Rheem Classic Plus Series R95P Review (Complete Analysis With Comparison Table)

Weather patterns are unpredictable. Winter and Summer conditions vary, sometimes harsh, sometimes comfortable, etc. We all need an HVAC solution that gives an efficient, consistent, and reliable experience, ready for weather fluctuations.

If you are looking for a furnace that gives the latest features at affordable prices, this review is just for you. We will discuss Classic Plus Series R95P of Rheem Furnaces, serving you for around a century.

Rheem offers comprehensive feature-packed HVAC solutions for a cozy and comfortable home. They used the power of gas with tech-based innovations and built some smart machines for your convenience. 

An initiative of Richard and Donald in Emeryville, CA, in 1925, Rheem Furnace has come a long way since its inception. Rheem is the only manufacturer of a complete family of HVAC products in the world.

They use innovative and industry-first technologies in crafting heating, cooling, pool & spa heating, commercial refrigeration products, and water heating solutions. Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Let’s begin with the comprehensive review of Rheem-Classic Plus R95P, starting with a brief analysis of the Better-Classic Plus Series of Rheem Furnaces.

Better-Classic Plus Series

The Rheem-Classic Plus Furnace Series is an upgrade over the basic series and has better efficiency for indoor airflow and temperature management.

One of the unique selling points of this series of Rheem products is flexibility with single-stage and two-stage machine functioning. A custom-made furnace for Canadian weather with strong built and innovative technologies, R95P will surely make your stay comfortable with safety protocols.

About Rheem R95P

Rheem Furnace has maintained their innovative and ‘360 degrees plus one’ construction method for all the products. R95P furnace has also been made with the same process to provide you with the best productivity and energy saving in comparison with other brands in the market

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: Up to 95%
  • Burner Type: Single Stage
  • Blower Type: Variable Speed
  • Sub-models available: R95PA0401317MSA, R95PA0601317MSA, R95PA0701317MSA, R95PA0851521MSA, R95PA1001521MSA, R95PA1151524MSA
  • BTU Input: 42,000-112,000
  • BTU output: 41,000-108,000
  • PlusOne® Ignition System with DSI 
  • PlusOne® Water Management System 
  • Maintenance is Easy 

Price Range of Rheem R95P

On average the Rheem R95P can cost between $4,585 – $5,670 including installation cost.

The price of the Rheem furnaces depends upon several market factors, including offers & discounts by manufacturers, suppliers, and even retailers. Government rebates and local authority’ decisions also impact final prices during check-out or counter billing.

Exclusive Features of Rheem Furnaces

Reliable Engineering and Strong Elements

Rheem R95P offers industry-first patented engineering solutions. All sections are minutely crafted for optimum performance and comfort with sturdy manufacturing.

The two-stage heat exchanger, primary level is made of aluminized steel and secondary made from quality stainless steel, gives long-life span for the machine. R95P model is corrosion resistant and can bear different weather conditions, round the year.

PlusOne Ignition System with Direct Spark Ignition

Rheem Classic Plus R95P gas furnace equipped with PlusOne Ignition System. The stove with direct spark ignition (DSI) is currently the best ignition system available in the market. Rheem uses this technology exclusively for HVAC solutions. 

Home Protection

PlusOne Water Management System is an innovative and first in the industry from several aspects. Rheem is the first furnace maker to use a blocked drain sensor to detect water spillage, blocked drain, etc., that can cause damage within the home.

The water management system also diagnoses and prevents start-up problems, causes lower electricity bills, and hence savings from machine operation.

Smart Maintenance

Rheem R95P is flexible enough to adjust in different angles, space, and layouts, making installation easier. PlusOne Diagnostics with seven segments LED display makes it convenient to understand the problem area. it helps the technician to diagnose the problem and repair the same at the first visit itself. Thus, the technology saves time and money.

Noise-free Home

Rheem Classic Plus R95P with a patented heat exchanger cut down the operational noise up to twenty percent. The motor and blower are specially designed to reduce noise during operation.

With optimum utilization of heat and minimum wastage, it ensures even air and temperature distribution for comfortable and cozy indoors.

Energy Efficient and Money Saver

Classic Plus R95P saves energy and money. The innovative ECM constant torque motor ensures optimum performance across the sections of the furnace. The system consumes less electrical energy in comparison with standard PSC motors. With more energy saving, you get reduced utility bills.

Energy Star Certification and Rebates

This model is also eligible for rebates because of its Energy Star certification. Rebates can get you more savings on operation and installation. 

Other Features

  • The heat exchanger is removable
  • Blower Shelf design for all furnace orientation
  • 34-inch low-profile cabinet, apt for installation in small spaces

Warranty On Rheem R98P

Rheem Furnaces offer different warranty options for individual tiers of products. A new furnace needs to get registered within 90 days from the installation to get full conditional warranty features. If failed to comply, the standard warranty options will be applicable.

Warranty on R95P

  • Ten-year limited warranty on machine body parts
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
  • After registration with Rheem, you can extend warranties, track service calls, and take advantage of other product-related benefits.

*Rheem Furnace provides a replacement option for any part which fails in normal use and service within the applicable time period mentioned in the terms & conditions of the limited warranty.

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Comparison Table Of Rheem R95P

Rheem R95P vs Rheem R96V

Rheem R95PRheem R96V
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $4,585 – $5,670Price: $5,670 – $6,750
A 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchangerA 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchanger

Rheem R95P vs R98V (Upflow)

Rheem R95PR98V (Upflow)
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 98%
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $4,585 – $5,670Price: $5,670 – $6,750
A 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchangerA 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchanger

Rheem R95P vs Rheem R95T

Rheem R95PRheem R95T
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 95%
Blower Type: Variable SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $4,585 – $5,670Price: $4,585 – $5,670
A 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchangerA 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime limited Warranty On heat exchanger


We hope our review of Rheem-R95P serves with all the relevant and required information you are looking for about Rheem Furnace. If you want a reliable, tech-based, equipped with several ‘industry first’ technologies, this is the best furnace you can get in the market currently. In addition to comfort, safety, and a strong body, the machine significantly saves your energy bills. 

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