The 6 Best Portable Air Conditioner on the Market (With Buying Guide)

Best Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners have become somewhat famous for their smooth and easy nature. They’re relatively new innovations compared to window ACs that have been around for enough time for people to find problems with them.  

There are a couple of reasons why I think portable ACs have leverage over window units. For one, they can be moved- from spot to spot, from room to room. Unlike window ACs, which have to stay in place once installed. 

Also, a lot of people seem to mistake portable ACs for coolers, but this is not true. Portable ACs employ the same mechanism of a window air conditioner- sucking the hot air out of the room, while coolers generally work on the principle of evaporating moisture.

If portable ACs have caught your eye lately, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. So I have put some of the best portable AC options in the market on the following list for you to get acquainted with your (hopefully) summer hook-up this year.

Best Portable Air Conditioner

  • Whynter ARC-14S Portable AC
  • MIDEA MAP05R1WT Portable air conditioner
  • BLACK+DECKER BPP10WTB Portable Air Conditioner
  • SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner 
  • Tripp Lite Portable Air Conditioner 
  • Ivation Portable Air Conditioner

1. Whynter ARC-14S Portable AC

The Whynter ARC-14S is a portable AC unit that has been getting popular for its wide, strong build quality. It seems to display some durability, which is something you need to keep an eye out for with a portable AC as you’ll be wheeling it around frequently. 

In fact, this is a “2020 Best Overall” award-winning model for its excellent cooling capacity and airflow. It has a BTU rating of 14,000 (ASHRAE), so it can extend its cooling power up to 450 sq feet.

The airflow rate is 253 CFM units, so the cooling power is of a good standard. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about noise with this unit, it operates at. around range less than 56 Db. Its 4 caskets and dual hose technology enable free movement and portability so you can enjoy the AC anywhere you wish.

The unit is also notable for its features that put the user’s comfort above everything. For instance, you’ve got a remote-controlled operation through which you can access speeds, modes, and temperatures.

If you’re moving your AC around to the more smelly rooms, you have no cause to worry. The unit’s carbon filter eliminates the stench and refreshes the air.

  • It is well-built and durable.
  • It makes negligible noise as it functions.
  • The Carbon air filter is great for purifying the room and improving air quality
  • It will cool the area nearest to it. If placed in a large room, the cooling power may be inadequate.

2. MIDEA MAP05R1WT Portable air conditioner

Midea’s motto is that customers are meant to feel at home with their products. Well, there’s nothing that can make one feel more at home than a portable AC unit that will follow where you go.

The MAP05R1WT unit has a massive 5 feet hose that can extend to your windows. So this guarantees a considerable degree of movement, you can also shift the AC in terms of whatever direction is comfortable for you. 

With regards to cooling capacity, you can place your AC unit at a distance of about 150 sq ft away, as dictated by its BTU ratings of 6,000. Also, the MAP05R1WT is very accommodating in terms of quietness. It is apparently quieter than a refrigerator.

If you activate the sleep mode, a few more decibels are cut off. The AC comes with an LED display so you can control its features- speed, time, temperature, modes, and so on. A 1-year Parts and Labour Warranty ensures that damages are covered.

  • It has a guaranteed 1-year Warranty.
  • It has a massive 5 feet hose that allows free movement of the AC.
  • It comes with a sleep mode that you can activate so the AC remains monitored even as you sleep.
  • It has to be drained manually, which can be quite uncomfortable.

3. BLACK+DECKER BPP10WTB Portable Air Conditioner

The BLACK+DECKER BPP10WTB AC unit is a great choice for your home. It really lives up to its nature of being portable. You can drag this unit anywhere with its 4 wheels.

Installation should be no problem as long as you have a window bracket about 4 feet away. The hose measures a total of 4’11” when extended, and is also accompanied by a 70-inch power cord that facilitates an easy power supply for the AC. 

The AC can drop the room temperature as low as 61 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can cover an area of up to 450 sq ft with a 14,000 BTU rating. It’s a perfect fit for a small room or apartment.

Moreover, the unit is light at only 65 pounds, so you won’t have much trouble moving it around. Its noise levels don’t rise beyond 58 decibels, so you can relax happily with your AC sitting only a few feet away.

  • It can cool a room as big as 450 sq feet.
  • It is very light, so shifting it from room to room is smooth and easy.
  • It has a quiet operation.
  • The power cord is very long, enabling much more flexibility.
  • The sliding window panels for connecting the pipe are not very strong.

4. SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner 

This air conditioner can be counted on for being quite dependable and easy to handle. It really facilitates portability through its lightweight structure (46 pounds!).

