Luxaire LX Series TM9E Review (With Comparison Table)

Browsing and selecting a reliable and all-weather protective furnace could be overwhelming, with dozens of brands seeking your attention. To ease the process and guide you for the best furnace that provides high efficiency at an affordable cost with significant savings on utility bills.

In today’s review, we will discuss LX Series-TM9E, one of the hot cakes of Luxaire in this segment currently. Luxaire furnaces have been consumers’ first choice for over eighty years across North America. Their feature-rich and minutely engineered products are a must addition to your house during harsh Canadian winters.

Luxaire offers HVAC equipment for all budgets and preferences through three tiers of furnaces: Climasure, LX, and Acclimate Series.

Let us start the review with a brief note on LX or Better Series of Luxaire furnaces.

LX Series

The Luxaire LX series include TM9T, TM9E, TM9V, TM9Y, TL9E. These are upgrades over Climasure furnaces with a moderate hike in prices and an impressive range of features.

All the models of the LX series are Energy Star certified and come with high AFUE ratings. It means Luxaire maintains green and environmentally friendly practices all through its production and sales cycle.

If you want to enjoy the advanced features of Luxaire with minor add-on expenses, the LX series is the perfect companion for weather fluctuations in the Winters.

LX Series-TM9E Overview

TM9E is a reliable and efficient HVAC product that ensures consistent heating across your home. It targets all cold spots generated generally during winters and provides a cozy indoor atmosphere.

The top features of TM9E are ECM Motor, High AFUE ratings, Energy Star certification, Easy installation, Energy saver, and many more. We will discuss specifications, price range, key features, and warranty options for your quick reference while searching for a comprehensive HVAC solution for your home and family.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: Up to 95 percent
  • Energy Star Certification? Yes
  • Burner Type: Single Stage
  • Blower Type: Variable Speed

*Warranty Score includes analysis of quality and duration of guarantee options. It also covers restrictions and other terms & conditions.

Price Range Of Luxaire TM9E

On average the Luxaire LX Series-TM9E can cost between $4,000 to $4,750 including installation cost.

A fixed price for TM9E or any model of Luxaire is tuff because lots of deciding factors can affect the final invoice.

Factors affecting Final Price

  • The size, layout, area of your residence
  • Tax benefits and rebates from the Federal, Municipal, and Provincial government
  • Promotional offers and discounts from the manufacturer, suppliers, distributors
  • Check eligibility for rebates from Utility companies on Energy Star Certification
  • Installation cost varies according to space, area, and region. It ranges between $500 to $1,000. It is advisable to take different quotes from a couple of suppliers in your area to get the best rate.1

Key Features

Silent Drive Comfort System

This advanced and innovative technology of the LX series makes your unit almost noise-free. The most impressive thing is their minimal sound during on and off. Enjoy a noise-free furnace and never experience bothersome noise ever with these efficient HVAC products.

Energy Efficient

The LX-TM9E comes with Energy Star certification and high AFUE ratings along with several other energy-efficient features such as:

  • An innovative and cutting-edge blower motor that boost A/C SEER ratings and consume less electricity
  • High-performance DC motor with five-speed direct-drive Standard ECM
  • Electronic Hot Surface Igniter makes the machine dependable with a significant cut on fuel consumption during operation.
  • Efficiency and durability with top-class tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • It includes stainless steel tube and a secondary heat exchanger made of aluminum. 

Safe Operation

LX TME9E offers the facility to shut off the main gas valve 100 percent for complete safety. You can get information for potential problems in the early stages and stop them from aggravating further. These features make it low maintenance and high on safety. 

You can enjoy years of furnace experience with minimum technician calls for repair and maintenance. In addition, the technician can diagnose the exact problem on the first visit and resolve the issue on the spot. Therefore, it saves time and money.

Consistent and Balanced Heat Circulation

Luxaire LX TM9E manages heat according to the weather fluctuations and increases or decreases as per indoor requirements. Different consumer surveys can save up to 35 percent on your utility bills compared to traditional furnaces.

Advanced Tech-Features

Luxaire comes with innovative tech features that make TM9E a hot cake among customers in the market compared to other brands.

Other Notable Features

  • Connecting and controlling power and wire is easier.
  • Convenient replacement application with lesser unit amp Additional cooling with 40VA, 24V control blower transformer, and relay
  • Flexible operation with adjustable duct connector
  • Multiple angles to install at home such as horizontal, downflow, Upflow.
  • One by four turn knobs for easy door removal
  • Advanced venting features for installation are indoor combustion air or sealed combustion.


Luxaire promises to replace the entire unit if your heat exchanger malfunctions within five years of its installation. In addition, TM9E comes with a ten-year limited warranty on covered machine parts.

Luxaire offers the industry’s best warranty options such as unit replacement, labor, and service assurance. Consult your local supplier and read the product documents for warranty options, requirements for extension, etc.

Comparison Table Of Luxaire TM9E

Luxaire TM9E vs Luxaire TM9T

Luxaire TM9E Luxaire TM9T
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 96%
Burner Type: Single StageBurner Type: Dual Stage
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $4,000 – $4,750Price: $4,000 – $4,750
20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty

Luxaire TM9E vs Luxaire TM9Y

Luxaire TM9E Luxaire TM9Y
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 96%
Burner Type: Single StageBurner Type: Dual Stage
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $4,000 – $4,750Price: $4,000 – $4,750
20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty

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Luxaire manufactures all of its products with durable material, innovative tech features, and best-in-class warranty options. LX Series-TM9E is another iconic furnace from the Luxaire and is sure to satisfy your expectations from an HVAC product. We hope this review might have helped you. 

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