Trane Furnace Review, Price Analysis, And Complete Buying Guide

Trane Furnace Review

Are you planning to get the furnace for your home? If yes, then with so many brands and varieties available in the market, select the one that can offer you great service and quality. From finding the best value to the most efficient one, you should consider various other features.

Focusing on all, the Trane Furnaces have established themselves as the best ones based on HVAC technology. With a legacy of over 130 years, this was established in 1885 by a Norwegian immigrant James Trane.

Later in 1910, Trane with his son Reuben developed the HVAC technology-based furnaces and convector radiator. The trend continued, and soon enough, they developed HVAC products that revolutionized the market in heating, cooling, and energy management.

Since 2015, Trane Furnace will surely amaze you with its quality and features by winning the award for America’s most trusted HVAC brand every year. So, in this article, let us have a quick look at the unique points that make Trane stand apart.

Price Range Of Trane Furnace

Trane prices are pretty varied. Available from entry-level models to top-tier models, Trane furnaces easily suit different users’ needs and price ranges. The general price range, including the installation for the Trane, is $3,500 – $7,000. 

The entry level models are between $3,500 – $4,665, mid-range models are around $4,665 – $5,830, and top-tier models range between $5,830– $7,000. 

Trane Furnace ModelsFurnace Price Only
Trane XC95M$2,600
Trane S9V2 S9X2$1,910
Trane XV95$1,860
Trane XL95$1,840
Trane XT95$1,730
Trane XR95$1,730
Trane XB90$1,570
Trane XC80, XV80$1,240
Trane XL80, XT80$1,260
Trane XR80$1,220
Trane XB80$1,230

I have not included the installation price because it can differ from city to city.

Though all the models are great, every single penny you spend more, you will experience better features and technologies, higher efficiency, and longer warranties. Additionally, comparing this with the other local utility-based furnaces, the cost-based benefits are truly high here. 

Before you plan to select your price range band, let us look at the Trane furnace series and its features.

Trane Furnace Series Explained

There are broadly three main categories of the Trane Furnaces available in the market. They are as follows:

Basic Model Series 

These are the economy-based efficiency models. Being entry-level models, these are highly affordable. While offering a high level of efficiency, these are single-stage furnaces offering a long-term dependable performance.

The normal efficiency rate is around 92%, but there are still a few features that these models might lack compared to the superior ones. The most well-known models in this category are S9X1 and S9B1.

Better Model Series

The mid-range gas-based furnace models are advanced with two-stage furnaces features. Offering high-quality features that include variable-speed blower motors, excellent efficiency, temperature control, reduced noise, and humidity control, these models offer efficiency at prime.

The most well-known models of this category are S9V2-VS, S9V2, and S9X2. This series’s only single-point drawback is that they are not compatible with the ComfortLink II Communicating technology.

Best Model Series

The premium range of the furnaces is of the highest quality and price. Offering the ultimate efficiency, reliability, and temperature consistency, these are known for the variable-speed blower motor and Comfort-R technology.

A few other great features this series offer include reduced fuel consumption, improved humidity control, and more consistent temperatures. Also, this is the only series that is compatible with Comfortlink II Communicating system. The known model in this series is XC95M.

Trane Furnace Exclusive Features

The top features of the Trane Furnaces are as follows:

Energy efficient

The Trane furnaces are the ones with the high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This is the measure that suggests the efficiency of a furnace to convert fuel to energy. The higher the efficiency, the better the service will be. For Trane, it is 80% and above AFUE.

Noise controlled

When the furnace is placed in the residential area, it is essential to have noise control features. Moving elements in furnaces, such as blower motors and fans, and cabinet insulation quality, can help reduce noise. The Trane is indeed one with the average sound level in 45 decibels which are the quietest.

ComfortLink II Communicating Capability

The premium models of the Trane furnaces allow users to connect to a Trane thermostat and remotely control the furnace setting from any smart device like mobile or laptop.

Variable-Speed Blower Motor with Comfort-R

While the sound is low in Trane furnaces, Variable-Speed Blower Motor’s added feature with Comfort-R. This allows to improve the heat circulation, ensure better efficiency and help to control the humidity.

Trane CleanEffects

Improving the air quality at home is truly important. With the built-in HVAC technology, Trane furnaces are ones with CleanEffects air cleaner. This cleans the air and eliminates pollen, dust, and other allergens and contaminants, ensuring you have the best quality air.

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Warranty On Trane Furnace:

Whether you select the basic or premium models, all the Trane Furnaces are backed by a good warranty. The general warranty is a lifetime limited heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty for internal functional parts. 

The basic and mid-level models have a 10-year limited internal parts warranty and are eligible for a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. The premium models offer the users a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on parts.

Also, there is an option to avail of the additional extended parts and labor warranty for 5, 10, and 12 years.

Trane Furnace Model Reviews

Trane XC95M

AFUE: 97.3%

Furnace type: Modulating

Energy star rated: Yes

Tier: Best Premium 

Price range: $5,830– $7,000

Featured Review: It is a premium furnace with a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor for the most dependable service. It is a high-quality model with efficient, quiet, and reliable performance and is compatible with the Wi-Fi Comfortlink II system. Additionally, it can save up to 38% on yearly energy costs, which is a great benefit.

Trane S9V2-VS

AFUE: 97%

Furnace type: Two-stage

Energy star rated:  Yes

Tier: Better Moderate 

Price range: $4,665 – $5,830

Featured Review: It is a mid-range model with a less advanced two-stage burner, a secondary heat exchanger for reduced heat loss, humidity control, and improved efficient technology for better performance. With varied installation options and perfect features that make them noise-controlled, it is a great home installation.

Trane XV95

AFUE: 96.7%

Furnace type: Two-stage

Energy star rated: No

Tier: Better Moderate 

Price range: $4,665 – $5,830

Feature Review: This model was discontinued recently but had some great features. Belonging to the better series, this is one with an advanced two-stage furnace that offers excellent rating, reliable performance, and temperature control features. Based on the Comfort-R technology, it also offers great humidity control.

Trane XB90

AFUE: 92.1%

Furnace type: Single-Stage

Energy star rated: No

Tier: Basic Entry 

Price range: $3,200 – $4,500

Featured Review: Quite a basic level of the furnace, this model was also discontinued. Offering an excellent level of performance with a secondary heat exchanger, this is one of the most affordable models available at the lower end of the spectrum.


Legacy, quality, efficient, and high-end technology, Trance furnaces are the best for all. Available in various price bands to suit the user’s needs, these offer amazing warranty and features. So, check your needs and budget, and get your Trance furnace for the best heating and high-efficiency today!

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