It comes with an exhaust hose, a remote, and a power cable that measures up to 4.3 feet, so you can move it around as per convenience. From whatever corner you place this unit, it can cool a distance of up to 250 sq ft.

Its 8,000 BTU rating makes it rather powerful in terms of cooling capacity. 

You can use this unit in 3 modes depending on the weather- cooling, dehumidifier, or a fan. This can also be controlled through a remote device. So you don’t have to get off your comfortable chair or sofa to change the speed, temperature, or swing mode.

And if you happen to fall asleep while costing up on your bed, that’s completely alright- the AC has a very low noise level of only 57 decibels, so it’s not going to get in between you and your dreams.

  • It has a super easy installation
  • The long power cord and exhaust hose make the placement of AC convenient.
  • The AC can be used in different modes that can be adjusted in accordance with the weather.
  • It is a really pricey unit.
  • If the hose doesn’t fit well in the window, it may fog up your room with hot air.

5. Tripp Lite Portable Air Conditioner 

The Tripp Lite Portable Air conditioner eliminates any need for you to go to extra lengths to install your AC. It’s simple, really, pick whatever spot your mood favors, roll your portable Tripp Lite there, stick the exhaust hose into a window, and plug in the cord and you’re ready to do some chilling.

Although this AC unit is portable, you definitely don’t have to make a move to empty its water tanks at any point. The unit uses an evaporating technology to do the job itself. It’s also remote-controlled, so you can control its settings from wherever you’re sitting.

The cooling is also effective, especially in compact rooms and offices, where everyone can enjoy its calm airflow. It has a 12,000 unit BTU, so it can cool up to 350 square feet. It also acts as a double agent, not just cooling but also dehumidifying and cleansing the air as it works. 

  • You don’t have to move to empty the water tanks frequently, the unit has evaporating drain pipes.
  • Durable built quality and sturdy design.
  • It comes with a great air filter that helps in purifying air.
  • It is not very long-lasting. It has a short life span.

6. Ivation Portable Air Conditioner

This is a great ac unit when it comes to easy movement. You can move it around your room and adjust the hose in ways that are the most convenient to you. It has omnidirectional wheels that make steering super easy.

You don’t have to run into doors and household appliances anymore; you can quickly move your AC out of the way. The built-in handles ensure that you have a good hold over your unit. The AC boasts flexibility through its 59 inches long exhaust pipe, so you can certainly place your AC away from the window. 

At an 8,000 BTU rating, the unit can cool an area of about 450 sq ft. The Ivation AC unit will fit snugly in small rooms. 

This unit is also really colorful when it comes to features and technology. One of its most exciting features, of course, has to be that it is Wi-Fi enabled. You can connect your AC to your phone to control and adjust settings through the My Ivation app- switching between the cool, Dehumidify, and fan modes, the speeds, the temperature, and so on.

  • It has a 59-inch exhaust pipe, so your AC isn’t tied down to one corner.
  • You can connect and manage the AC in your phone through WiFi.
  • Things like gripping handles and omnidirectional wheels facilitate easier portability.
  • The cooling capacity may not be sufficient for a moderate or large space.
  • You may face some connection issues with the Wifi.

Portable Air Conditioner Buying guide

Although they’re called “portable” air conditioners, it’s not enough that they’re portable. As a responsible customer, I believe that it’s up to you to make sure other aspects of an AC are up to standard. Different models may come with different features, so it’s important that you understand and decide for yourself what matters in your portable AC unit.


The Modes are some of the most versatile things about ACs. You can access different temperatures, speeds, and features in them. They make the unit easier to operate. Keep an eye out for them.

For instance, the AC, Dehumidify, and Fan modes change up how the AC functions. While the AC mode simply cools the temperature, the Dehumidify mode only removes moisture.

You might find the latter satisfying in rainy weather. The fan mode generates a gentle breeze that is perfect for lukewarm evenings. 

Additionally, you have modes like the sleep mode where you can customize the AC to turn off or adjust the temperature by itself while you sleep. 


You can determine the size of the AC unit that you should buy based on two things: BTU ratings and the size of your room/house. The BTU ratings essentially dictate the size and power of the AC.

As you go up the scale, the units become bigger. So, for instance, if you’ve got a 300 sq ft room, it makes sense to look for an AC in the 10,000 range. A higher BTU rating like 13,000 might be wasted on such a room.


Most Portable ACs usually share similar features. Nonetheless, it’s better to keep some significant ones in mind so you can make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Things like LED displays, remote-controlled operation, quiet functioning, a drain hose, wheels, timer, are must-haves in all portable AC units. You can also look for additional features like Wifi enabled units, cleansing air filters, and so on if you’re interested in an AC that goes the extra mile.

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