Duralok Plus

Lennox Duralok Plus, another innovative technology developed in-house, is a heat exchanger made of aluminized steel and heavy gauge, comprised of the secondary condenser coil assembly and primary heat exchanger, ensuring optimized efficiency for running.

This feature provides efficiency and reliability to your furnace. Duralok Plus is a heat exchanger built of top-notch quality Armor Tuf steel, available as a primary or secondary heat exchanger.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

Lennox SLP98V is equipped with a seven-segment LED panel. Technicians can diagnose and identify the problem area on-spot. They can repair on their first visit so that you can save time and money as a consequence.

Comfort and Efficient

The variable-capacity, variable-speed ECM motor includes Precise Comfort™ technology that controls airflow in heat output increments as low as 1% for a more comfortable and efficient home.

If you currently own an old, high-energy consuming furnace, an ENERGY STAR ® qualified system is an excellent addition to your home. The money you spend on your new system can be recouped each month as your notice your gas bills lower.

Strong Elements and Built

Lennox has developed the Lennox Duralok Plus™ Heat Exchanger Assembly, constructed of heavy gauge, aluminized steel consisting of a primary heat exchanger and a secondary condenser coil assembly designed for maximum efficiency.

Warranty On Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V

Terms and conditions of the warranty vary according to different levels of furnaces. The Lennox Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V is eligible for a 10-year limited warranty when you register the product within 60 days of installation. Eligibility varies by province. Speak to your certified HVAC installer for more information and registration assistance.

Lennox Dave Lennox Signature Collection

  • A Ten-year limited warranty on covered parts of the furnace
  • Twenty years or limited lifetime warranty for heat exchanger depends upon the model
  • Ten years on compressor

The Signature Collection SLP98V is created with durable materials and components like aluminized steel and features diagnostic tools. The SLP98V provides sufficient coverage if the parts of the unit need so.

Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Comparison Table

Lennox SLP98V vs Lennox EL296V

Lennox SLP98V Lennox EL296V
AFUE: Up to 98.7%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $6,170 – $7,500Price: $4,835 – $6,170
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts

Lennox SLP98V vs Lennox EL296E

Lennox SLP98V Lennox EL296E
AFUE: Up to 98.7%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Constant Torque
Price: $6,170 – $7,500Price: $6,600 to $7,200
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts
A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
A 5-year warranty on parts


Give your home a quality upgrade and convenience and save on energy bills with a highly efficient top-model of Lennox monthly. Their top-tier model SLP98V is the industry leader with an AFUE of 98.7 percent and rewarded as the most efficient furnace in Energy Star 2017.

Investment for an efficient furnace equipped with all the latest trends in the furnace segment with an eye on the budget is a crucial decision, especially from dozens of brands and models out there in the market. We hope our review of the Lennox-SLP98V model will end your quest and help you land an informed decision.

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