Fujitsu Mini-Split AC/Heat Pump Review & Price Analysis (Complete Breakdown)

Fujitsu Mini-Split AC/Heat Pump Review & Price

Ductless mini-split systems are a leading trend in today’s versatile market, where you can buy anything from RV-specialised ACs to simple home window units and furnaces.

Many have started to prefer mini-split heating and cooling systems for their quiet and highly energy-efficient operation. Most modern-day homes prefer it to traditional Central Air Conditioning systems that aren’t customized with the latest designs and technologies.

With Ductless mini-splits, you can divide your AC or heat pump into individual zones and cool or heat your room accordingly. Each ‘zone’ can then be a room.

As long as you install an indoor unit in a given space, you can switch on the AC in that particular area. This is why many people prefer mini-split systems, that don’t waste any extra energy by providing cooling unnecessarily to any unoccupied space. 

Mini Split ACs are also equipped with fashionable features that make them easy to operate as they single-handedly take charge of your own home.

Most mini-split AC units also come with their own heating element such as a heat pump, so that they may be proactive in the winter months as well. This way, the users will not have any regrets about a purchase that stays stationary for the second half of the year.

However, if you already have an AC without a heating element, and are simply looking to accessorize your home with a heat pump to support your winters- we encourage you to take a look at Fujitsu, or Fujitsu General, one of the leading brands that manufacture mini split AC units/ heat pumps.

Little About Fujitsu

Before we begin reviewing their models and prices, it is important that you know the significance of Fujitsu as a company itself. In fact, most homeowners and AC users are probably already familiar with the brand. 

Fujitsu is reputed for being a reliable and trustworthy brand as it has been around for a few decades in the industry. The manufacturers make heating and cooling elements for seasonal changes around the world.

They’re most known for their mini-split heat pumps, which have garnered attention for their efficient and high-tech operation. 

Fujitsu’s mini split series range from being wall-mounted and floor-mounted to ceiling cassettes. They can be applauded for their management within harsh high and low temperatures. 

From standard to premium models, you will find everything worth your money in its stores. Perhaps the only thing to be cautious about when it comes to Fujitsu mini-split models is that they can get quite pricey.

However, if you’re going to make a lengthy commitment, it might be worth it to spend a little bit extra for Fujitsu’s high-quality models.

Fujitsu Mini Split AC/Heat Pump Features Reviews

Here are some strong points of Fujitsu AC and heat pump models that give them the cutting edge over others. You’ll find these features appearing in most of Fujitsu’s top models.

Energy Efficiency

If there’s one thing that has become the determining factor in buying a heat pump or AC nowadays- it’s the energy efficiency rating. A good level of energy efficiency in a unit means more electricity costs saved in the future for its owner. 

In Fujitsu models, this factor is manifested through different features. For instance, the heat pumps avoid the energy wastage that comes with ductwork- as all the units are ductless. 

Ductwork can have gaps and holes that enable leaks and lead to energy loss that prevails over the energy consumed to run the unit. Moreover, mini-split AC/heat pump zones reduce the likelihood of expending energy on spaces that don’t require cooling. 

Each zone has its own thermostat, and so a thermostat is only activated in the zone you want to cool or heat, thus eliminating energy losses.

Variety of Model Designs

One of the most attractive things about Fujitsu models is that they are available in a range of designs that are pleasing to the eye. 

Their appearance is sleek and stylish, and you can find designs suitable for your house per your aesthetic. 

You can also opt for models of different installation procedures. That is, an AC or a heat pump unit can be wall-mounted or floor mounted. You can also adjust them to your ceiling if you’d like the unit to be entirely out of your way, and so on.

Flexibility in Length

Perhaps what makes Fujitsu units entirely special in themselves is that they are extremely flexible and adjustable in terms of the lengths of their connecting circuits. 

This means that your indoor units can be quite spaced out from each other as well as the outdoor units. 

Fujitsu units enable the outdoor unit to be located as far as 40 to 50 feet away from the indoor units. Typically, with most products, you’d have to buy an extra outdoor unit to support indoor units that are installed apart, but you can avoid those extra costs with Fujitsu.

Specialized Filters

Fujitsu’s ACs and heat pumps are also equipped with great filters designed to improve the air quality of your room by stabilizing room odors and removing dust. The presence of air filters also stops the growth of mold and unwanted substances in the internal parts of your units.

