Top 5 BEST Quietest RV Air Conditioners Review With Buying Guide

Quietest RV Air Conditioners

Home is where you go for some peace and quiet. Your home is your sanctuary. Whether you live in an apartment, mansion, or a recreational vehicle- you deserve to have your solitude.

This is especially true if you’re living in an RV. Sounds can be amplified tenfold within such a compact space, so I’m sure that you treasure silence a tad bit more than the average human being. 

Furnishing your RV with quiet Air Conditioners will help in making your vehicle homelier by not only giving your walls that cool, soothing touch during hot summers, but also by creating a restful and soundless atmosphere so your me-time goes uninterrupted. 

However, choosing a quiet RV can be challenging because there are too many options available in the market, and it’s hard to choose one.

So In this article, I’ll do a complete quiet RV air conditioner review. And I have chosen some of the best RV ac in this list. 

Best Quiet RV Air Conditioners

  • Coleman Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner
  • RecPro RV Air Conditioner

1. Coleman Mach 10 RV Air Conditioner

From the Coleman-Mach Quiet series, the MACH 10 NDQ 13.5 model is the one I’ve chosen to recommend. This model has all the qualities of a noiseless, efficient air conditioner. The brand has a good SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of around 16.4, which means that the product has good energy efficiency.

The Quiet Series generally uses noise-reduction techniques and integrates the same within its units so as to create a blissful, soundless environment for you on the wheels. Moreover, the A/C has a low profile. In terms of technicalities, the Mach 10 NDQ has a 13,500 BTU rating.

This means that this model can, at an estimate, support 650 Square feet perfectly. Make sure to check if this is compatible with your living space, as a BTU larger than the size of your vehicle may cut off too soon and leave you feeling more humid than cool.

An airflow rate of 265 CFM, meaning that the AC’s cooling capacity can extend up to a 1000 sq ft limit. This unit has the added benefit of being light at only 83 pounds, which means easy and safe installation.

  • This is a brand reputed for its great quality in its units. It has a good SEER rating of 16.4 as well.
  • There is a 2- year guarantee available for this AC.
  • The unit has a great and expansive cooling power.
  • Its low profile and aesthetic build make up a good look in your RV while not occupying too much space.
  • The model does not come with any extras for future repairs and replacements of parts
  • It has a non-ducted operating system, so will blow air in only a specific area.


Dometic, according to me and many others is a company that gives you bang for the buck. It was voted to be among the top 3 brands by its readers in the categories in which it sells. The NXT RV air conditioner series by Dometic is also specialized in noise reduction. 

In order to ensure quiet operation, this model has a vibration isolation feature that lessens compressor noise. Additionally, minimal use of heavy sheet metal has been employed in the making of this AC, ensuring that unnecessary noise is eliminated.

The Domestic Blizzard NXT boasts a really good build, as it comes with an aerodynamic heat pump, a composite base pan, and an injection-molded shroud, all of which contribute to high performance and durability. 

To get into the technical details of it, the unit has a 350 CFM airflow which can roughly mean a cooling capacity of 1000-1500 sq ft. Also, it has a BTU rate of 15,000! What this means is endless cooling for you, as long as it is compatible with your RV. 

  • The motor, compressor, and evaporator work together, meaning that noise and vibrations are considerably reduced. An EEP foam also lessens any noise coming from it.
  • It has a strong shroud, a base pan, so it is very durable.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • It can get expensive.
  • This unit, despite having a good build, can get problematic because of its size, as it stands at a height of 14.5 inches.


I find this other unit from Dometic to be a perfectly good choice if you’re looking for a quiet air conditioner to fit in your RV without much hassle. This is a rooftop RV A/C, meaning that you can install it without disrupting your floor.

To facilitate this, it’s also super-light and weighs only 79 pounds! It has a high-impact motor that comes with a fan, however, it can be noted for its quiet and subtle functioning. You’d barely notice it was there if not for its 15,000 BTU, which means that it has a moderately high cooling capacity.

I believe this unit is an upgrade from a previous model, so it has been redesigned to eliminate previous flaws, and it comes with a new base pan as well.

It comes with a Non Ducted ceiling kit, inclusive of a heat strip, so it will blow air proportionately throughout your RV. In conclusion, this Dometic Brisk Air RV is a simple but effective unit that does not compromise on cooling power or quiet operation. The set-up and design are also easy to work with, so you won’t have to take too much trouble with its installation.

