Tempstar Performance 95 N9MSE Review (With Comparison Table)

Are you browsing for an energy-efficient furnace with a budget-friendly price tag?

We got you covered in our review today. We will explain Performance 95-N9MSE, the most economical furnace in the market, manufactured by a leading HVAC Company, Tempstar. They are known for producing a diverse range of furnaces with excellent quality and a bouquet of innovative features.

Tempstar offers furnaces in three categories: Ion, QuietComfort, and Performance Series, with an eye for all budgets and preferences economic to premium.

Let us start our review with a brief introduction about Performance or Basic Series of Tempstar.

Tempstar-Performance Series

The ‘basic series’ of Tempstar furnaces include Performance 95- N95ESN, N95ESU, Performance 92- N92ESN, N9MSB. All of these models can reach AFUE ratings up to 95 to 96 percent. These are cost-efficient, energy savers, and equipped with standard Tempstar features with quality assurance.

Tempstar also offers attractive and user-friendly warranty options to ensure the unit’s long life for maximum comfort at home.

Tempstar Performance 95-N9MSE Overview

An economical furnace for budget-conscious people. You will get an impressive AFUE rating of up to 95.5 percent, a durable unit made of stainless steel, a low-maintenance facility, and many other features that we will explain in the following paragraphs.

We will explain specifications, price range, warranty options, and critical features for your quick reference while browsing for an all-rounder HVAC product.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: Up to 95.5 percent
  • Energy Star Certified? No
  • Burner Type: Single Stage
  • Blower Type: Single Speed
  • British Thermal Unit (BTU) input: 40,000-140,000
  • British Thermal Unit (BTU) output: 39,000-135,000
  • Sub-models of Tempstar Performance 95-N9MSE: 0401410A, 0601410A, 0601714A, 0801716A, 0802120A, 1002114A, 1002120A, 1202420A, 1402420A

*Warranty Score includes analysis of quality and duration of guarantee options. It also covers restrictions and other terms & conditions.

Price Range Of Tempstar Performance 95 N9MSE

On average the Tempstar Performance 95 N9MSE series can cost between $3,500 to $4,335 including installation charges.

A fixed price for Performance 95-N9MSE or any model of Tempstar is practically tricky because lots of deciding factors can affect the final invoice.

Factors affecting Final Price

  • The size, layout, area of your residence
  • Tax benefits and rebates from the Federal, Municipal, and Provincial government
  • Promotional offers and discounts from the manufacturer, suppliers, distributors
  • Installation cost varies according to space, area, and region. It ranges between $500 to $1,000. It is advisable to take different quotes from a couple of suppliers in your area to get the best rate.
  • There are installation complications that affect labor and technician costs. It also depends upon BTU output, capacity, and the number of local contractors.

Key Features

RPJ Heat Exchanger

The innovative RPJ heat exchanger is designed to optimize heat circulation to provide the proper heat for indoors. The Rigid Press Joint heat exchanger prolongs furnace life because these are weld-free, made of interlocking clamshell design decreases cracking and other probable damages.

Soft-mounted Blower and Induced Motor

A soft-mounted induced motor helps in extracting harmful gases from furnace operation. It is a motor-driven fan that works with metal housing and an electrical box for power. It ensures clog-free furnace burners, so reduce maintenance calls and increase the life of your unit.

Direct Spark Gas Ignition

The direct spark ignition is common in automobiles where the coil generates a high voltage charge that arcs through the spark plug and instantly ignites the fuel and air mixture within the engine. 

HVAC products of Tempstar also utilize the same method to inflame gas at the burner assembly directly. 

You can also install these furnaces on rooftops to avoid rigging and shocks at the time of installation and shipping.

Other Significant Features

  • The Performance Series comes with a mechanism to protect the machine from overheating through temperature management.
  • Manage to heat and cooling with a compatible thermostat
  • Air purifiers and humidifiers ensure hygienic indoor air quality. With a humidifier, you get comfortable summer days.
  • Fixed blower motor and single-stage function offer desired comfort level and even distribution of heat throughout the home.
  • Dual fuel use capacity with a compatible heat pump. It means you can save on utility bills significantly.
  • Easy to install: horizontal, Upflow, Downflow
  • Years of maintenance-free services and easy diagnosis


The Tempstar Performance 95-N9MSE provides attractive warranty options. 

  • Ten-year limited warranty on covered machine parts
  • Twenty-year limited warranty on heat exchanger 

*Benefits of warranties are subject to timely registration. Go through the warranty certificate and contact your local dealer for complete details.

Comparison Table Of N9MSE

Tempstar Performance 95- N9MSE vs Tempstar Deluxe 96 – F9MVE

If you want an upgrade with advanced features such as Observer Communicating Wall, The F9MVE is an apt option, compared to Performance 95-N9MSE. The F9MVE contains the most impressive features of Tempstar that make it the numero uno in its segment.

Tempstar Performance 95- N9MSETempstar Deluxe 96 – F9MVE
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Single SpeedBurner Type: Dual Stage
Burner Type: Single StageBlower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $3,500 – $4,335Price: $5,170 – $6,000
A 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year limited parts warranty10-year limited parts warranty, 25+ year warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 10-year replacement warranty

Tempstar Performance 95 N9MSE vs Tempstar Performance 92 N9MSB

Tempstar Performance 95- N9MSETempstar Performance 92 N9MSB
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 92%
Blower Type: Single SpeedBlower Type: Single Speed
Burner Type: Single StageBurner Type: Single Stage
Price: $3,500 – $4,335Price:$3,500 – $4,335
A 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year limited parts warrantyA 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year limited parts warranty

Tempstar Performance 95 N9MSE vs Tempstar Deluxe 98 F9MAE

Top-tiered Tempstar F9MAE is the best upgrade option compared to Performance 95-N9MSE. The furnace hosts a range of outstanding features such as IoN System control, modulating gas furnace, Wi-fi enabled remote control, up to 98 percent AFUE ratings, etc.

Though it is significantly costlier than N9MSE, you will surely get value for your money with savings on energy bills and priceless comfort in all seasons.

Tempstar Performance 95- N9MSETempstar Deluxe 98 – F9MAE
AFUE: Up to 95%AFUE: Up to 92%
Blower Type: Single SpeedBlower Type: Variable Speed
Burner Type: Single StageBurner Type: Modulating
Price: $3,500 – $4,335Price: $5,170 – $6,000
A 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year limited parts warrantyA lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty on parts

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Tempstar manufactures all of its products with durable material, innovative tech features, and attractive warranty options. Performance 95-N9MSE is another marvel from the Tempstar Furnaces and is sure to satisfy your expectations from an HVAC product. We hope this review might have helped you in some ways.

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