In fact, Fujitsu has its line of specially engineered filters. The Ion Deodorization filter decomposes odors absorbed from the room and uses ions from the ceramic to impart a much pleasing odor into the room.

The Apple Catechin filter uses static electricity to improve air by taking in and getting rid of dust and microorganisms.


In terms of handling the AC or heating unit, Fujitsu has its own FGLair mobile app that is designed to connect to your heating or cooling system through your phone or tablet. 

This means that you can control your unit right from your phone, and customize settings in a way that is most energy-saving- you can schedule in temperature changes, shift modes and speeds, and so on.


One of the main things consumers seem to be concerned about when indulging in any household appliance of any kind is the Warranty of the given item.

Most of Fujitsu’s mini-split heating and cooling systems have a standard warranty of a 5-year compressor Warranty and a limited 7-year parts warranty.

If you get your unit installed properly by a Fujitsu Pro or Contractor, you will receive a 12-year Limited compressor and a parts warranty.

Fujitsu Mini Split AC/Heat Pump Prices

Most mini-split units have a varying price range depending on their BTU sizes and SEER rating. As a general rule, the higher the BTU and the SEER rating, the higher the price. 

Features of your mini-split system also determine the price of your unit. Usually, premium level models or WiFi-enabled models are more expensive than standard ones.

Mini Split Air Conditioner Prices

Most mini-split AC systems can range between $3,500 to $5,000 inclusive of installation. The average installation price is usually about $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the size of the unit.

Fujitsu’s 9K BTU 29 SEER rated model weighs in at about $1,700 and at $3,600 with an installation fee. The highest-priced model is the 24K BTU 20 SEER unit at $2,980, and $4,920 with installation costs.

Fujitsu Mini-Split AC ModelsSingle Unit Price OnlySingle Unit Installed Price
Fujitsu 9K BTU 29 SEER$1,640$3,600
Fujitsu 12K BTU 25 SEER$1,630$3,650
Fujitsu 15K BTU 23 SEER$2,150$3,990
Fujitsu 18K BTU 20 SEER$2,500$4,510
Fujitsu 24K BTU 20 SEER$2,980$4,920

Mini Split Heat Pump Prices

Similarly, mini-split heat pump prices vary based on size. The lower-rated Fujitsu 9K BTU 24 SEER rated unit costs $3,700 with installation fees and $1,740 without. The price range goes up with the size, with the 24K BTU Fujitsu unit costing $5,500 with installation costs.

Fujitsu Mini-Split Heat Pump ModelsSingle Unit Price Only Single Unit Installed Price
Fujitsu 9K BTU 24 SEER$1,740$3,700
Fujitsu 12K BTU 25 SEER$2,030$3,990
Fujitsu 15K BTU 21 SEER$2,360$4,460
Fujitsu 18K BTU 20 SEER$2,650$4,600
Fujitsu 24K BTU 20 SEER$3,390$5,490

Fujitsu Mini-Split Average Price Range

Thus, it is hard to name a specific price range within which Fujitsu heating and cooling systems you purchase, as prices are always fluctuating as per the manufacturers and the distributors as well. For instance, you might find a cheaper alternative price tag for the same model on an online store.

The cost of your heating or cooling system can be influenced by many factors. This includes:

Number of Zones

Keep in mind that the more zones you seek to heat or cool, the more numbers you will see on the price tag. Whether your unit is a single zoned or multi-zoned heating or cooling system determines just how expensive your unit can be.

If you are going for a multi-zoned unit, you’ll also have to purchase more indoor units. Overall, not only does heating/cooling more zones increase the cost of your unit, but it also affects installation costs.

Indoor Units/Installation

It also matters the kind of installation that is required by your indoor units. If your unit is a simple wall-mounted or a floor-mounted model, you’ll face a less expensive price tag compared to ceiling cassettes or in-ducted units.

Moreover, installing wall or floor units is also easier and thus, cheaper than other modes of installation.


The Size refers to the size of the room cooled or heated by your unit. This is measured by the BTU rating. Usually, a higher BTU rating indicates a higher price. Installation fee might also be higher as bigger BTUs also generally contribute to bigger sized and heavier models.


Most consumers can be deterred from indulging in quality Fujitsu models thanks to the price. However, if you are looking for quality and durability in your heating or cooling systems, Fujitsu has some great options. 

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