Gree Mini Split Heat Pumps Review & Price Analysis (Complete Breakdown)

Gree Mini Split Heat Pumps Review & Price Analysis

The world of heating/cooling HVAC systems can be tricky to navigate. Between Window Air Conditioners and Portable ACs, electric baseboards of heating furnaces- what do you buy that suits your home and your needs perfectly. 

You might even think of indulging in a Central Air Conditioning system. But what if there was a way to get a little bit of everything packaged in one model. What if you could be the kid at the candy store that could have a taste of all the flavors? 

Luck is on your side, because there is a one-stop solution to all your problems, and it comes in two words: Mini Split.

The modern-day ductless mini-split HVAC system has been growing in popularity for being a convenient solution to conventional problems. 

It has the ability to heat and cool individual rooms in temperatures, and models come with the option of being installed as Wall, floor, or ceiling units.

One of the most appealing factors, of course, is that most of them are ductless, and will help you avoid the hassle of installing extra ductwork to get the AC/heat pump you deserve. 

Mini Splits are also super energy efficient and will help a bunch in cutting down costs when it comes to paying electricity bills. This is incredibly advantageous as an investment like an AC or a heat pump is something you’ll have to shelter and finance for years.

Considering the fact that mini-splits are on their way to becoming all the rage, many HVAC companies have been producing selections of mini-split ACs and heat pumps for a few years now.

You’ll find big industry names like LG, Samsung, or Mitsubishi putting out models of their own. One such company that’s worth examining for their mini-split systems is Gree.

Little Bit About Gree

Gree is a household appliance manufacturing company from China that has had its leg in the heating/cooling HVAC systems industry for around 30 years now. They have been notably praised for putting out models of good quality with affordable prices and great efficiency. 

Gree’s mini split models are versatile with a common focus on retaining a good degree of energy efficiency, which you’ll find especially in the Gree Sapphire Line, which tops the market with its 38 SEER rating.

Focused on consumer satisfaction above everything, Gree also offers excellent warranties, along with choices in installation types.

Gree Mini-Split: Top Features

To give you an adequate assessment of Gree and how it performs in the market today, we’ve tried to highlight some of the best features offered by the brand across its line of products. Some impressive Gree Features are as follows:

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned, Gree products really exceed the bar when it comes to power conserving and energy efficiency. Firstly, the Gree Sapphire mini-split heat pumps are significant for their 38 SEER rating with regards to cooling.

The 15 HSPF heating efficiency rating is also more than decent and prevails over most other models. According to the Gree difference, their products contribute to lessening energy efficiency up to 65%. Gree products, thus, through their high-efficiency ratings can lower energy costs by a significant amount.

Heating Capacity

Gree products are also designed to be well equipped even in harsh weather conditions. Most heating and cooling systems can only support you through winters as long as the outdoor temperatures don’t cross a certain threshold.

For Gree models, this threshold is as low as -22F. The inverter compressor technology also ensures that no heat is lost from the room by keeping the unit powered on and working at a slower speed when the set temperature is reached.

The Gree Crown+ and the Crown models have a very impressive heating capacity.

Smart Features

Gree products also make great use of smart technology to allow customers advanced modes of control over their mini-split systems. The Gree ductless models like the Sapphire, Crow+, Vireo, and so on can be operated through a WiFi-enabled mode of operation.

They can be set up with the Gree app on a smartphone or tablet, from which an owner can control the settings like temperature, time, airflow direction, speed, and so on.

You can even use the mini-split system through the remote outside of the home and set up your home to be comfortable cooled down or warmed up for your arrival.

In terms of Smart features, the Gree’s remote control is also well endowed with the FEEL technology, which allows the remote to be sensitive to its surrounding temperature needs.

This way, it sends signals back to the mini-split system to modulate the temperature and airflow that is most suitable for the room.

Installation Types and Other Features

You’ll find a variety of settings with respect to speeds and airflow directions in Gree’s mini-split systems. In fact, some models are integrated to auto-adjust their fans to the speed required to get the room to a set temperature.

Gree’s Mini Split systems also come in different installation types and styles. 

There are models ranging from wall-mounted units to floor standing, ceiling suspended, concealed duct, or ceiling cassettes. For instance, all the Sapphire, Crown, Crown+, and Terra models are made to be wall-mounted.

This way, you can find and choose the kind of system that is the most suitable for your home.

Gree Mini Split Heat Pumps: Models and Prices

Gree has a range of mini-split models available across the single zone and multiple zone tiers.

Gree Single Zone Mini Split System Prices

Under Single Zone systems, all models come with 1 indoor unit only. Models range from a basic level of energy efficiency to more pre-eminent numbers on the SEER scale.

