Napoleon Furnace Review And Price Analysis (Buying Guide)

Napoleon Furnace Review And Price Analysis

A furnace is a great companion for harsh and unpredictable weather during winters. While purchasing a furnace you have to consider cost, safety protocols at making, quality, innovative technologies for new-age demand, etc. Safety features and ease of cleaning for the hygienic machine are the first couple of considerations when browsing for the furnace.

So, it would help if you had a furnace that is safe, easy to clean, the latest tech-based, and provides value for the money. We have shortlisted the exact match for your requirement for this review.

So In this article, I’ll do a complete Napoleon Furnace review and price analysis. I’ll cover all the details so that you can decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Napoleon Furnace Price Range

The average cost of a Napoleon furnace ranges from $3,500 to $6,000 including installation charges.

The price range varies according to several factors, and it is not possible to mention one fixed price for a model. The factors affecting the final price of the furnace are:

  • Rebates of the Government and Local Authorities
  • Discounts and offers of distributors, suppliers, and even retailers
  • Area of residence, the layout of the household, model, installation, and many more on-spot factors.

Napoleon Tier wise Price Range

  • Entry-Level Variants: $3,500 to $4,330
  • Mid-Level Furnaces: $4,330 to $5,160
  • Top-Tier Models: $5,160 to $6,000

Types of Napoleon Furnace Series

Napoleon is thirty-eight years’ experienced maker of a diverse range of furnaces, built for your overall satisfaction with the state-of-the-art technology.

Let’s begin the comprehensive review of the Napoleon Furnace. First, let’s look at the Napoleon furnace series.

Basic-9200 Series

This entry-level HVAC equipment is light on your pocket and saves on utility bills. These are the most affordable furnace models available in the market. The product comes with blower compartments, and a sealed vestibule ensures noise-free operation.

Basic models are very easy to open and clean. You can easily remove the blower and sanitize the machine. This range of furnaces is apt for energy and cost-saving.

Better-9500 and 9600 Series

Middle-tier Napoleon furnaces are equipped with innovative EnerSave Technology developed in-house. The 9600 and 9600Q similar to the 9500 Series go through stringent quality checks before final output. You will also get higher AFUE, which guarantees better energy efficiency.

Best-9700 Series

Napoleon offers the best in technology for 9700 Series of furnaces. The products in the best category assure clean air output, noise-free operation, reliability, and a safer experience backed by attractive warranty features.

Top Models of Napoleon Furnace

Napoleon-9700 Series

The best furnace model from Napoleon, the 9700 Series, provides consistency in temperature adjustment. Their cutting-edge EnerSave technology performs slower during cold weather and at a higher speed according to the rise in temperature.

This top-tier model comes with a HomeShield UV furnace lamp. The function of this lamp is to purify air going through the machine and keep the required air quality indoor.

They have also ensured easy repair and cleaning with modular equipment. You can do most of the basic repairs by yourself, hence saving on maintenance and technician costs.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: up to 97 percent
  • Furnace Type: Two-stage
  • Energy Star Rated? No
  • Tier: Best
  • Price Range: $5,160 to $6,000

Napoleon-9600 Series

Napoleon-9600 Series model contains almost all the features of the 9700 Series Model with slightly lower AFUE ratings. The model can also combine with a HomeShield UV furnace lamp and comes with EnerSave technology.

9600 Series model equipped with FlexFit design for comfortable and quick installation at multiple positions, without taking much space.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: 96 percent
  • Furnace Type: Two-stage
  • Energy Star Rated? No
  • Tier: Better
  • Price Range: $4,330 to $5,160

Napoleon-9600Q Series

This middle-tier furnace model of Napoleon is the only product with renowned Energy Star Certification. This certificate helps in getting rebates for being energy efficient.

The 9600Q Series of furnaces ensure reliability, temperature management, optimum energy consumption, comfort, and safety. This Series of machines, also equipped with a FlexFit design, makes it adjustable at multiple places and angles.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: up to 96 percent
  • Furnace Type: Two-stage
  • Energy Star Rated? Yes
  • Tier: Better
  • Price Range: $4,330 to $5,160

Napoleon-9500 Series

This entry-level furnace of Napoleon offers energy efficiency, noise-free operation, consistency in temperature, and moisture control like better and best categories. It is also easy to clean and repair.

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient HVAC solution, go for this 9500 Series model.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: 95 percent
  • Furnace Type: Single-stage
  • Energy Star Rated? No
  • Tier: Basic
  • Price Range: $3,500 to $4,330

Napoleon-9200 Series NBM030

The unique selling point of the 9200 Series NBM030 is its compact feature, one of the best in this segment. The model gives you impressive savings on the monthly utility bills with a power-saving quality. Buy this reliable furnace and enjoy comfortable and consistent temperatures in winters.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE:94 percent
  • Furnace Type: Single-stage
  • Energy Star Rated? No
  • Tier: Basic
  • Price Range: $3,500 to $4,330

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Key Features Of Napoleon Furnace

  • The Whisper Quiet Technology available with top-level model 9700 provides you with ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop.’ This innovative technology consistently changes the airspeed, decreasing the rush at the start and reducing noise at operation. All Napoleon furnace works with a decibel rating that makes them noise-free, less than your refrigerator.
  • EnerSave Technology optimizes the energy consumption of regular fans inside HVAC equipment. EnerSave Pro and EnerSave Plus use fewer watts, thus saving energy and money.
  • Variable speed motor in Napoleon furnace provides consistent temperature and moisture control. It is also adjustable according to changes in weather, comfortable throughout the season.
  • Integrated Furnace Control adjusts airflow according to your residence area, home, or building layout and offers ultimate comfort.
  • Seaview Burner System is great support at the time of repairs and maintenance. You can view through the window on the machine about trouble areas and repairs in action.
  • A comprehensive home ventilation solution with a combination of Surview Burner System and Integrated Furnace Control
  • HomeShield UV Furnace Lamp cleans the air coming through the furnace. It is available with the Napoleon-9700 Series. You can add the feature with Napoleon-9600 for a few extra bucks.
  • Vortex Turbulator extracts more heat from the exhaust gases and makes your system highly efficient. 


Napoleon furnaces are backed with value-based warranty options. There are specific options available with different categories of machines.

Napoleon 9700 Series: The Series offer a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty along with ten years limited warranty on equipment parts and fifteen years for a unit replacement.

Napoleon 9200 Series: Ten years limited warranty on parts and lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger

Napoleon 9600Q Series: Fifteen years limited warranty on the heat exchanger and ten years limited warranty on machine parts

Napoleon 9600 and 9500 Series: Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger, ten-year limited warranty on parts, and ten years for a replacement.


Get comfy winter nights with these energy-efficient, safe, and powerful furnaces of Napoleon. We have explained the significant aspects of models, their functioning, key features, and warranties. You can also refer price range and why Napoleon Furnace is different from other brands with their in-house developed technologies.

Please read our review and make an informed decision to buy a furnace according to your preferences and budget. We must conclude that; Napoleon Furnace is worth your time and money.

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