Tempstar Furnace Review And Price Analysis (Buying Guide)

Tempstar Furnace Review And Price Analysis

The development of the furnace manufacturing industry is a boon for households as it keeps them cozy and safe even during the coldest winter season. But finding a good reliable furnace is quite difficult because there are too many options available in the market. 

So here we will be exploring one of the prominent furnace companies satisfying its customers for decades. The Tempstar Furnace company comes among the top choice of homeowners when it comes to buying and installing heating systems in their homes. 

In this article, I’ll do a Tempstar furnace review and price analysis. I’ll cover all the details so that you can decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Tempstar Furnace Price Range

On average, the price range for a Tempstar furnace model goes between $3,500 – $6,000, adding the installation cost. 

The brand breaks down its price range for models based on many factors; one of them is a tier of the model. Let us explore the prize distribution of models by their tier: 

  • Entry-level models: $3,500 – $4,335
  • Mid-range models: $4,335 – $5,170
  • Top-tier models: $5,170 – $6,000

Here you can say that entry-level models are affordable, but you might not get desirable warranty coverage in these tier models. 

On the other hand, features and warranty on mid-range and top-tier furnace models are comparatively better; hence their price is high. 

The Other factors that affect the price range of models include: 

  • Your location.
  • Capacity and BTU output of the model.
  • Type of installation.
  • Source from where you buy your model; for example, HVAC manufacturers, contractors, or distributors will sell you the product at a lower cost.

Tempstar Furnace Product Series

Basic – Performance Series

It is an economical tier of the brand that offers a dependable and cost-effective heating unit for your house. The models incorporate single-stage operation to provide desired performance throughout the winter. The efficiency rating of basic models exceeds 90%. However, they are not ENERGY STAR certified. It implies that they might not be eligible for rebates. 

Better – QuietComfort® Series

The models are mid-range heating units that the brand offers. Although there is only one model available in this series, it is equally efficient as other products. It comes with a two-stage operation that is updated and advanced in comparison to single-stage models; the model delivers consistent performance in the winter season without needing much maintenance.

Best – Ion Series

Formerly known as Deluxe series furnace, the Ion series is the most recent launch by the brand. These are modulating furnaces with a two-stage operation that delivers reliable performance and lets you enjoy ideal and consistent home temperature along with less energy use. 

The efficiency rating of the models reaches up to 98%, which is the highest rating known in the Furnace industry. Also, you get the benefit of Ion System Control and many other premium features by the brand. 

Tempstar Furnace Top Models (Short Review)


It is an entry-level model that has basic specifications and is low in price. The best thing about this model is it offers excellent efficiency ratings along with consistent performance. 

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 95.5%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No

Ion™ 98 – F97CMN

This model is an advanced creation of the brand. It comes with a multi-speed blower motor modulating gas valve and soft-mounted blowers. The quality of the motor enables the model to work at its full potential and offer the best convenience to homeowners.

You can control temperature level humidity easily without getting irritated with its operational noise. Further model design and features let you save on heat loss and prevent overheating. 

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Modulating
  • AFUE: 98 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $5,170 – $6,000

Ion™ 96 – F96CTN

The model is a high-performing product that can work consistently throughout the day without causing operational noises. You get a premium quality ECM blower motor, compatibility with Ion System Control. The model can save you money by eliminating heat loss and using less fuel.

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Best
  • Furnace type: Two-stage
  • AFUE: 96.7 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $5,170 – $6,000

QuietComfort® 96 – F96VTN

Homeowners get many high-standard advancements with this mid-range tier product. For example, variable speed ECM blower motors have excellent performance and management of temperature and humidity levels. Other benefits are Direct Spark ignition technology, secondary heat exchanger, and many more. The only drawback of this model is it is not compatible with Wi-Fi Ion Communicating Systems.

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Better
  • Furnace type: Two-stage
  • AFUE: 96 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price range: $4,335 – $5,170

Performance 95 – N95ESN

The model comes with the best warranty coverage and is also known as a top entry-level furnace by the brand. With a single-stage gas valve and multi-speed ECM blower motor, it provides maximum satisfaction to homeowners. The secondary heat exchanger helps you to cut down yearly energy bills significantly. 

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-stage
  • AFUE: 96 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range: $3,500 – $4,335

Performance 92 – N92ESN

If you want to experience constant, reliable, effective warmth in your home throughout the winter, then this model can and 100% help you with that. It uses an ECM blower motor to eliminate the need for frequent maintenance and improve the quality of air in the house.

Further, it also lets you maintain the ideal home temperatures. The model comes with a secondary heat exchanger that reduces the fuel used by the heating unit. 

Furnace specifications

  • Tier – Basic
  • Furnace type: Single-stage
  • AFUE: 92.1 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: No
  • Price range: $3,500 – $4,335 

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Tempstar Furnace Power Consumption Table

This table is just to show the Tempstar Furnace’s power consumption and its cost. The model used here is Tempstar SmartComfort® VC 97 Series

Model NumberCapacity (MBtu/hr)AFUEAnnual Gas Use (MMBtu)Annual Energy Use (kWh)Annual Cost (National Average)*Lifetime Cost to Operate**% Saving over Standard Furnace

Features offered by Tempstar Exclusive 

  • The very first and valuable feature is Ion™ System Control. The majority of models by the brand are compatible with a Wi-Fi-powered remote control. It helps you to adjust all the functions and settings of your heating unit. This way, homeowners can perform system diagnoses from anywhere in the world, allowing them to keep their products well maintained. Also, you can program your heating unit to auto-update nearby technicians if any issue arises.
  • Secondly, the brand features an RPJ® Heat Exchanger that can continuously circulate the heat from the inside of your house to the outside to give you a comfortable home temperature. The heat exchanger allows the models to acquire high-efficiency ratings. They are designed with weld-free interlocking clamshells that increase the durability of the furnace by reducing separation or cracking.
  • The third important feature is the Direct Spark Gas Ignition. This feature is valuable because it removes the dependency on a pilot light to start ignition. Instead, the heating unit directly lights up the main burner to keep your home comfortable and warm all winter. 

Warranty coverage On Tempstar Furnace

To enjoy the full warranty coverage by the brand, you need to register your furnace model within 90 days of its installation in your home. If you didn’t apply for full coverage within the given period, you would be given only standard warranties on the model. Take a look at warranty coverages and benefits on models here: 

Entry-level model: N95ESN has a ten-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. In contrast, N95ESU and N92ESN have 20 years less coverage on the heat exchanger. 

Mid-range model: QuietComfort has ten years warranty on parts and lifetime coverage on the heat exchanger. Plus five years limited warranty on replacement units. 

Top-tier: Ion comes with a ten-year limited warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and ten-year warranty on replacement units. 


So this was a detailed review of furnace models, including features, warranty coverages, and cost by the popular furnace manufacturing company, Tempstar Furnace. Investing in a furnace will be almost a permanent decision for your home, so make sure you are choosing the right brand and suitable model. 

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