At a 16 SEER rating, there’s the Livo and the Livo+ models, aided by a 9 HSPF rating. The Rio model follows with a similar 16 SEER rating and an 8.6 HSPF rating.

For LIVO, the total price can come up to around $2,000-$6,000 including installation. Meanwhile, the Rio model is placed around $1,800-$3,300.

Following this, there are the mid-range models. The U-Match system has a SEER rating of 20 and an HSPF rating of 10. It has indoor units available from 18,000 to 48,000 BTU sizes and is totally priced at $1,875-$4,445 including installation. 

Next up, the Neo is another mid-range model with a SEER rating and an HSPF rating of 22 and 9.8 respectively. It can totally cost around $1,825-$4,365 depending on the size of the indoor unit, which you can choose between BTU sizes 9,000 to 36,000.

The same BTU sizes are available for the Vireo and the Vireo+, which offer a 23 SEER rating and a 10.5 HSPF rating. Finally, these models can cost around $1,600-$3,600.

Finally, there are the premium single-zone systems- the Terra, the Crown and the Crown+, and the Sapphire. All three models also boast smart features to look forward to.

The Terra has a high SEER rating of 27, and a 10 HSPF rating, and the indoor unit can be found between sizes 9,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU. You might have to pay about $2,140-$4,295 along with installation for this model.

The Crown and the Crown+ are SEER rated at 30.5 and HSPF rated at 10.5. Sizes are limited and you can choose only between 9,000-18,000 BTU for the indoor unit. Depending on the size you select, your Crown model can cost up to $2,485 – $4,275    with installation.

Lastly, the Sapphire model, as mentioned, has one of the highest SEER ratings at 38, as well as a really high HSPF rating of 15. The unit costs around $2,525-$4,700 in total.

Gree Mini-Split ModelsOutdoor Unit Price OnlyIndoor Unit Price Only Total System Installed Price
Crown, Crown+$1,045-$1,575$265-$500$2,485-$4,275

Gree Multi-Zone Mini Split System Prices

Under the Multi-Zone Systems, there are two models.

The Multi and the Super+Multi, with a 16 SEER and a 9 HSPF rating are available for covering a 2,000 sq ft+ area. 9 indoor units can be sized between 48,000-60,000 BTU ranges, costing up to $4,900-$7,200.

At the mid-range level, there is the Multi 21 and the 21+, which has a SEER rating of 22, and an HSPF rating of 10. You can buy up to 5 indoor units for this unit.

The sizing is lesser compared to the previously listed model, at an 18,000-42,000 BTU range. The total price may amount to $3,735-$6,755 including installation.

Gree Multi-Zone ModelOutdoor Unit Price OnlyIndoor Unit Price Only Total System Installed Price
Multi 21/21+$1,500-$2,950$200-$735$3,735-$6,755
Multi/Super+ Multi$2,885-$3,495$200-$735$4,900-$7,200

Gree Mini Splits: PROS and CONS

Like all brands, Gree has its pros and cons in its mini-split systems.

  • What makes Gree’s mini-split systems so pleasing can be deduced from all the features listed above.
  • To summarize, Gree’s mini splits have an excellent energy efficiency ratio, with the highest 38 SEER rating being integrated into one of their models.
  • Gree products have also displayed strong heating capacities against turbulent weather conditions.
  • Most Gree mini splits are kept up-to-date technology for smoother control and operation. Some units are WiFi-enabled and can be controlled through a Smart Phone or tablet. The FEEL technology also makes for a brilliant sensor.
  • One of the biggest cons of Gree’s mini split products is that they are quite expensive right away. Since they are made of high-quality parts and are equipped with high rates of energy efficiency, it is not unnatural to expect a high price tag. As you go up in efficiency rating or as you go from single zone to multi-zone systems, upfront prices will increase.
  • Another drawback lies with the single-zone units, most of which come exclusively in wall-mounted styles. Where you can find multi-zone indoor units with variable installation types like floor, ceiling, wall, etc, this is not the case with the single zone models.
  • Additionally, there’s a particularly sharp downturn in efficiency ratings as the outdoor units get bigger in size.
  • You’ll also want to make note of Gree’s warranties, which may seem lacking in comparison to warranties of 10-12 years offered by other companies. Gree’s warranties don’t seem to be applicable past a 7 year time period.


The Gree mini-split systems can be a conflicting purchase, as you’re torn between great quality and equally great prices. However, if you’re looking for a model to last you quite long, you won’t regret making a purchase here. Moreover, Gree compromises its high prices through its excellent energy efficiency ratings.

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