Ruud Furnace Review And Price Analysis (With Buying Guide)

Ruud Furnace Review And Price Analysis

Ruud is a well-respected furnace brand among people. They have been serving the HVAC market for years now and they have a loyal and happy customer base. Now talking about the furnaces from this brand. Most people have these questions.

Which furnace is the best among all the other Ruud furnaces? 

Well, this article has all the answers. In this article, I’ll do a complete Ruud furnace review and price analysis. So that you can decide if any of the furnace models are worth investing in or not.

Ruud Furnace Prices

Ruud Furnace ModelsUnit Price OnlyInstalled Cost
Ruud U97V$1,650$3,550
Ruud U96V$1,500$2,350
Ruud R96T R96P$1,500$3,350
Ruud R95T R95P$1,350$3,200
Ruud R92P R92T$1,180$2,980
Ruud R802P$900$2,730
Ruud U802V$900$2,730
Ruud RGGE RGJF$1,250$3,100
Ruud R801T R801P$800$2,500

On average the cost of Ruud furnaces ranges from $3,500 – $6,000 including the installation cost.

The price may go outside the range depending on the features of the model of your choice. However, you can get pretty good furnaces within the price range too. The factors that cause a price change are as follows: 

  • The specific model you choose.
  • The AFUE rating.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance. 
  • Furnace type of the model. 
  • Options for remote control.

There are three categories of Ruud Furnaces with different price ranges. 

  • The entry-level models cost between $3,500 – $4,335.
  • The mid-range models cost between $4,335 – $5,170.
  • The top-tier models cost between $5,170 – $6,000.

Ruud Furnace Series Explained

Founded by a Norwegian immigrant called Edwin Ruud, this brand has delivered thousands of homeware machines to residents across America. With more than a century of business, Ruud now provides some of the best furnaces in the market. 

Below are the three series of furnaces by Ruud. 

Basic – Achiever Series

As the name suggests, this furnace series has the most basic, economic-level equipment. However, even this series is not as simple as you might think it is! These entry-level units have the Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition system by Ruud, which allows the furnace to function effectively at all times.

The ignition system, coupled with the Water Management Systems and PlusOne™ Diagnostics, make the Achiever Series worth a purchase. This series is also very budget-friendly especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Better – Achiever Plus Series

Along with the impressive qualities of the entry-level series, the Achiever Plus boasts multi-speed ECM blower motors. They provide better comfort and consistency than the previous series.

These motors also have a higher AFUE rating and require less maintenance than others. With the Achiever Plus series, you will get better air quality. Out of the three models, two have advanced two-stage gas valves which reduce noise and energy use. 

Best – EcoNet™ Enabled Ultra® Series

For people who want a premium level of comfort, the EcoNet series is the best option. This series has a modulating and two-stage operation, which delivers better overall performance.

They are expensive but have the highest AFUE ratings of all. With this series, you will experience a better warranty, remote control, temperature consistency, and maintenance. 

Ruud Furnace Models (Quick Review)

UltraⓇ Series U98V

It is the most robust furnace from Ruud, thanks to the AFUE rating of 98%. It is quiet, efficient, and has a patented heat exchanger design. It keeps your house at an optimum comfort level irrespective of the weather outside. It has all the PlusOne features installed in it, along with other best qualities of Ruud Furnace.

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Modulating
  • AFUE: 98%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $5,170 – $6,000

UltraⓇ Series U96V

Thanks to the two-stage operation and variable-speed ECM blower motor, this furnace has an AFUE rating of 96%. Because it is EcoNet™ enabled, you can rest assured that it is durable and cost-effective. It also comes with remote Wifi control. The heat exchanger is removable to ensure easy maintenance. This model belongs to the best tier, but it is not as advanced as the U98V. 

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $5,170 – $6,000

Achiever Plus Series R96T

This furnace belongs to the mid-tier, but it still has an AFUE rating of 96%. It works on a two-stage operation that ensures consistent temperature the entire time. Thanks to the four-way multi-position design, you can install this furnace almost anywhere in your house, including attics and basements. 

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Better
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range- $4,335 – $5,170

Achiever Plus Series R96P

With the two-stage operation and a fixed-speed PSC blower motor, this furnace ensures reliable heating. It is a compact unit of only 34-inches which makes it possible to install anywhere. Similar to the R96T model, this furnace also has a four-position design. With the removable heat exchanger, you can maintain this furnace easily. 

Future Specifications

  • Tier – Better
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range- $4,335 – $5,170

Achiever Series R95P

The R95P is among the most affordable Ruud furnaces. Despite its affordable price, this furnace boasts an AFUE rating of 95%. It delivers consistent temperature at all times and has a system to prevent water damage. However, it uses a single-stage burner, unlike its more expensive counterparts. It belongs to the basic tier but still maintains efficient heat distribution. 

Furnace Specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 95%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range- $3,500 – $4,335

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Ruud Furnace Power Consumption Table

This table is just to show you the approx power consumption and it’s cost. The model used here is Ruud Ultra R97V Series

Model NumberCapacity (MBtu/hr)AFUEAnnual Gas Use (MMBtu)Annual Energy Use (kWh)Annual Cost (National Average)*Lifetime Cost to Operate**% Saving over Standard Furnace

Exclusive Features by Ruud Furnace

  • The PlusOne™ Diagnostics by Ruud provides an in-depth reading of any diagnostic issue the furnace may have, thanks to its LED display. With this system, you can troubleshoot some problems independently. Besides, when you call for maintenance, this system will help you in getting work done fast. 
  • The PlusOne™ Ignition System from Ruud provides you with better reliability than other brands. It ensures a worry-free, smooth operation of the furnaces. With this system, you can rest assured that your furnace will provide a comfortable heat level during winters.
  • The PlusOne™ Water Management System consists of a patented blocked drain sensor, pre-marked condensate hoses, and a self-priming drain trap. This system protects your furnace from water damage, extending its durability. 
  • The EcoNet™ allows you to control it using Wifi to get the most out of it. It helps you manage your HVAC systems with better efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Warranty cover offered by Ruud Furnace

Your warranty terms and conditions will vary according to the tier and model you select. Below is a detailed breakdown of different warranty options from Ruud Furnace.

Here are all the warranty terms from Ruud:

Model: UltraⓇ Series U97V and U98V

  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Parts: Ten (10) Years
  • Heat Exchanger: Lifetime*
  • Registered Additional Limited Warranty
  • Unit replacement: Lifetime**

Model: UltraⓇ Series U96V

  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Parts: Ten (10) Years
  • Heat Exchanger: Lifetime*
  • Registered Additional Limited Warranty
  • Unit replacement: ten (10) years

Ruud’s Mid-Range Warranty

Model: Achiever Plus R96T, R96P, R95T, R95P, and R92T

  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Parts: five (5) years
  • Heat Exchanger: Lifetime*
  • Registered Additional Limited Warranty
  • Parts: Ten (10) years

Ruud’s Entry-Level Warranty

Model: Achiever R92P

  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Parts — five (5) years
  • Heat Exchanger — twenty (20) years
  • Registered Additional Limited Warranty
  • Parts — ten (10) years

The two types of warranty terms in this list are Standard and Conditional Warranty. You will receive the standard warranty when you purchase a Ruud Furnace. To get the conditional warranty, you will have to register the unit within 90 days of installation.


If you are looking for an upgrade in your home heating system, Ruud Furnace has several options for you. Ruud has robust, efficient furnaces for home and commercial use. You cannot go wrong with Ruud Furnaces. 

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