Best Battery-Powered Air Conditioner (Exposing The Ugly Scam!)

Best Battery-Powered Air Conditioner

If the summer temperatures have sent you typing ‘Battery Powered Air Conditioner’ in your google search bar lately, this article might be an eye-opener for you.

It’s getting hotter, and you need an AC. You wish you could have one at the snap of a finger, without wasting time on long, scary, grueling installations. Or maybe you don’t have a window big enough to accommodate an AC right now. So you do the next best thing- book a ticket to the North Pole. Okay- just kidding.

When you don’t have the time and space for a conventional window AC, one of the best alternatives offered to you in the market is a Battery Powered Air Conditioner- Instant purchase, instant cooling, and instant gratification.

You don’t have to bother with setting it all up and calling in a technician that messes up your windows. A ‘battery-powered AC’ works on the basis of two principles- ventless cooling and portability. Those are its selling points.

One, that you don’t require a window to install it, and two, that you can move and transport your AC from room to room- so you don’t need to be tied down in one place for cooling. 

Battery Powered ACs can have many advantages. Generally, they are more affordable than just portable air conditioners (Portable ACs have a small exhaustion hose that still requires a connection to the window).

They are also considered to be power-saving as compared to Window ACs where the exhaustion vents usually eat up most of the energy consumed. With Battery Powered ACs, you have the option of choosing them in any size you want without thinking about window dimensions. 

I know that by now your heart is saying yes to a battery-powered AC, but I’m here to tell you to stop and take into account some things about battery-powered ACs before you purchase one.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Is it real? (Battery Powered Portable AC)

Yes, before you get excited about adding a ‘battery-powered AC’ to your house, I’m asking you to consider if it’s real at all. To get into the technicalities of it, a battery-powered air conditioner does not actually exist.

A battery-powered AC that cools without an exhaustion window or pipe is a hoax according to science itself. This is because what makes an Air conditioner a true AC is its mechanism of expelling hot air and replacing it with cool air- which is mostly done by the vents. A battery-powered AC does not do this.

In fact, when you hear the term battery-powered AC, it’s more likely that you are looking at an evaporative cooler. An evaporative cooler works by evaporating moisture from the air rather than getting rid of hot air, so it doesn’t need a window to dispose of any air.

And as it doesn’t need to be installed in a fixed place, it is portable. So, in fact, it is not a true AC, its cooling mechanism, as well as power, isn’t the same as that of an AC. 


Buying a cooler can be tricky. Well, firstly because most evaporative coolers are falsely advertised as battery-powered air conditioners, Either way, you might want to look out for brand and company credibility when it comes to battery-powered air conditioners. 


When it comes to battery-powered ACs (evaporative coolers), there’s not much use you can get out of them if they have a low airflow. That is to say, the cooling power of an evaporative cooler can already seem weak compared to an AC as these units don’t actually remove hot air from the room.

Additionally, if they came with a low airflow rate as well, I doubt they’d give you the satisfaction you wanted from it. I’d recommend that you look for a cooling unit with high airflow- as it would be more effective by cooling the room with a strong, cool breeze.

Ice Tank

Another thing you’ll want to look out for while on the search for a good cooling AC unit is whether or not it has an ice tank. While a water tank, of course, is a must, an ice tank can make a cooler extraordinary. It can take the unit’s cooling power to a new level.

An ice tank allows you to put ice in your cooler, thereby boosting its cooling capacity. This helps the cooler function almost like an actual AC by giving it the power to lower the temperature of the room by a few inches. Ice also takes time to melt, so the cooling effect is bound to last for a while. 

Noise Levels

Lastly, be mindful of the noise levels so that you don’t end up regretting your purchase. No evaporative cooler is worth it if it’s whirring at you all day long while you’re trying to relax.

Typically, coolers are not bound to make as much noise as ACs, who, due to their exhaustion vents can rile you up with the constant gritty noises. However, evaporative coolers don’t operate this way, so they are usually quiet. 

Is a Portable Evaporative Cooler really worth buying in the name of a Battery Powered Air Conditioner?

So, you know what the big secret behind the identity of a Battery Powered Portable AC is. It’s time for you to decide if you want one now that the glamour has worn off. Well, an evaporative cooler certainly has advantages over a portable AC. 

You might want to go for an evaporative cooler over an air conditioner if you live in a semi-arid climate zone. The cooling power of an evaporative cooler is just enough to cool the room when it’s not too hot.

In such cases, the evaporative cooler becomes a more convenient and affordable option. It’s also great if you want to avoid the hassle of installation like with ACs, or if you want to avoid the risk of your AC falling out of the window. 

An evaporative cooler is also great if you’re not one to stick in one place for too long. An evaporative portable cooler can follow you to the bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want to go really!

So, yes, a portable evaporative cooler might be worth buying if it meets conditions specific to you. However, there’s always a midway. Well, in this case, there’s one midway point between an Air Conditioner and a Portable Evaporative Cooler: a Battery Powered Air Conditioner. 

Yes, I know. I know I said those don’t exist, but there’s one, and only one, air conditioner model in the market that qualifies as a battery-powered air conditioner.

The Zero Breeze Mark II (One and Only Battery Powered AC)

The Zero Breeze Mark II tackles all the problems most commonly experienced by customers looking for a cooling device that cools like an AC and moves around like a cooler. It is a true, genuine AC while having features of an evaporative cooler. 

The Zero Breeze Mark II is portable, battery-powered, has true AC cooling, a lightweight design, noiseless functioning, and all sorts of innovative and unique features that make it an ideal battery-powered AC unit. 

First off, the device is small and compact weighing only about 16.5 pounds, which is as light as air compared to most ACs which weigh more than 50 pounds. So it takes up minimal space in your home. This also means that it’s incredibly lightweight for an AC, so it also facilitates flexible movement.

This ACs design is truly remarkable, as it has all the components of an AC like the compressor, evaporator, compressor, exhaust, vents. The fact that they’re all packed so neatly into such a small unit to enable convenience and easy handling is something that deserves praise.

Many battery-powered portable AC units have tried and failed at this engineering spectacle. Secondly, the unit is both corded and battery operated. So, you can keep it running even through power cuts.

It’s also perfect for outdoor activities like garden parties, camping tents, RVs, and so on. Its battery life lasts up until 5 hours until the next recharge.

The AC unit has a cooling power of 2,300 BTU, which is reasonable and even decent considering its size and its simple battery. It is perfect for snug and small places like bedrooms and little offices. 

The unit has an Energy Efficiency rating of 9.6 and is great if you’re looking for an AC that will save you money on energy. It’s also a good fit for RVs as it doesn’t consume much power- in fact, it draws only 260 Watts of energy- so you can allocate energy to other appliances as well.

Usually, most ACs can be a huge drain on the electricity bill, but you can easily avoid that problem with the Zero Breeze Mark II. Moreover, operating at only 52 dB, the unit makes very little noise. Since it still uses a small vent to dispense heat, it’s bound to make some noise, but it’s barely noticeable.

All in all, the Zero Breeze Mark II unit is a perfect way to make ends meet between an AC and a cooler without compromising on their features. Yes, it can get quite pricey, but I think that considering the brilliant engineering, build, features, and innovative technology, I’d say Zero Breeze Mark II puts its money where its mouth is.

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