How To Vent A Portable Air Conditioner Without A Window (Step By Step)

Venting a portable air conditioner can be pretty troublesome if you don’t have any windows in your room.

A few months back my neighbor bought a portable window air conditioner but he forgot that he doesn’t have any proper windows in his room. And since I’m an HVAC technician he decided to call me and ask me for suggestions.

So I’ve had few cases like this in the past where there’s no window for venting. So in these types of situations, you don’t have a proper bookish solution. You just have to make something work. So, at last, we ended up installing the vent through the wall. 

I know people face this problem very often where they have portable ac but no window for venting. So I have decided to write this article on How To Vent A Portable Air Conditioner Without A Window.

From my past experience, I’ve written down all the possible ways you can vent your portable ac.

1. Installing A Portable AC Vent Through The Wall:

This is one of the most used methods of venting a portable air conditioner. Through this method, you can install your portable ac wherever you want.

But this method does have a limitation if you live in a rented apartment sometimes you have to ask the landlord for the venting. It can be pretty hectic but it’s one of the easiest methods out there for venting.

Steps to Vent your portable ac through The Wall:

Step 1: Inspect your room walls and find the best to drill a vent. You need to make sure that you don’t drill blindly just anywhere. You have to drill the vent in a wall that directly opens outside and drill the area where there is less concrete, no plumbing lines, no electricity line, etc.

Step 2: Take a measure of your portable ac hose and according to size drill a vent both inside and outside. 

Step 3: Build a duct box and put it into the vent. Because directly venting your ac into the wall can cause a lot of problems. 

Step 4: Make sure to cover the vent with a vent cover from the outside. So that nothing gets inside the house(insects, small animals, etc).    

Note: This procedure can be done by yourself. But if you’re not that good with doing DIY stuff so make sure to call a duct or drilling company. They might be able to help you out.

2. Installing A Portable AC Vent Through The Drop Ceiling  

This method of venting a portable ac is mostly used in windowless offices. You won’t usually find a drop ceiling in a normal house. But if you have a drop ceiling you can use it to vent your portable air conditioner.

Steps To vent a portable ac through Drop Ceiling:

Step 1: The first thing to do is remove a single tile from the drop ceiling.

Step 2: Now replace that removed tile with the insulated metal tile.

Step 3: Now fit the exhaust hose into the opening of the insulated metal tile you just installed. 

Step 4: Now connect the other end of the hose to the portable ac and seal the exhaust hose properly so no heat leaks outside.

After following all these steps you’re good to go.

3. Venting Your Portable air conditioner through the chimney/Fireplace:

This can be a great option for people who have a fireplace in their homes. You already have a vent that connects outside and you can use it to vent the ac. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You can always consult ductwork or an HVAC company for the installation.   

4.Venting A Portable AC Through A Sliding Door

Venting a portable ac through a sliding door is pretty easy. There are kits out there in the market, especially for sliding doors. You can easily install the kit and vent your ac through the door. 

If you have a door at the balcony you can also use it to directly vent your ac outside. Talking about the traditional doors. It can be pretty difficult to use a normal door for venting your ac.

So this method works only when you have a sliding door. If you don’t have a sliding door, chimney, drop ceiling you can also contact an HVAC or ductwork company for consultation.

5. Venting A Portable Air Conditioner through A Dryer Vent

If you consult any ductwork or HVAC company for venting solution. They’ll always tell you to use your dryer vent for venting your ac.

If you have a dryer vent in your room you can use it to vent the ac. But most people don’t have a dryer in the living or bedroom. So it can be difficult to use. 

Also, In most cases, the dryer vents are smaller than the hose of the portable ac. So either you have to buy a hose that is similar to the dryer. And if you still haven’t bought an ac yet and you’re going to buy soon so make sure to measure the diameter of the dryer vents.

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