York LX Series TM9V Review (With Comparison Table)

The furnace has become one of the essential home units for households and commercial buildings across the world, especially in colder regions. With many new smart technologies being embedded in the latest furnace models by the manufacturer industry, people are able to find the unit that is perfectly suitable for their unique houses. 

As there are multiple good options to choose from, it is wise to learn about each of the units in detail to find out if it will fit your requirements.

So, here we will be looking into a detailed review on a well-known furnace model in the market called York LX Series -TM9V by the reputable brand York Furnace. Also, all the high-performing models by the brand are ENERGY STAR certified.

So, let us move ahead to learn more about York LX Series -TM9V. 

An overview of LX series: Mid-Range tier

The models in the mid-range tier of York Furnace are moderate-budget products. However, all the models are highly-efficient, will save you a good chunk of money due to their less energy consumption and low maintenance, bringing absolute comfort to your home.

Currently, the mid-range tier has three models, and all of them are ENERGY STAR certified and offer AFUE ratings over 90%. However, you won’t find all the advanced technologies that top-tier models of the brand have, but in terms of perks and features, they are almost similar to top models by York Furnace. 

LX Series TM9V

The model is an amazing product in the mid-range tier with a high-efficiency qualification of up to 96% AFUE rating. It comes with two-stage burners that help your heating unit to provide greater comfort to your home. Inclusion of variable speed ECM fan motor carries out the operation without making any noise.

Plus, you get better humidity controls, reduced maintenance issues as the model comes with a self-diagnostic control module. Further saving you from paying additional services costs.

The model’s design is pretty compact, making the process of installation much more manageable. By investing in this product, you get improved air quality withinside your house, creating a safe environment to live in. 

When It comes to technologies, TM9V has some of the best furnace technologies embedded in it, like ClimaTrak technology that helps you in customizing the climate control as per your needs. Also, it works effectively with the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System.

TM9V Furnace stats

  • AFUE: 96%
  • Furnace type: Two-Stage
  • BTU input: 40,000 to 120,000 BTU
  • BTU output: 80,000 BTU
  • Sub-models available: TL9E, TM9E 
  • ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
  • Tier – Midrange
  • Average Price Range (with installation): $3750 – $4250

York LX Series TM9V Average Price Range

The average price range of York models goes between $3000 to $5500. As the TM9V model falls in the mid-range series of the brand, the average price for the model you can expect is $3,835 – $4,670, including charges of installation. 

However, this price range might fluctuate based on many factors like promotions and discounts at the time of purchase by the manufacturers. Also, if you buy it from your nearby government utility company, HVAC distributor rebates, or manufacturer, then pricing will be a little lower. 

Moreover, the location where you live and the availability of HVAC experts near your town can affect its final cost. Although all mid-range models are almost similar pricings, there might be some differences due to certain features. 

Key features of York LX Series – TM9V

  • The model comes with a height of only 33 inches, giving it a compact design. 
  • TM9V has primary and secondary heat exchangers where the tubular aluminized-steel heat exchanger is primary, and the stainless aluminized fin/steel tube heat exchanger is secondary. 
  • It has the feature of dual-fuel convertibility, i.e., natural gas or propane.
  • The inclusion of ClimaTrak™ technology enables effective heat distribution within your home depending on the different surroundings and climate. This technology allows you to access different settings of the blower motor so that HVAC experts can easily set the blower motor as per the weather of your area—i.e., humid, dry, or temperate climate.1

Warranty coverage on YORK LX Series TM9V

For YORK LX Series TM9V, the brand offers ten-year limited warranty coverage on components and a lifetime limited warranty cover on the heat exchanger. 

In addition to this, if heat exchangers fail to function within the 5-year duration of installation of the unit, the brand will provide you with an optional furnace unit instead of replacing the component. This offer is provided under companies Complete Assurance Limited Warranty Pledge. 

However, to take advantage of full warranty coverage, you need to register your furnace model within 90 days of its installation in your house. If you fail to register your model on time, you will be only eligible to leverage the base warranty coverage of the brand. Following are the base coverage: 

  • 5 to 10 years cover for the compressor. 
  • 20 years warranty for the heat exchanger. 
  • 5 years coverage for parts.

Restrictions and conditions

To keep your warranty coverage valid, you need to fulfill some of your obligations besides registering your furnace model after its installation. You need to get your model installed by an expert HVAC technician only. Also, you are obligated to follow the regular annual maintenance regulations as instructed in the manual for the owner. 

Comparison Table Of York TM9V

York TM9V vs York TM9Y

York TM9V York TM9Y
AFUE: Up to 96% AFUE: Up to 96%
Burner Type: Dual Stage Burner Type: Dual Stage
Blower Type: Variable Speed Blower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $3,835 – $4,670 Price: $3,835 – $4,670
Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, a 10-year limited warranty on Parts,
and a 5-year Complete Assurance warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, a 10-year limited warranty on Parts,
and a 5-year Complete Assurance warranty

York TM9V vs York Affinity™ Series YP9C

York TM9VYork Affinity™ Series YP9C
AFUE: Up to 96% AFUE: Up to 98%
Burner Type: Dual Stage Burner Type: Modulating
Blower Type: Variable Speed Blower Type: Variable Speed
Price: $3,835 – $4,670Price: $4,670 – $5,500
Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, a 10-year limited warranty on Parts,
and a 5-year Complete Assurance warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, a 10-year limited warranty on Parts,
and a 10-year Complete Assurance warranty

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The mid-range furnace model TM9V is a perfect choice for an average homeowner. It offers highly efficient operations and multiple features that work together to provide maximum comfort at your home.

Also, the company proactively assists its customers when they face any issue with the products. The accessibility to comprehensive warranty coverage makes your model eligible for replacement and repair whenever in need.

So if you are planning to install or upgrade your furnace model, then TM9V is a viable option in a budget-friendly price range. 

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