Trane Thermostats Reviews: Prices Analysis, Buying Guide, & Comparison Table

Trane Thermostats Reviews

With so many thermostats brands with boundless and countless features, thermostat shopping can be quite a tough ordeal. But there are still some top brands in the market that you can trust wholeheartedly. For instance: Trane.

Today, Trane makes up a sizable part of the HVAC appliances market, and this is no less true with regard to thermostats. Trane’s line of thermostats is quite trustworthy and viable. And yet, again, the question arises: What to choose? 

True to its reputation, Trane has a bunch of models of thermostats that you can bring home. Every one of them has its own unique features and capabilities, so it might get difficult for you to decide between them. 

To assist you, this article gives you a clear review of Trane Thermostats and their prices. You will also find a buying guide to help you keep various factors in mind.

Trane Thermostats

Trane thermostats have built up quite a reputation for being dependable and durable. Many buyers tend to trust its quality manufacturing. In terms of compatibility, Trane shows a wide range of adaptability as it can support most HVAC heating/cooling systems. 

The thermostats can handle different levels of heating and cooling stages. They work smoothly with furnaces, refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc.

To get a better idea of what exactly Trane thermostats deal in, we have some reviews of the core Trane thermostat models that contribute to the brand’s likeability.

Trane XR Thermostats

Trane’s XR Thermostats are great options for homeowners that are not looking for anything too fancy. If you’re the kind of person that finds joy in leading a minimalist lifestyle, perhaps the XR202 model will suit you well. 

Any basic unit in the XR line is a traditional, basic thermostat that only exists to do the job of communicating with your heating and cooling system. 

Under the XR line of models, you’ll find the XR202, XR401, and XR402. 

Let us take the XR202. It has a great 7-day scheduling system that allows you to extensively manage your house’s temperatures throughout the week. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the 5+1+1 scheduling program as well. It is very easy and convenient to adjust, as its features are few and far in between. 

You don’t have to fiddle with much, except the temperatures and the timings. The device can support 1 heating and 1 cooling stage, and it’s quite easy to handle. The XR401, on the other hand, can handle 2 heating and 1 cooling stage, while the XR402, can support 3 heating and 3 cooling stages.

As mentioned, these are a bunch of simple thermostats, so you must not expect Smart technology from these devices. Their simplicity also makes them quite affordable at a price ranging from about $200 to $300 (including installation)

Trane XL Thermostats

In contrast to the XR model, the XL has a line of features that make these thermostats quite enjoyable and luxurious for its user. 

If you are looking for a thermostat that you can show off quite a bit, the XL models should suit your favor. 

Under this line, you will find the following models: the XL600, XL602, XL800, XL802, XL803, XL624, XL824. 

Let’s begin by analyzing the XL824 which is increasingly in demand. To start off, this model has the Smart features missing in the previous model. This means that it is Wifi enabled, and can be controlled through a phone or computer.

In fact, you can also integrate voice commands through Alexa or Google Home and set up a connection with your thermostat. You can, thus, control your home’s temperatures even when you’re outside through the Trane App.

This thermostat’s Energy Star Rating means that it comes with energy-efficient features, that is, through the thermostat, you can control your home’s heating/cooling system in a way that is most cost-efficient. The device works smoothly with 5 heating, and 2 cooling stages. 

It is compatible with all gas and dual fuel systems, heat pumps, electric furnaces, and so on. 

The thermostat supports accessories like the humidifier and the dehumidifier as well, so you can rely on the thermostat to improve your home’s air quality as well. 

All the thermostats in this line have differences in terms of the heating and cooling stages they support, so you might want to look carefully into that.

In terms of price, this thermostat costs around $600 or $700.

ComfortLink II XL Thermostats

The ComfortLink thermostats are another line of thermostats that dominate over the others. If you’re looking for something like a premium model in thermostats, this is your stop. 

Under this selection, you’ll find 3 rare but special thermostats: The ComfortLink II XL850, ComfortLink II XL950, ComfortLink II XL1050.

