Trane XC95M Review (Complete Analysis With Comparison Table)

Furnaces are vital equipment to beat the weather fluctuations. It should be a cost-efficient, energy saver, safe, reliable, and equipped with the latest innovative technologies. But the problem is to find one efficient Furnace with all these advantages among dozens of brands in the market.

To solve the problem of plenty, we have shortlisted the numero uno HVAC product from the house of Trane. Trane Furnace is one of the most popular and reliable brands in the HVAC industry.

Trane has a legacy of over 100 years, and all of its products are energy-efficient and money-saver in comparison to competitors in HVAC solutions.

And In this article, we’ll review Trane XC95M. We’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of this furnace in detail.

Best: Premium Furnaces

Trane Furnaces have kept only XC95M in the premium segment. Currently, XC95M is top on the chart in the market for the overall best Furnace for households in all weathers. Notable features of top-tier Trane Furnaces are modulating Furnaces, Comfort-R technology, compatibility with ComfortLink II Communicating system, and many more.

About XC95M

Trane XC95M is the sole model in the premium tier segment. The Furnace comes with the industry’s latest and advanced technologies. With a little more spending over ‘Better Series of Furnaces,’ you can enjoy top-of-the-class offerings such as durable build, exceptional efficiency, and ‘Industry’s Firsts.’ 

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: Up to 97.3 percent
  • Energy Star Rated? Yes
  • Burner Type: Modulating
  • Blower Type: Variable-Speed
  • BTU (British Thermal Unit) input: 60,000-120,000
  • BTU (British thermal Unit) output: 58,380-114,000

Price Of XC95M

On average the Trane XC95M can cost between $4,500 to $6,500 including installation charges.

The price range of Trane Furnaces depends on the climate, area of residence, house type (standalone building, apartment, etc.), discounts from retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers.

The final invoice also varies according to local government laws and taxes. You might also be eligible for rebates from the utility company and manufacturer for Energy Star certification of Trane XC95M. Check with your local supplier or visit the website to know the exact price.

Key Features Of XC95M

Modulating Gas Valve

Modulating gas valve manages temperature swings indoors by regulating the gas circulation—an advanced technology over two-stage Furnace found in Moderate Range of Furnaces. Example: Single-stage Furnace needs to go up to 100 percent of its output capacity to warm the home on a cool day of Winter then shut off. 

This process of reaching top-output and shut-off keeps happening and results in temperature swings. In the two-stage Furnace, variation can be reduced to some extent with two-different modes of functioning. Modulating gas valves can increase output capacity according to exact weather requirements.

You can also put it in automated mode and manage it remotely. The modulating gas valve is durable, reliable, and the best you can get in a Furnace currently.

Comfort-R Technology

Comfort-R optimizes heat circulation at all hot and cold spots that develop around the home. It makes the machine almost noise-free in operation, especially during on and off.

ComfortLink II Communicating Capability

ComfortLink II technology helps in effectively communicating about problem areas and facilitates quick diagnostics. Your technician can identify and resolve the Furnace issue at their first visit. Therefore you can save time and money with this advanced feature in Trane’s comfort control settings.

Strong Built

Longevity is another crucial factor in analyzing a Furnace because it is a long-term investment of around fifteen to twenty years. 

Trane XC95M is made of heavy steel insulated cabinet, automotive-grade gaskets, and insulated blower compartment, providing a durable and strong Furnace for your home.

Warranty On Trane XC95M

All warranty options are subject to registration of the Furnace within sixty days from the installation, including premium tier products. With this furnace you get:

  • Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger
  • Ten years warranty for functional parts of the machine

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Comparable Trane Models

Comparison Based on Affordability

If you are considering only affordability and ready to sacrifice several innovative technologies for a comfortable living, XB90 is the comparable model for XC95M. In terms of features, XC95M is way ahead of XB90.

It is a premium product with features like Comfort-R, Modulating Gas Valve, ComfortLink Communicating Capability, and others. So, XB90 is only competitive based on pricing for people looking for a budget-friendly Furnace.

Trane XB90Trane XC95M
AFUE: Up to 92.1%AFUE: Up to 97.3%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Variable-Speed
Price: $3500 – $4665Price: $4500 – $6500
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty

Model Comparison Based on Features

Trane’s top-selling products XC95M and the S9X2, have a different mode of operation and a couple of other features. XC95M comes with modulating gas Furnace and can operate between 40 to 100 percent at its highest capacity. On the other hand, S9X2 works on the two-stage Furnace and can run at high-flame and low-flame according to the output needs. 

Modulation of XC95M is an upgrade over a two-stage Furnace because it minimizes temperature variations and saves more on utility bills. S9X2 and XC95M have the same Comfort-R technology, but S9X2 lacks ‘’whisper’’ quiet Vortica II blower.

So, if you want to modulate a Furnace, XC95M is the best Trane Furnace with excellent features to upgrade, and S9X2 is a considerable alternative.

Trane S9X2Trane XC95M
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 97.3%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Variable-Speed
Price: $4665 – $5830Price: $4500 – $6500
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty

Model Comparison in Moderate Range of Furnaces

Trane XV95 model of middle-tier is a comparatively budget-friendly Furnace than Premium XC95M. It is a good option if you want to enjoy advanced Furnace features without spending for the top-tier segment.

Apart from advanced features like modulating gas valve, ComfortLink Communicating, there are several similar features between both models.

The XV95 offers an easily detachable filter to clean, variable-speed blower with Comfort-R technology and variable-speed draft inducer.

Trane XV95Trane XC95M
AFUE: Up to 96.7%AFUE: Up to 97.3%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Variable-Speed
Price: $4665 – $5830Price: $4500 – $6500
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty


XC95M is an excellent combination of technology and innovation. According to our review, the USP of the model is its modulating gas valve, which makes it the most energy-efficient Trane Furnace in the market.

If you want a Furnace that goes for years without the need of a technician, saves on energy bills, is certified by Energy Star, and host of other exclusive features, bring home XC95M for the elite experience at home.

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