Lennox Thermostat Reviews: Price Analysis, Buying Guide & Comparison

Lennox Thermostat Reviews

A thermostat can often be a difficult purchase. For one, there’s much to consider when buying a thermostat. You have to think about how compatible it is with your HVAC system, and also look for the features you exclusively want. 

You also have to take into account the performance level of a thermostat and how efficient it is in controlling your heating/cooling systems. 

Some thermostats are even designed with sensory technology so that they can auto-adjust and provide you with optimal comfort by managing your home’s temperature. 

Meanwhile, some thermostats are Wifi controlled, while there are those that act as a throwback to traditional thermostats with basic design and functioning- only to be manually programmed and set as per your convenience.

When you’re already going through so much figuring out the kind of thermostat you want alone, deciding between different models under a brand can be a bigger hassle. 

This is especially true when it comes to well-reputed brands like Lennox, which is known as a leading brand in the thermostat market. 

Lennox offers quality and class in its products and tries to stay on top by enriching the thermostat with futuristic controls and features. You can find a range of devices, including Smart thermostats in Lennox’s line of products, all while looking within a reasonable price range.

This guide aims to help you navigate between different Lennox thermostats, analyze their dependability and features, and their affordability so that you can choose a Lennox thermostat that fits your needs perfectly.

Lennox Thermostat Prices

Lennox thermostats are priced only a little higher than other thermostat models in the market. Still, for their useful high-end features and technology, they are quite affordable.

The Non-WiFi thermostats, expectedly, cost lower than the WiFi models. The Comfortsense models are placed around $60 to $250, without adding an installation fee. The WiFi models, meanwhile, fall on the higher spectrum and are priced at a range of $350 to $550 minus the installation fee.

To get an appropriate price quoted for your Lennox thermostat, we recommend that you refer to a licensed contractor. You can even get quotes from different licensed contractors and compare.

Lennox Thermostats Reviews

Let us begin by discussing the number of attractive and impressive thermostats that Lennox has put out over the years. You’ve got both Wifi operating and Non-WiFI operating models. We can begin the review by dividing them as such.

Non-WiFi Models

Under Non-WiFi Models, you’ve got three basic thermostat units that follow the traditional norms.

The Comfortsense 3500 is one of the first of these put out by Lennox. The model comes with 2 heating stages and 1 cooling stage.

Make sure that you are familiar with your system capabilities before you head over to buy a thermostat, as the knowledge will help you assess what thermostat is most suitable for your heating/cooling system. 

With the Comfortsense 3500, this implies that the thermostat is quite alright with supporting either a 2 stage heat pump, or a 2 stage furnace, and so on. Similarly, the thermostat accommodates only 1 cooling stage, meaning that it can work with, say, a 1 stage compressor in your AC.

This model lacks WiFi-enabled functioning, so you will have to resort to operating the thermostat manually. While a WiFi-enabled operation might not be an absolute necessity for most, it can be helpful if you’re purchasing this thermostat for being used by elderly people.

WiFi-controlled thermostats are also more convenient in workspaces so that you do not have to get up repeatedly to adjust your thermostat.

However, if budget is of primary concern to you, and you don’t care much for such luxuries, a conventional thermostat like the ComfortSense 3500 should do adequately. 

This thermostat model is also programmable, meaning that you can schedule the thermostat to self-adjust the temperatures throughout the day by setting a specific time as well. 

This means that you do not have to tinker with your thermostat every time you come home from work, as long as you schedule it in. This way, you can also monitor your thermostat to be energy efficient right at the start of the day without concerning yourself with it after.

Next in line among the Non-WiFi operating thermostats is the Comfortsense 5500, followed by the ComfortSense 7500.

Both these models are extremely alike and similar to the ComfortSense 3500. Thus, essentially, you’ll find the same programmability in both these models as well. They lack WiFi connectivity and Communicating technology too. 

The only thing setting them apart is the difference in their system compatibility. The ComfortSense 5500 supports 1 heating stage and 1 cooling stage, so it can work smoothly with a 1-staged furnace or a single staged Air Conditioner.

On the other hand, the ComfortSense 7500 has 4 heating Stages and 2 Cooling stages- it is more flexible compared to the others.

