York Furnace Review And Price Analysis (With Buying Guide)

York Furnace Review And Price Analysis

A furnace is the main driver behind an efficient heating system of your house. And the common belief that one type of furnace can fit in every home and fulfill the varied needs of buyers is completely wrong.

Furnace manufacturers create and design furnaces suitable for different houses, locations, climates and consider many other factors. 

York Furnace is one of those brands that prioritize every aspect, as mentioned above while making their products. The furnace model range uses several top-notch features to make sure products are performing assigned tasks effectively. Also, York Furnace can likely meet all your demands within a price under your budget. 

So In this article, we’ll do a detailed York furnace review and price analysis. So you can decide if it’s worth buying or not.  

York Furnace Prices

York Furnace ModelsUnit Price OnlyInstalled Cost
AFFINITY YP9C$2,050$3,700
AFFINITY YPLC$1,850$3,500
LX TM9E TM9Y$1,400$3,000
LX TM9M TM9V$1,400$3,000
LX TM8Y$1,000$2,550
LATITUDE TG9S$1,250$2,870
LATITUDE TG8S$800$2,300

The York furnace offers multiple deals on certain heating units throughout the year, making it hard to determine the exact price for products. Aside from this, you can get the furnace at a lower price by purchasing it from utility companies, government, HVAC manufacturers, and distributors. Hence, the final cost of the heating unit fluctuates. 

However, here is the most possible price range for York Furnace products: 

  • Entry-level models: $3,000 – $3,835
  • Mid-range models: $3,835 – $4,670
  • Top-tier models: $4,670 – $5,500

York Furnace Series Explained

Latitude series -Basic

This series includes two latitude models in total. The models are the most economical products by York Furnace. They show AFUE ratings ranging between 80% to 90%. Since this is a basic tier so the prices of furnaces are quite affordable and budget-friendly. 

LX series -Better 

LX-series is a mid-range series. You will get three different models in this series. The models are quite more efficient than basic models, with AFUE ratings up to 92%. This series is a bit expensive than the basic ones.  

Affinity series – Best

Affinity series offers you the best-performing models with AFUE ratings up to 95% or above. The price for these models is higher than the other two as it comprises premium quality materials, the best technologies, and many other unique features.

Best Model by York Furnace (Quick Review)

LX Series TM9V

This model has an AFUE rating of 96%. This model is imposing, and it comes in the mid-range tier of york furnaces. It contains high-quality components and parts, and its two-stage burner delivers top-notch comfort for your house.

The inclusion of a multi-speed ECM fan motor in its system helps it to maintain balanced heat circulation. Furthermore, it provides homeowners with robust humidity control and improved air quality of the home. The product is efficient and needs minimum maintenance. 

Its installation process is quite easier due to its compact design, and the addition of a self-diagnosis system provides quicker maintenance. Hence with this model, you get to cut off expenses related to services and installation. 

Just like any other premium model of the York, this product also comes with ClimaTrak technology. With this technology, the system can customize climate control. Also, it is highly compatible with the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System.

Key features of TM9V furnace

  • Tier – Midrange
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • AFUE: 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Average Price Range: $3750 – $4250

LX Series TM9Y 

It is another mid-range furnace model by York Furnace. The product delivers a balanced air distribution and has ENERGY STAR certification proving its efficiency. Also, it is eligible for specific rebates. By installing this model, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your entire house.

It effectively maintains constant temperature levels and high performance. The design of the product is compact hence it doesn’t acquire larger space in your home. The best thing about this model is you can install it in your attics, closets, and even in crawl spaces. 

Key features of TM9Y furnace

  • Tier – Midrange
  • Furnace Type: Dual Stage
  • AFUE: Up to 96%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Price: $3,835 – $4,670

LX Series TM9E

It is a basic entry-level furnace by the York brand. It comes with basic specifications at an affordable rate. If you are someone who is looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient furnace, then TM9E is a perfect option for you. 

The model comes with a single-stage gas wall and a basic five-speed blower motor. It has been qualified for ENERGY STAR certification and promises to save you from extra expense by being durable.  

The product comes with an insulated cabinet to offer noise-free operation. A small cabinet is created for installation in compact spaces. Additionally, it has a self-diagnosis control module making the entire process of installing it simpler and quicker.

Key features of TM9E furnace

  • Tier – Basic/Midrange
  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 95%
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Average Price Range: $3000 – $3500

Affinity Series YP9C

Affinity series has AFUE ratings of 98%, which is the highest efficiency ratings of all the products made by York Furnace. It is a modulating furnace that offers excellent temperature consistency along with cutting off your heat expenses. 

It has technologies like ClimaTrak™, allowing you to enjoy comfortable heating regardless of humid or dry winter. Another great technology it uses is the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System.

Key features of YP9C furnace

  • Tier: Top of the Line
  • Furnace type: Modulating
  • AFUE: 98 percent
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Average Price Range: $4500 – $5000

Latitude™ TG9S

Although York Furnace has stopped the manufacture of Latitude TG9S, you can still get them from your local utility company or HVAC distributor that might have its stock. The model carries a single-stage operation with its multi-speed ECM blower. 

Key features of the Latitude™ TG9S furnace

  • Furnace type: Single-Stage
  • AFUE: 95.5%
  • ENERGY STAR certificate: No
  • Price range: $3,000 – $3,835

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Feature of York Furnace

  • The feature of the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System offers an inventive communicating framework delivering you a high level of efficiency and comfort. This feature allows homeowners to maintain separate temperatures in different rooms of their homes. 
  • Another fantastic feature by York Furnace is using technologies like ClimaTrak. It helps users to enjoy different settings with a single blower motor. Hence, it can be easily set up as per your home’s climate, temperature, and location. 

Warranty On York Furnace

Usually, buyers get a lifetime heat exchanger warranty on top-tier York Furnaces.

Aside from this, a ten-year warranty on parts and a ten-year assurance warranty are standard coverages. This implies that if your heat exchanger fails to perform years after purchase, the brand will still exchange it without charging you. 

However, there is an exception: 

The model TL9E receives a 20-year less warranty on heat exchangers. However, it comprises similar warranty coverage on parts and assurance terms as others.

Requirement of registration to enjoy full warranty terms: 

To make your furnace eligible for full warranty benefits offerings by the brand, you need to register your new furnace within a duration of 90 days after installation. 

If you did not register for a full warranty within 90 days, you would be only eligible for basic warranty coverage. However, basic coverage also contains good services. Such as: 

  • Twenty-year warranty for heat exchanger.
  • 5 to 10 years warranty for the compressor.
  • Five years warranty for parts.

Restrictions and conditions over warranty coverage buy York Furnace:

You need to fulfill other obligations to maintain the validation of your warranty coverage. It includes that you have to install your heating unit only through a professional HVAC contractor. Also, you have to keep up with the annual maintenance requirements as mentioned in the owner’s manual. 


Here we learned about different factors and specifications that you can keep in mind while buying a furnace. However, among these, the most important factor is your budget. York Furnace products are economical, meaning most of their high-efficiency models are affordable in comparison to other brands.

Though a few models in the premium range are quite costly, you will need to weigh your alternatives. Simultaneously if you have a tight budget but want to buy an efficient single or two-stage furnace, then we suggest you consider York products. 

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