The ComfortLink II XL850 is a tad bit more complicated but progressive in terms of quality as compared to the previous model. 

Like the XL824, the thermostat can be enabled through WiFi to connect with your phone or your computer. You can control your thermostat from any smart device. 

What is striking about this model, however, is its compatibility with Z-wave devices, and its Communicating control, which can be combined with its Z-Wave linkage to extensively control your home’s temperatures, power consumption, and so on.

Trane’s communicating Systems technology is a unique take on Home automation. This technology aims to maximize comfort and energy efficiency by using different accessories throughout the home to get the temperature just right for you. 

However, be mindful of the fact that Trane’s communicating thermostats are only compatible with Trane’s communicating HVAC equipment. So, if you’ve already got an HVAC system in place that is not Trane, the ComfortLink models might not be a good idea.

It has sensors that auto-adjust to suit the surroundings by controlling the fan and compressor. The thermostat has 5 heating and 2 cooling stages. In fact, all the models in this series support a variety of 5 heating and 2 cooling stages.

Its powerful touchscreen display gives it an edge over other Trane models. You can also schedule it throughout the week.

The XL850 can cost between $700 to $800.

Trane Thermostat Comparison

CharacteristicsComfortLink™ II XL1050ComfortLink™ II XL850XL824XR724
Trane Home Remote Climate AccessXXXX
Trane Home ConnectivityWi-Fi or EthernetWi-Fi or EthernetWi-Fi or EthernetWi-Fi or Ethernet
Bridge for Z-Wave DevicesBuilt-InBuilt-InBuilt-InPurchased Separately
Compatible with Communicating and Variable Speed SystemsXX
Touchscreen7″ full color4.3″ full color4.3″ full color4.3″ black & white
Programmable (days/schedules per day)7 / 47 / 47 / 47 / 4
Heat/Cool Stages5 / 25 / 25 / 24 / 2
Adjust Home Temperature RemotelyXXXX
Upgradable SoftwareXXXX
Trane DiagnosticsXXXX

Trane Thermostat Prices

You’ll find that Trane Thermostats are priced according to their capabilities, as with most. Naturally, the ComfortLink models fall on the higher end of the spectrum, while the XR models are more affordable. If you’re looking for something very cheap, the Trane XB200 costs less than $100.

On average Trane Thermostat can cost between $100 to $900 not including the installation charges.

To get the best Trane prices, you must refer to licensed contractors that can give you a fair price for Trane equipment and thermostats. Also, consider the installation fees going into your purchase.

Trane Thermostat Buying Guide

We’ve already established Trane as a high-quality, reputable brand. Naturally, its products come with brilliant and novel features that make them different from other thermostats in the market.

Apart from pricing and system compatibility, features are the next best thing to consider when buying a Trane thermostat. Here are some to look out for.

Smart Features

As mentioned, some Trane thermostats are WiFi-enabled and have smart features that enable them to connect with your smartphone, Virtual Assistants, etc. 

Four Trane models are even compatible with the Nexia Smart Home Automation system, which seeks to integrate your thermostat completely into your home’s security system. All the ComfortLink II models are included in this.


Most Trane thermostats have touchscreen operation, making them quite easy and fun to handle. Apart from the basic, traditional models, and all the thermostats released before the XL602, you’ll find a pleasing touchscreen display on the others.


This is a significant aspect to consider when it comes to thermostats. All of Trane’s thermostats are hitched with the ability to be manually programmed, except the basic models like the XR402, XR401, and the XB200.

Of course, with the ComfortLink and higher XL models, you can do more than just program them. Scheduling can be done in 7-day programs or the 5+1+1system. Premium models like the ComfortLink devices even let you have up to 4 schedules a day.

Trane Thermostats are often applauded for their quality, and it’s likely that a Trane purchase is good enough to last you for quite a long time.

This is why it is important to take the time to ensure that you buy the perfect Trane thermostat to accompany your home. This buying guide was designed to help you do exactly that.

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