Feature Comparison Table Of Comfortsense Thermostat Series

FeaturesCS7500 CS5500CS3000
Programmable7 Day or 5 Day/2 Day7 Day or 5 Day/2 Day5 Day/2 Day
Color TouchscreenYes Yes
Humidity Control Yes
Large Display Buttons For Ease Of
Dual-Fuel Compatible Yes
Automatic Changeover Yes Yes
5-Year Limited Warranty Yes Yes Yes

WiFi Thermostats

When it comes to WiFi Enabled thermostats, Lennox has the ICOMFORT selection, which offers a line of three models, all of which are designed to be easy to handle.

Firstly, the icomfort Wi-Fi is programmable with 3 heating and 2 cooling stages. It has WiFi Connectivity, and also Communicating Technology, meaning that it will need to be backed up by a Lennox HVAC heating/cooling system.

There are no universal HVAC systems available when it comes to communicating technology, so most brands have to manufacture their own equipment. 

The WiFi connectivity lets your thermostat be controlled through your iOS or Apple Smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can set up a connection between your thermostat and your Smart device through the Lennox iComfort App. 

The WiFi also facilitates an ‘Away’ mode which allows your thermostat to know when you are out of the house. This feature allows for the thermostat to be self-monitoring in an energy-efficient way while you are away.

The iComfort Wi-Fi is followed by the IComfort E30 and the S30 which have similar features to the former. 

Their only difference is that both these models support 2 heating and cooling stages, in contrast to iComfort WiFi’s 3 staged heating features.

However, the IComfort E30 lacks the communicating technology possessed by other models of its selection, meaning that the E30 is compatible with any HVAC equipment that is not necessarily from the same brand.

Feature Comparison Table Of Icomfort Thermostat

FeaturesIComfort S30 IComfort E30 IComfort M30
Ultimate Comfort System™ ProductYes
Precise Comfort® Plus Yes
Allergen Defender Yes Yes
Smart Away® Mode Yes Yes Yes
Picture Upload Capability Yes Yes
Full Motion Weather Screen Yes Yes
Smart Home Systems Yes Yes Yes
ENERGY STAR® Certified Yes
Limited Warranty10-Year5-Year5-Year


When you’re doing a general search for a thermostat, features like programmability, Smart functioning, and so on, become factors to consider. It is the same with brand-specific searches.

Lennox offers specialized features for different models that can make them advantageous or disadvantageous according to the customers’ preferences.

Away Mode

The Away mode is a feature exclusive to the iComfort models as it works specifically with WiFi. The Away mode basically does the job of keeping your thermostats informed about your whereabouts- whether you are inside or outside the home. This is a GPS-enhanced mechanism that can be switched on or off by the user. 

As long as the Smart Away mode is On, the iComfort App on your phone will record and send signals to the thermostats whenever you leave or come home.

In turn, the thermostat will change up its settings so that it does not use up too much energy when you are away. This helps cut down costs on electricity bills.

Energy Reports

In line with the Away Feature are the Energy Use Reports offered by the ComfortSense 7500 and 5500, as well as the iComfort S30. The energy reports track and collect data on your monthly energy expenditure.

They keep these historical records accessible to you so that you can assess where you are consuming extra power and increasing costs.

Schedule IQ technology

The Schedule IQ technology aims at making the thermostat more tuned to your moods and needs. Much like a learning thermostat, the Schedule IQ technology in your iComfort thermostats tries to learn from your responses to its working, or to any changes you make. Programming your thermostat is, thus, not a fixed venture. 

When you realize you don’t favor a setting, you can simply alter the temperature or the time without having the reprogram the entire schedule.

If you change the temperature, the thermostat will record the change, as well as the time at which the change was made, and adjust itself accordingly the next day.


With the Non-Wifi models, you will have to compromise and control your thermostat on the device itself. However, with the iComfort models, you can connect them to your phone through the app. 

The app not only lets you control but also gives you updates and reminders on temperature and time, filter changes, etc. 

The iComfort models are also compatible with Virtual assistants like Alexa or Google. This means that you don’t even have to pick up your phone to control the thermostat. Instead, you can use voice commands.


This guide aimed to introduce Lennox thermostats, review their different models and features to help you make an informed decision about what Lennox thermostat would suit the walls of your home. We hope you found it helpful.

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