LG Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices

You’ve tried it all, a Window AC, a portable AC, a furnace, and maybe even a Central air conditioning system, and now it is time for a change.

Where traditional heating/cooling HVAC systems have failed to meet the efficiency and convenient installation needs of today, Mini-Split HVAC systems have stepped in to make up for these inadequacies.

Mini-Splits can be one of the most effective ways to heat or cool a house in today’s ever-changing temperatures. They’ve come in relatively later into the market, but they seem to be preferred as a fast solution to air conditioning and heating problems.

One of the best things about mini-split systems is that they are ductless. If you’ve shifted into a flat or apartment without appropriate ductwork to support a window AC or a furnace, you can opt for a mini-split system.

In fact, most homeowners can avoid the hassle of setting up ductwork altogether if they decide to fully proof their homes with mini-splits. 

Additionally, mini splits give you the added advantage of cooling/heating your home in ‘zones’. This way, you can initiate different temperatures in different parts of the house, or turn off cooling or heating in certain rooms entirely.

This results in saving a lot more energy than you think, and it will be reflected on your electricity bills too.

And so, many companies today have dipped their toes into the production of mini-split ACs and Heat Pumps. One of the major companies sailing these winds is LG, a South Korean multinational company that has been consistently producing and selling across the world.

Little Bit About LG

Before purchasing or even browsing through the different models under a company’s name, it helps to know the company you’re looking at. Trust in a company can give you a sense of security regarding its products.

LG probably needs no introduction, though, as almost everyone is familiar with its line of household and electrical appliances. 

LG is every middle-class family’s go-to thanks to its affordable pricing and strong quality. The same can be said for its line of mini-split systems, which come with high-efficiency ratings and attractive builds. You will find models of different installation types, including wall-mounted, floor-standing, and so on. 

LG has some of the leading mini-split models in the industry, opposing highly advanced competitors like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Gree, and so on.

This guide is designed to help you understand LG with respect to its mini-split systems. An assessed list of its top features, followed by a review of models and their prices has been provided.

LG Mini Split ACs/Heat Pumps: Top Features

Here are some features that are offered by LG across various mini-split systems:

Ducted Mini Split Systems

Yes, you read that right. Credit can be given to most mini splits for their ductless nature- it reduces the hassle of finding ductwork to support your AC/heat pump.

However, if you have existing ductwork, but want a mini-split to work with them, LG has just the thing for you. Ducted mini splits are fairly new to the scene, but LG has already set its best minds to work on crafting the best ducted mini-split systems.

These units have the advantage of placing the indoor unit in a concealed area.

Complete Systems

LG’s single-zone mini-split systems are not sold in parts. Where most brands have you pick an indoor item of a certain size separately from the outdoor unit, LG produces and sells the indoor and outdoor unit as a pair.

Attractive Designs

Another great feature of LG is that its designs are appealing to the eye. The mini-split systems are well built, sleek, and smooth so as to not disrupt the aesthetics of your home. Take the Art Cool Mirror and the Art Cool Premier- both of which are wall-mounted units that specialize in looking good.

Extended Piping

The Extended Piping is a feature that enables you to set up the indoor unit in a way that is distant from the outdoor unit. This distance can be as big as 164 feet away from the outdoor unit. This is great for users who want noiseless operations from their units. 

The outdoor unit, which has the compressor and all the other working parts bound to make groan and whirr, is placed far away from the indoor unit- rewarding you with a silent mini-split system.

The LG Wall Mounted Extended Piping selection is the only line of models available with this feature.


Lastly, energy efficiency and high heating capacity are some of the best features offered by LG. In fact, the brand has an entirely unique line called the LG HSV5 High-Efficiency Series that is structured to operate to its fullest heating capacities in temperatures as low as -4F in winters, and to its fullest cooling capacity in temperatures as high as 118F in summers.

LG Mini Split Ac/Heat Pumps Prices

These are the present ductless mini-split systems being produced by LG.

LG Single-Zone System Prices

Under the Single Zone tier, there are systems ranging from basic to high range. LG’s Mini Split Systems start off at a price of  $2,415 – $3,380 (with installation) pertaining to the Ducted Low Static model, which was an 18.5 SEER and a 10.3 HSPF rating. 

It is followed by the Ducted High Static and the Mega HXV 115V, which have SEER ratings of 17 each, and HSPF ratings of 10 and 9 respectively. The former is priced at $3,655 – $5,480 while the latter costs around $2,335 – $4,065.

The basic models are followed by mid-range products. One of the first products in this line is the 4-way Cassette 3×3, which has a SEER rating of 20, and a 10.1 HSPF rating. It costs around $2,685 – $3,660. 

Then, the 2-Way Cassette 2×2 has a 20.2 SEER rating and a 10.5 HSPF rating, and it ranges around  $2,415 – $3,455 in price, inclusive of the installation fee. 

