Trane XL95 Furnace Review (Complete Analysis With Comparison Table)

Trane Furnaces have been known for their value-driven heating and cooling solutions for over a century. Every product comes with Trane’s promise to make your home comfortable and cozy to deal with weather fluctuations.

So in this article, we’ll do a complete Trane XL95 furnace review. We’ll cover all the features of this furnace in detail so that you can decide if it’s worth buying or not. 

Let us begin a comprehensive review of XL95, beginning with a brief introduction to the moderate series of Trane Furnaces.

About the Series

Moderate Series of Trane Furnaces provide a quality upgrade over Basic Series with a competitive price range. This range of products is packed with exclusive features that place them in a better position than similar HVAC products in the market.

About Trane XL95

The Trane XL95 is one of the highly successful middle-tiered Trane Furnace, suitable for large to medium-sized households. The unit comes with notable features like a four-speed blower motor, insulated cabinet, two-stage gas valve, and comfortable BTU ratings for your home.

Trane also offers standard and optional warranty options. Check your warranty status with your last name and Model number on the Trane website.

Furnace Stats

  • AFUE: Up to 96 percent
  • Energy Star Rated? Yes
  • Burner Type: Multiport Inshot
  • Blower Type: Variable-Speed
  • Sub-models available: TUH2B060A936VA, TUH2B080A942VA, TUH2C100A948VA, TUH2D120A960VA, TDH2B060A936VA, TDH2B080A942VA, TDH2C100A948VA, TDH2D120A960VA
  • BTU (British Thermal Unit) input: 39,000-78,000 (stage one) 60,000-120,000 (stage two)
  • BTU (British Thermal Unit) output: 57,600-115,200 (stage two)

Price Of Trane XL95

On average the Trane XL95 can cost between $4,665 to $5,830 including installation charges.

The price range of Trane Furnaces depends on the climate, area of residence, house type (standalone building, apartment, etc.), discounts from retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers. The final invoice also varies according to local government laws and taxes.

You might also be eligible for rebates from the utility company and manufacturer for Energy Star certification of Trane XC95M. Check with your local supplier or visit the website to know the exact price.

Key Features Of Trane XL95

Advanced Maintenance Options

Maintenance is a crucial factor that impacts your furnace operation, efficiency, extended life. A machine with less need for repairs saves money and time, ensures a hassle-free experience. 

The Trane XL95 model offers self-diagnostic microelectronic control, including Lite port extended system diagnostics.

It has the unique feature of storing fault codes in the memory. It helps technicians understand the exact problem area and resolve the issue at the first visit only.

Longevity with Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter

Silicon nitride hot surface igniter is an upgrade over traditional silicon carbide igniters. If you are still using them, it’s time to bring home an advanced silicon-based surface igniter for an assured longer life span and efficiency.

Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Two-Stage Gas Furnace helps in better temperature management indoor. It reduces temperature and humidity fluctuations by adjusting automatically according to the requirements of the thermostat. It is an excellent upgrade over the single-stage furnace.

Multi-Port In-Shot Burners

Experience guided heat flame and minimum heat wastage for optimum energy efficiency at all corners of the home. 

Cleanable High-Velocity Filters

These filters help in easy cleaning and maintaining the machine. Trane provides high-velocity filters with the XL95 (Upflow) model.

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Warranty On Trane XL95

The Trane XL95 model has standard warranty options, including a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers and a limited ten-year warranty on functional parts. Customers need to register their furnace within 60 days of the installation to enjoy the complete warranty options of Trane Furnace.

Comparsion Table Of Trane XL95

Comparison Based on Affordability

XR95 is the most affordable furnace of Trane and much cheaper than the XL95 model. These models are available with an AFUE rating of 95 to 96 percent. Besides this similarity, XL95 is equipped with many more advanced features than XR95.

XR95 offers a single-stage furnace that does not manage temperature fluctuations, unlike the two-stage gas furnace of XL95. So, if the price is the only factor, you can go for XR95; otherwise, XL95 is a better option for a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Trane XL95Trane XR95
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 95%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Four-Speed
Price: $4665 – $5830Price: $3500 – $4665
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty

Model Comparison Based on Features

Trane S9V2 and XL95 have similar features like a two-stage furnace, easy maintenance, smart diagnostics. Apart from these similarities, S9V2 has advanced features such as Comfort-R Technology, Vortica II Blower, etc., that make the model an upgrade over XL95. 

If you are comfortable paying some extra dollars, go for Trane S9V2. Otherwise, with a two-stage furnace, XL95 is an excellent deal at this range in the market.

Trane XL95Trane S9V2
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 96%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Variable-Speed
Price: $4665 – $5830Price: $4665 – $5830
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty

Model Comparison in Top Segment

Trane’s best furnace XC95M is a clear premium upgrade over the XL95 model. It has a whole bunch of latest and innovative tech for making all seasons comfortable. XC95M offers AFUE ratings of 95 to 97.3 percent, modulating gas furnace, ComfortLink Communicating Capability, and others.

XL95 provides a two-stage furnace with limited features compared to XC95M but has a cost advantage with all the standard Trane features and warranty options. You need to spend more to upgrade for the premium tier. If you are comfortable with the two-stage furnace, you can go for XL95.

Trane XL95Trane XC95M
AFUE: Up to 96%AFUE: Up to 97.3%
Blower Type: Variable-SpeedBlower Type: Variable-Speed
Price: $4665 – $5830Price: $4500 – $6500
A lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warrantyA lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty


The Trane XL95 is crafted for multiple types of homes and areas. With a high British thermal unit rating, you can comfortably install it into larger and smaller households. We hope our review of the Trane XL95 answers all your queries about the furnace.

If you want an HVAC product that requires few technician calls, provides energy efficiency, even distribution of temperature at all hot and cold spots with savings on energy bills, bring home XL95 and never experience weather problems at home.

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