Coleman RV Air Conditioner Reviews (All Series/Models Explained)

Coleman RV Air Conditioner Reviews

Coleman Mach is one of those brands in the RV world that needs not much introduction thanks to its reputation for putting out affordable and streamlined air conditioners to make livin’ in the outdoors a fun and convenient experience.

Although you may have heard the name, you may not be familiar with Coleman Mach’s line of air conditioners. As a new buyer, it can be difficult to navigate through countless choices to find the one for your vehicle.

This review and buying guide should help you understand what to expect from Coleman Mach in terms of products and features, and introduce to you some series from the brand for your easy buying.

Coleman AC Series Collection Explained

To get you started on Coleman’s different Air Conditioner series over the years, keep reading. You’ll find that this may make your search easier, as different selections specialize in certain features.

Coleman-Mach Signature Series

The Signature Series is your first look into Coleman Mach’s RV Air Conditioners. It’s a perfect introduction because the focus of this series is efficiency through build and compatibility.

This series has the widest range of products under the brand, and you’ll find that durability and reliability are two things not compromised in these models. If you’re looking for a basic RV AC that does its job well, this is your aisle. 

There are 11 ACs in the Signature Series. All the units range from medium to ultra-low profiles. In fact, 4 ACs from the series also have heat pump extensions.

The general BTU rating for all products is between 13,500-15,000, meaning that you can count on a unit from this series to support an area of 600-750 square feet, roughly the size of two small rooms. Additionally, all of the units in this series feature a condensate pump to drain water effectively. 

Coleman Mach PowerSaver Series

If your main priority while looking for an air conditioner is energy efficiency and power-conserving, this is where you want to take a close look. All units from the Power Saver AC series are designed to save you a couple of amperes so you can spare them for other things.

Usually, ACs are known to demand and draw high power to function, but these air conditioners come with high-impact compressors and fans to make your place cool without burdening your electricity. These models have a BTU rating ranging from 11,000 to 15,000.

So you can have models that can cool 500 feet, and those that can extend their powers up to 700 sq feet. They are all of a Medium profile, so you can expect them to take up some space. All of them have a low amp load and voltage rating. Out of 6 models, 3 come with heat pump extensions as well.

Coleman-Mach Quiet Series Air Conditioner 

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds with quiet functioning and cooling efficiency, you’re in luck! Coleman-Mach has an exclusive Quiet Series to help make summers more bearable and your sleep more peaceful.

All the models from this selection are specifically engineered to be practically invisible as they work- not a peep from them. They are well capable in terms of cooling power as the BTU ratings for these units range from 13,500 to 15,000.

So, they can cover an area of 600-750 square feet. All of them come with inbuilt noise-reducing features such as foam and compressors. These units have medium profiles, so you can expect at least 14″ of space to be occupied by an AC like this. There are DQ (ducted quiet) and NDQ (Non-Ducted quiet) options for you to choose from. Only two models from the MACH 15 line have heat pumps in this series.

Coleman SoftStart and especially AC series

If your priorities are to have smooth startups and shut-downs without giving you a jump scare, the SoftStart series was launched especially to serve that purpose. There are only two models available in this series, and both of them function by smoothly allowing the power to travel to the motor.

Both units have low profiles, so you don’t have to worry about the size. The BTU ratings for both units are 13,500. The Mach 10 6998 model requires a non-ducted installation.

The Speciality AC series consists of some of the most unique and fancy international models that the company has ever dropped. There is the Park Pack unit that can be installed below your vehicle, or on the floor based on your RVs design.

There’s also the Two Ton Plus AC. It measures up to 200 pounds in weight but can be super helpful as it comes with two compressors and a heat pump.

Coleman Roughneck Series Air Conditioner

If you purchase a model from the Roughneck Series, you have no reason to bear any harm or damage befalling your AC. That’s because these units are hardwired with strong components that can withstand some roughing-up.

For instance, while vibrations can be a cause for concern with ACs, you don’t have to worry about that with a Roughneck model, as all of them are equipped with shock-absorbing compressor plates.

There are 3 models in this series, two of which have a medium profile, while the Mach 8 plus has an ultra-low one. The BTU rating ranges from 13,500 to 15,000 units. None of them come with heating extensions, but there are features like a plastic drain, etc. 

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The Coleman-Mach product line has different models that pop up in different series. Some Mach models are explained below to help you better understand the difference.

Coleman MACH 3

Coleman MACH 3 models are reputed to have a wide variety of features. The units from this line are bestsellers. The models are known for featuring large evaporators, long with condenser coils and elevated lance fins that would help dispose of excess heat.

Additionally, most of them come with heating extensions. The MACH series is further divided into a Base and a Plus series, but most of the units usually have a BTU rating of about 13,500 units, so you can trust them to cover an area of about 600 square feet.

You’ll find options in the ducted and non-ducted installation procedures, so you can opt for what suits your RV.

Coleman MACH 8 Plus

The features in a Mach 8 model focus on endurance and longevity. You’ll find the MACH 8 units are equipped with base pans made of fiberglass. This contributes to the strong and sturdy build of the unit without making it rise on the weight scale. Moreover, the cooling capacity is maximized through dual-motor technology.

Coleman MACH 10

The Coleman Mach 10 lineup boasts the best build and features for rooftop ACs. These can fit into your RVs rooftop, avoiding the issue of not only space but also money. Most of the models in this series aren’t overbearing in price.

They typically have a BTU rating of 13,500 units, so you can consider them perfect for a small or mid-sized RV. They also have a low profile, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing too much of your rooftop for them.

Coleman MACH 15

When it comes to cooling capacity and power, the Mach 15 models have to be considered. If you’re planning on driving around in really harsh summers, these units can be your support systems.

You’ll find traces of these models in many of Coleman’s series’ including the Quiet and the Roughneck Series. Units usually come equipped with 1/3 fan motors and a good airflow rate. All the units from this lineup have a BTU rating of 15,000. 


In terms of additional features, Coleman Mach doesn’t have a lot to offer besides the usual. As mentioned in most products, you’ll find units with noise reduction features, some with energy-efficient functioning, and some with smooth start-ups. You can really choose according to your preferences.

If heating extensions and elements are important to you, there are models equipped with those as well. They also offer different shrouds, air filters, and gaskets to supplement the installation process

Additionally, you can accessorize your purchase with thermostats, conversion kits, and so on. The brand offers digital, analog, and Bluetooth thermostats to work with different ACs. Their conversion kits are usually compatible with Dometic or Carrier ACs.


Coleman is a long-trusted brand when it comes to its warranties. Regardless of the series or model, all customers receive a basic guaranteed 2-year warranty that you can claim for manufacturing or material defects.

The warranty covers defective parts through repairs or replacements. Labor charges are also covered. Moreover, note that the warranty can be shifted and modified if there is a change in ownership.

Additionally, the company has an extended 3-year warranty plan as well. The warranty usually begins on the day the unit or the vehicle (in case the product comes installed with it) is purchased.


Coleman’s products for RV air conditioning really take into consideration the needs and requirements of RV-based travel. Their units are usually reliable and long-lasting, and some specialize in different features, so you can choose according to your interest. You can also find many affordable options across its many series, so you’re very likely to find a comfortable fit for your RV in Coleman

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