UV Lights For HVAC Systems(Should You Really Buy One For Yourself?)

UV lights for HVAC systems

At some point in time, your HVAC technician might have tried to convince you to buy a UV light for protection against mold, bacteria, and viruses. The idea of using a UV light for germ protection is not bad either.

You might have seen these types of UV lights being used to kill germs in salons, spas, hospitals, etc. But you’re still in doubt about these UV lights for HVAC systems.

So as An HVAC professional I decided to write this article to help many people like you. In this article, I’ll explain all the good and bad aspects of UV lights for HVAC systems.

UV lights For HVAC systems and How Does it work? 

UV lights for HVAC systems are used to kill harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and molds. Installing UV lights in the HVAC systems can prevent harmful microorganisms from entering your home. 

UV lights stand for ultraviolet light and it has been used for years to disinfect all sorts of harmful microorganisms in places like hospitals, airplanes, etc. So scientifically speaking yes UV lights do kill mold, bacteria, and even viruses. 

There are several studies that have shown that UV lights can kill most types of germs. 

But do UV Lights for HVAC really work? 

So what really happens is high levels of humidity create a dark and damp environment inside your cooling system that is the ideal breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, algae, and fungi.

Every time we sneeze, cough, or even breathe, we’re putting millions of droplets into that airborne environment. As those droplets are pulled into our heating and cooling systems, and then distributed throughout the entire home, everyone comes into contact with those germs.

In nature, ultraviolet light, specifically a wavelength called UV-C energy, acts as a natural biocide by penetrating the cellular structure of a virus, bacteria, a fungus, algae, or a mold spore, and destroying the ability of the DNA to replicate itself. Once the germ can no longer multiply, it is no longer harmful.

By installing a high output UV light unit in your HVAC system, it can destroy the replicating ability of all of the contaminants in your system. Uv lights are installed near the coil in the HVAC system to prevent mold and other germs. 

Different Types Of UV Lights

Not all types of UV lights are suitable for installation in HVAC systems. There are two types of UV lights that are mostly installed in the HVAC Systems:

Air Sterilization:

This type of UV light is installed in the return duct and can help in disinfecting most types of germ while your cooling or heating is running. This type of UV light also prevents mold from building up on the coil.

Coil Sterilization

This type of UV light is most common and is installed inside your return air duct. This light keeps mold from growing and keeps your air quality clean and it also runs 24/7. 

Cost Of UV lights

On average the UV lights for the HVAC system costs from $60 to $400 and the cost of installation is between $100 to $300. Calling an HVAC technician is the best option for the installation of UV lights.

The coil sanitization lights costs around $60-$300 and the installation cost is around $100-$300. Overall the coil sanitization is the cheaper option.

Air sanitization lights cost around $80-$400 and the installation cost is around $100-$300. 

UV Lights For HVACLight CostInstallation Cost
Coil sanitization lights $60-$300 $100-$300
Air sanitization lights $80-$400 $100-$300

Where should We Install the UV lights In the HVAC System?

The best place to install the UV light is in the return ducts. It is proven that when UV lights are installed in the return duct they kill most of the airborne germs. And also another important location is the evaporator coil.

The area around the evaporator coil is really damp and cold where most of the mold grows. So it would be a wise decision to install the UV lights there. As it’ll help in killing and preventing molds from growing.

UV Lights for HVAC systems (Good & Bad):

  • UV Lights for HVAC systems help in controlling mold, bacteria, and other germs.
  • UV Lights for HVAC systems help in reducing smells
  • UV Lights can also prevent algae growth.
  • The overall cost of the UV lights and installation can be $500 which is not cheap.
  • This device only eliminates the germs and mold of the place where it is installed. It’s not a con but a limitation.

Limitation Of UV Lights For HVAC Systems

The main limitation of UV lights for HVAC systems is that they only prevent mold and other germs from growing and spreading only on the air conditioner.

Most people think that after installing the UV lights the whole house will be mold and germ-free. But that is not the case here if you have a leak somewhere in the house and it is causing mold to grow in it.

Then the UV lights installed in the air conditioner will not help in this situation. You can actually install UV lights in your home if you live in a dirty locality and the whole house UV systems are also very effective if you have excessive mold or germs.

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