The Mega 208-230V has a 19 SEER rating followed by a decent 9 HSPF rating at a  $2,400 – $4,130 price range.

Then comes the HSV series and the Extended Piping series, with a uniform 21. 5 SEER and an 11.1 HSPF rating. The Extended piping can be priced at $3,025 – $5,200, installation included. 

The HSV series consists of HSV2, 4, and 5 Mirror Cool, and HSV4 and 5 High-Efficiency Models. The Mirror Cool models are prized for their sleek and shiny exterior, and make good décor for commercial places. The HSV Mirror cool series broadly range from $2,500 – $4,200, while the High-Efficiency models have an installed cost of around $3000 – $4,000.

Finally, in the High range of products, we are introduced to the HYV1 Art Cool Premier and HYV2 Art Cool Premier. Both models display a 27.5 SEER rating as well as a 12 HSPF rating. These models have the highest efficiency output among any of the units produced by LG. Their indoor units are sized between 9,000 and 24,000 BTUs.

LG Mini-Split ModelUnit Price OnlyInstalled Unit Price
HYV1 Art Cool Premier$1,985-$2,550$2,800-$4,065
HYV2 Art Cool Premier$2,085-$2,600$2,950-$4,135
HSV4 High Efficiency$1,730-$2,295$2,660-$3,845
HSV5 High Efficiency$1,775-$2,360$2,590-$3,915
HSV3 Mirror Cool$2,285-$2,400$3,000-$3,975
HSV4 Mirror Cool$1,710-$2,475$2,550-$4,000
HSV5 Mirror Cool$1,745-$2,490$2,610-$4,180
Extended Piping$2,215-$3,650$3,025-$5,200
Mega 208-230V$1,600-$2,335$2,400-$4,130
4-Way Cassette 2×2$1,695-$1,820$2,415-$3,455
4-Way Cassette 3×3$1,825-$1,950$2,685-$3,660
Mega HXV 115V$1,475-$2,400$2,335-$4,065
Ducted High Static$2,770-$4,055$3,655-$5,480
Ducted Low Static$1,655-$1,940$2,415-$3,380

LG Multi-Zone Systems Prices

The Single Zone systems are followed by 2 multi-zone models which fall in the mid-range section. Here, LG produces the Multi F and the Multi V S models. 

The Multi F unit has a high 22 SEER rating and an 11 HSPF rating and is priced at $4,515 – $11,900, while the Multi V S model costs around  $5,025 – $12,475 with installation.

The Multi V S supports large spaces like homes and offices and enables you to control heating and cooling in different zones. Meanwhile, the Multi F series has its own merits. It makes use of LGRED technology which allows for the unit to have the unbeatable heating capacity in the coldest of days.

LG Multi-Zone ModelUnit Price OnlyInstalled Unit Price
Multi F$3,650-$7,495$4,515-$11,900
Multi V S$4,200-$8,935$5,025-$12,475

LG Mini Split ACs/Heat Pumps: Pros and Cons

LG is popular for consistently producing products that stand apart in the market for their quality and operation. However, even a brand as big as LG can have its advantages and disadvantages.

  • All of the features mentioned in the above section already give LG mini splits a competitive edge over other products. One of the best things about LG products in general, and mini-splits especially is the strong construction of the units. The mini-split systems are even covered with Gold Fin coating on the outside- this helps prevent early corrosion and thus protects the models’ appearance.
  • The Extended piping feature, as you read, is one of the most unique features offered by LG. It allows for the indoor unit to be installed at a distance from the outdoor unit and contributes to noise reduction and any other inconveniences that may arise due to closely installed indoor and outdoor units.
  • LG also backs up its products with a satisfactory warranty. LG’s mini split ACs/Heat Pumps come with a warranty of 10 years along with a 3-year warranty on the parts.
  • LG’s mini-split systems also have a selection of models that are WiFi-enabled, meaning that they can be controlled quite easily through the owner’s phone from wherever he/she is.
  • Finally, LG’s products are also suitable options for those who are buying on a budget. LG often caters to the middle-tier section of people who can’t afford to splurge luxuriously, but are looking for decent quality in their purchases.
  • In terms of drawbacks, one of the biggest areas where LG is lacking is efficiency. That is, while you can still expect a decent energy efficiency rating from its mini-splits, you’ll find them quite unimpressive when you compare them to efficiency ratings of brands like Mitsubishi or Gree, which readily offer efficiency ratings in the high 20’s or 30’s range against LGs highest- which is 27.5.


Where LG has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to mini-split systems, it is one of the best brands to opt for if you’re buying on a budget. It gives you value for your money, and you get to choose between a range of options.

LG has produced selections exclusively for highly efficient systems, or for their sleek designs, making it easier for customers to choose. As LG is a trusted company worldwide, you can expect to find contractors easily as well. 

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