  • The installation is very easy and time-effective.
  • It has a good cooling capacity and shows efficient performance.
  • It is a lightweight unit.
  • It has a very small and compact design, which can make us doubtful about its power.
  • While it promises noiseless functioning, it can get a little louder in spaces like the bedroom.


Furrion is another top-notch brand in the industry, especially in engineering units for living environments like a recreational vehicles. The Furrion FACR14SA-PS model is a mid-profile one that has a compact and lightweight design. It weighs 88.18 pounds. 

In terms of noise reduction, the unit comes with a feature called Vibrationsmart, wherein disruptive vibration is resisted. So you will not, anymore, be subjected to the distant buzz of a vibrating air conditioner as you try to get some sleep. Along with quietness, this unit is really packed with quite a few other good features. 

It has dual fan technology, and also an aerodynamic design. For you, that means double the cool air blowing into your RV, and very little drag and wind resistance. It has Climatesmart technology so that your unit doesn’t fail you in any extreme weather.

It has a BTU rating of 14,500, so it’s got you covered for up to 750 square feet. It has an edge over single-fan alternatives as it has a clear higher cooling capacity, it would cool your RV down relatively faster. It also has functions like ‘sleep mode so that it remains comfortably powered throughout the night as well.

  • It has superior noise-reducing technology due to features like Vibrationsmart.
  • It has a good cooling capacity.
  • The dual fan feature really allows for thorough cooling into every nook and corner.
  • It has a sleep-mode feature, so you do not have to disturb your sleep to adjust it.
  • It does not come with an inside ceiling plate or interior pieces like temperature and fan.
  • The room temperature sensor is very sensitive and makes changes too quickly.

5. RecPro RV Air Conditioner

RecPro as a company deals with furniture, appliances, and hardware tailored for RVs. It has a good consumer satisfaction rating, has a rank of 96th among Auto Parts sites. 

Firstly, this unit guarantees a low sound level compared to other models in the market. Its decibel levels are 59.1 dB at high speed and 55.4 dB operating at a lower speed indoors. The amperage on this model (16Amp) is also significantly low, so you can count on a lower electricity bill.

It has a BTU rating of 15,000, so it can support up to 835 square feet in terms of cooling capacity. Also, it is non-ducted and very light, weighing at a solid 80.3 pounds. It is remote-controlled and comfortably cools your RV from the rooftop.

  • It is a power-conserving unit.
  • It displays low sound levels for both indoor and outdoor functioning speeds.
  • Its remote control feature is convenient and easy to use.
  • It comes with three additional parts.
  • The air filter needs regular maintenance. It must be cleaned consistently.
  • The bolts must also be checked every few months for stability.

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Quiet RV Air Conditioner Buying Guide

The fact that you’re reading this article tells me that even if you haven’t put much thought into buying your RV air conditioner, you’ve already considered one factor: Noise levels. However, this is not the only thing that will determine the kind of air conditioner you need. So here are some of those factors you should consider:


While rooftop ACs can cool your RV without taking up much space, they require you to work towards their installation and set-up. They have a big advantage as they don’t take up any floor space.

However, you have to consider that opting for a rooftop AC means you have to forgo a rooftop window, and also risk your vehicle’s aerodynamics. Portable ACs on the other hand, come in more numbers and varieties and bear more features as well.

However, they typically can only cool one side of the RV, and will definitely occupy space that you could use for something else.


To get into more details, you have to decide what seems more favorable to you- a ducted or a non-ducted AC unit. A ducted unit can cool your entire RV consistently. However, a non-ducted unit is more suitable for a specific room as it usually cools the air in the direction it is facing. 


Cooling capacity is measured through a unit called BTU or British thermal unit Throughout this review, you came across a range of BTU ratings for different units. While some conditioners may have a 13,500 or a 15,000 BTU rating, others may be rated as small as 8,000.

A higher BTU rating would mean a higher cooling power, and more surface area covered, so you must choose according to the measurements of RV. Moreover, a higher BTU also means a bigger sizeable unit, so you have to ensure that the model fits in your RV. 


Consider if you’re looking for heating elements to accompany your AC. Some models come with heat strips, heat pumps, and so on to warm up your RV.


Much like heating functions, some ACs may come with more features than others. For instance, some units may have a sleep mode, or a remote-controlled operation, or a 24-hour timer. Some may come with single or dual fans for extra cooling. Take a look at different models with different features and find what appeals to you.

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