Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Cost: Installing A Mini-Split System

Ductless Air Conditioner Cost

When it comes to air conditioners, today’s market offers a ton of options for every kind of homeowner and AC fanatic out there.

Modern-day technology has made it possible for cooling systems to be more efficient and cost-effective than ever before, with the consumers on the receiving end of it all. This is why Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners have been all the rage lately. 

These AC systems are typically reputed to be more energy conserving compared to a Central AC system. These are also great options if you live in a house that doesn’t allow space for ductwork. They are ideal for new homes. 

Moreover, a ductless system can cool a given space way faster than a Central home AC system. 

Knowing all of this might make the ductless air conditioning system ten times more attractive to you. And yet there’s always that one thing standing in between you and any new purchase- the costs.

The costs that come not only from buying the unit itself, but all that money going out of your wallet to make the AC a steady fixation in your life too. 

Honestly, ductless mini splits can be a bit more expensive compared to most AC models- and the same goes for installation. So you might be toeing the line wondering if it is worth it after all. 

That’s why I have assembled this brief guide to navigate you through Ductless Air Conditioner Costs, Installation Prices, and Factors to consider before purchasing.

First, it might be helpful to understand the AC unit itself. This next section elaborates upon Ductless AC costs in the market, along with factors that influence the numbers on that price tag.

Factors Affecting Cost Of A Ductless Air Conditioner

In general, you can count on these factors to tip the price range of your ductless AC upwards or downwards. Looking out for these factors could direct you towards determining the specific features you want and do not want in your AC system- thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Number of Zones

How many zones your Ductless AC system is capable of cooling and heating is perhaps the biggest deciding factor in the cost of your AC. With ductless ACs, you can usually install them in any number of rooms you want and have the respective units cool their ‘zones’.

Now, this is a large project, as you are setting up more zones, and more indoor units across the house as you go. So, understandably, you can expect Ductless Mini Splits to cost higher when they are acting as multi-zone units.

Heating element

Most ductless ACs come with heating equipment for the winter months, meaning that you do not have to let your AC sit idle through the second half of the year, however, as expected, this heightens the cost of the AC. Moreover, the higher the heating efficiency, the likelier the unit is to be costly.


The BTUs can also be a contributing factor to determining the price of your AC unit, although you will find exceptions. The BTU unit essentially describes the size of the room that an AC is cooling.

Naturally, a bigger-sized room would require a larger unit capable of cooling all those extra square feet. In turn, this can influence the price of your unit.

Indoor Unit

Another consideration when it comes to Ductless AC prices is their indoor units. The indoor units basically determine the kind of installation your system requires.

You get to choose between Floor units, Ceiling units, Wall mounted units, etc. Usually, Wall-mounted units are not only the most compatible with most homes but are also relatively inexpensive.

Cost Of Ductless Air Conditioner Units

Now that you know the behind-the-scenes of AC unit cost determination- let’s talk numbers.

On average a mini-split ductless AC unit with a heat pump can cost between $900 to $6,000 without including the installation charges. 

Single Zone units range from 6,000 BTUs to 48,000 BTUs, and additional costs are incurred for accessories and installation. If you want to buy Single Zone units on the lower end of the price range, you’re bound to find units priced from $1,900 to $3,000.

Mid-priced units can be between $3000 and $4,000, while more premium ductless Air Conditioners tend to be as expensive as $7,000.

When it comes to multi-zone systems, you can expect to be charged quite heftily, with models as cheap as $2,000 to those costlier than $10,000, with most Standard and Low-Cost brands costing around $2,500-$4,000. 

If you’re looking for more efficiency from your unit, as well as a wider variety of indoor units, you might try your luck among the $7,000+ models. These usually also have a higher number of indoor units per system.

Factors Affecting The Installation Price

Now, if your biggest concern is how much you’ll have to spend to install the ductless unit, you have to consider the factors. 

Some ductless units can be really simple to install, while others can have moderate to hard installation procedures. The things that influence your ductless ACs installation cost are usually more or less similar to the factors that determine your ACs price tag itself.

Number of units

The advantage of ductless mini-splits is that you can cool different rooms in your house as individual ‘zones’, meaning you don’t waste any extra money cooling a room that you are not using. However, the downside to this is the installation cost. 

To successfully make use of a ductless AC unit, you have to install indoor units in various areas of the house that you want to be cooled. And more indoor units mean that a higher installation fee to cover all of them. 

Also, keep in mind the cost of installing the outdoor unit. You might need more than one outdoor unit if you are using more than one indoor unit or if your indoor units are spaced at a distance from each other.


Much like the overall unit price, the installation cost, too, is influenced by your AC unit’s efficiency. You can determine the energy efficiency through the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or the SEER rating. 

In fact, different homes may require different levels of energy efficiency- your HVAC professional may be able to help with that. 

A lot of ductless units usually rate at a SEER rating of more than 20. The higher the energy efficiency ratio, the more the installation cost. Grappling with Energy Efficiency as a cost-driven factor is sort of a two-way street, though, as it also helps to reduce overall costs by consuming less energy.

Installation Types

As discussed, different units have various ways of installation- floor units, wall-mounted units, ceiling units, and so on. Keep in mind that floor and wall-mounted installation is easier, and therefore more affordable. Ceiling units, on the other hand, might draw more money from your pocket. 

Moreover, the kind of siding decorating the walls of your home also matters, as this is where holes are to be drilled and wires are to be inserted for a seamless connection. So, if you have a brick or stone siding, definitely expect your installation to cost more than the Average Joe’s.

The Contractor

The kind of contractor you choose to have power over your AC’s installation is also a deciding factor. Obviously, the reputed and professional technician that boasts a higher skillset for their job will charge a lot more than a normal, everyday HVAC technician. 

While you will have to spend quite a bit on the latter, you are getting the luxury of employing a trustworthy and experienced technician at your service- which can be quite a relief because installing a ductless air conditioner is no simple handyman’s job. 

Generally, though, making sure you have a professional that is experienced and licensed, with a good idea about cost estimates of installation of various kinds of AC units is the ideal scenario. There are certified HVAC pros out there who you need to hire, as not doing so will null most warranties.

Also, consider the area of your residence. The cost of installation will be high following the natural order of high cost of living. That is, if you live in major cities and countries, you’re more likely to incur higher installation costs than in smaller cities and towns.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Costs

Now, to talk about your Ductless ACs Installation costs:

On average installation cost of a single-zone ductless air conditioner is between $800 to $2,500. Meanwhile, the installation cost of multi-zone ductless ac systems is between $1,600 to $5,000+.

As discussed, Installation procedures can be easy or hard. Usually, low cost, standard, and wall-mounted models are easiest to install, while more expensive models of Premium brands and varying installation procedures require more money.

Choosing the right Air Conditioner can be an uphill battle, as you have to try and fit your AC into all the parameters perfect for your home. This is especially true if budget is one of your biggest concerns.

However, with the right idea and prior information and knowledge on how things work within this market- you will be able to formulate an AC purchase that is reasonable, cost-effective, and efficient.

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